Fresh, New Wire Wrapping Projects Just For You!

Apr 12, 2013

Of all the jewelry-making supplies out there, my favorite (next to seed beads, of course) has to be wire. I wasn't always a fan of wire wrapping techniques, but once I saw just how versatile it is, I started reading up on my wire wrapping tutorials wherever I could.

Wire and beads can be used to create simple wrapped loops that can be used to create elegant wire wrapped jewelry, handmade clasps and jewelry findings, and beautiful, intricate wire jewelry. Learning just a few simple wire wrapping techniques can help you turn your beaded jewelry from ordinary into extraordinary, with just a few twists of the pliers!

We've given our wire wrapping eBook a fresh look, and included four new projects for you to help you look at wire in a whole new way!

  • Monica Han's Gone Fishin' bracelet is fun, light, and airy - and a perfect example of how you can make a complete piece of jewelry with just wire and a handful of crystal beads.
  • Even a wire wrapping beginner can make Christine Haynes' Chunky Carnelian Ring using a favorite gemstone nugget and some sterling silver wire. Easy wire wrapping techniques make for a stunning statement ring!
  • Sally Stevens' Bird's Nest Pendant uses affordable copper wire and handmade lampwork beads to craft a lovely, peaceful wire wrapped pendant.
  • Melissa Senetar's Pendulum Pendant will really give your wire wrapping skills a workout. Showcase a dramatic gemstone bead when you learn how to wire wrap jewelry.

No matter what kind of wire wrapped jewelry you like to make, check out the wire wrapping instructions in our free eBook, Learn How to Wire Wrap Jewelry: 6 Free Wire Wrapping Jewelry Projects and see just how far a spool of wire can take you.

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idelauno wrote
on Apr 14, 2013 6:34 AM

Hi, I love the projects in this free ebook and I made the ball point earrings, they are beautiful and really different (if I may say so I was successful!) but I have just one question: how do you put them on? I don't know if it's my ears that are byzarre or if I just don't have the technique to put these earrings on!