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Apr 30, 2014

Bead embroidery wasn't always a favorite beading technique of mine, but once I learned a few tricks of the trade, I found that bead embroidery is a wonderful medium for creative self-expression. It's like painting with beads, and the only limitations on your beaded creations made using bead embroidery are the musings of your own imagination.

Bead artists have really taken to bead embroidery, pushing it to the limits and even incorporating some mixed media jewelry-making techniques and supplies. With things like handmade cabochons, hand-dyed Shibori ribbon, and colored bead embroidery mediums, bead embroidery is changing the way we look at fine beadwork.

We've updated our free bead embroidery eBook and included four of our favorite bead embroidery technique blogs from Beading Daily! What's new?

  • 5 Secrets for Great Bead Embroidery: Learn tips for basic bead embroidery techniques that will make your finished pieces of beadwork not only look professional, but also will make them durable enough to become family heirlooms.
  • How to Use Brass Bead Embroidery Blanks: You can make spectacular bead embroidered jewelry by using these pre-made brass bead embroidery blanks. Give your bead embroidery a more substantial feel and form with these affordable and easy-to-use beading supplies!
  • How to Bezel a Cabochon Using Peyote Stitch and Bead Embroidery: Bead embroidered cabochons are my favorite way to begin any piece of bead embroidery, and by using peyote stitch and some simple backstitching techniques, you can create lovely, secure bezels that accent the cabochons while making sure they stay put.
  • Bead Embroidery With Shibori Ribbon: Ever since I saw bead embroidery artist Sherry Serafini's first piece using gorgeous hand-dyed Shibori ribbon, I wanted to learn how to use this material in my bead embroidery pieces. After a couple of false starts (and some colorful language), I fell head over heels for this mixed media bead embroidery technique!

So if it's been a while since you played with bead embroidery, take another look. Download our newly updated bead embroidery eBook, and try something new with your bead embroidery!

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