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Aug 30, 2013

Mixed media jewelry is one of my favorite ways to play with new ideas for making handcrafted jewelry. It brings me right back to high school, when I would spend hours experimenting with different materials like fibers and paper for creating found object jewelry. Sure, beading and beaded jewelry will always be my great passion, but it's fun to try new techniques for making mixed media jewelry from leftover fabric, fibers, and found objects that make their way into my jewelry-making stash!

If you're interested in ways that you can use more mixed media jewelry techniques in your beadwork, take a look at two of our blogs from Beading Daily about some of my favorite materials for mixed media beadwork, and a few easy ideas for incorporating more mixed media techniques into your jewelry-making projects.

Once you're ready to get started with some easy mixed media jewelry projects, you can try any of these four free projects!

  • If you think mixed media jewelry means that you need to have a lot of fancy tools and supplies, think again. Linda Larsen's Cool No Tool Bracelet used a pre-made leather bracelet, accented with fibers and wire and charms, oh, my! This mixed media bracelet project can be customized any way you want with your favorite charms, fibers, and scraps of wire. It's perfect for using up the leftover bits and pieces in your bead stash, too.
  • Look at those epoxy clay ring bezels in a brand new way with Mary Lynn Maloney's Easy Chic Ring Trio. Who knew that mixed media ring projects could be so easy and so much fun?
  • Lindsay Burke's Buttercup Pin re-creates the look of fabric jewelry by using vintage-inspired paper and resin in this unique pendant! It's a great way to learn the basics of using two-part epoxy resin, and the perfect gift for your favorite scrapbook enthusiast.
  • For a unique twist on recycled jewelry, try the Recycled-bag Necklace by Aksoy Derya. I never would have guessed that recycled plastic and pearls could look so chic together!

Find out why mixed media jewelry makes me feel like a kid again, and give your inner jewelry-making child a chance to play with some of these fun techniques for making handcrafted jewelry!

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