Which Came First: The Bead, or the Beaded Bead?

Jun 28, 2013

There's something very Zen about making a beaded bead: would the beaded bead exist without the beads used to make it?

While I try to wrap my mind around that one, we've put together some fresh beaded beads patterns for you in our free eBook, Beaded Beads Tutorial: Free Instructions and Patterns to Learn How to Make a Beaded Bead.

No matter what kind of bead you enjoy using most, chances are you can figure out how to make a beaded bead. Beaded beads can be made from seed beads, fire polished beads, round glass beads, gemstones, or even crystal beads.

Beading beads is a fun way to create your own unique beads for stringing or wire jewelry projects, too. Just take a look at these great free beaded instructions included in our free eBook:

  • Carol Cypher's Beaded Pillow Beads are a fun introduction to sculptural peyote stitch. Fill them with batting or a small bit of cloth scented with a touch of lavender for a beautiful sensory experience when wearing them!
  • Robin Cowart's Party Girl Necklace works up in a flash, combining easy beaded beads with simple wire wrapped links and your favorite chain for a flirty, splashy little necklace.
  • Part of the amazing lineup of beaded beads from Beadwork magazine's 15th anniversary beaded bead contest, Melinda Barta's Seeing Stars beaded beads are more of a challenge for someone who wants to learn more about making beaded beads.
  • Christine Prussing, known for her amazing and intricate right-angle weave beaded beads, shows off the versatility of the stitch with her Pirate Polygons beaded beads.
  • Easy beaded beads made with simple fringe techniques add a fun touch to Lynn Davy's Treasures of Atlantis Bracelet.
  • Finally, enjoy some tips and tricks for making a beaded bead by covering a wooden bead with peyote stitch from one of our favorite Beading Daily blogs!

There are so many reasons to love beaded beads, and so many ways to make them. Enjoy our free eBook, full of instructions and patterns to learn how to make beaded beads, and see what else you can come up with on your own!

Bead Happy,



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ScottishSue wrote
on Jun 28, 2013 1:49 PM

The ebook entitled “Free Instructions and patterns to Learn How to Make a Beaded Bead” contains an error.

The figures for the pattern called “Pirate Polygons” by Christine Prussing, on p. 10 are incorrect.  

This pattern was originally published in Beadwork, April/May 2002, page 39-40 and shortly afterwards the correct figures were published.  

You can still find the corrected figures by going to MAGAZINES in the header at the top of the Beading Daily website.  Click on Beadwork.  When that comes up, go to the right hand side and find CORRECTIONS and click on that.  Click on Beadwork and then go to 2002.