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Oct 18, 2013

Kumihimo, the ancient Japanese art of braiding, has wound its way into the hearts of beaders around the world. Beaded kumihimo is popping up in beaded jewelry designs using the newest beads and some very old braiding techniques. Some of the first kumihimo braids were made for soldiers who needed a way to secure saddles and gear to their horses, but these days, you're more likely to see kumihimo with beads being used as handles for handbags, stunning necklaces made with gemstones, and fabulous beaded bracelets.

Beaded kumihimo makes a wonderfully portable craft, once you've loaded your beads onto the threads placed on your kumihimo disk. Using a small, lightweight foam kumihimo disk means that you can take your kumihimo projects along with you wherever you go.

Kumihimo supplies are easy to come find at your favorite local bead shop, too. Foam discs come in several sizes and shapes for different types of kumihimo braiding, and as long as you have a big-eye needle handy for loading beads onto your threads, you're all ready to do kumihimo with beads!

If you've never tried kumihimo but are eager to learn, we've pulled together a few of our favorite Beading Daily kumihimo blogs and added a free kumihimo pattern to get you started!

  • Learn a little bit about the history of kumihimo, its origins in Japan, and a little bit about the traditional supplies and looms used to create kumihimo braids.
  • Use your free basic kumihimo instructions to get started learning how to do kumihimo with beads.
  • Get ideas for how to finish and use your kumihimo braids for all sorts of beaded jewelry design ideas, accessories, and home décor projects.
  • Finally, try your hand at Suzanne Branca's fabulous Kumihimo Splash kumihimo pattern using gorgeous 3-cut glass beads.

Are you ready to try kumihimo braiding? Creative kumihimo projects are at your fingertips with our free eBook! Enjoy!

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