Free Wire Jewelry Projects That You'll Love to Make!

Dec 28, 2012

Who would have thought that you can do so many things with just a spool of wire and a couple of pairs of jewelry-making pliers? Wire jewelry is one of those jewelry-making techniques that you can use to create just about anything, from necklaces and pendants to bracelets, rings, and earrings.

It's easy to learn how to make wire jewelry using just a few basic techniques. Once you've mastered skills like making wrapped loops and simple loops, you can move on to things like making wire coils and even making your own wire jewelry findings, all with the same basic skills!

Because we love wire jewelry making so much, we've freshened up our free wire jewelry eBook for you by adding four great new wire jewelry making projects:

  • Lori Anderson's Tribal Curves earrings are a beautiful, simple way to make ethnic style wire jewelry.
  • Leather is all the rage in jewelry making these days, but Jodi Bombardier's Leather Loops bracelet is a piece of wire jewelry that will never go out of style.
  • If you're into mixing crystals with wire, Susan Olivio's Nicole Earrings pack plenty of sparkling punch!
  • For a unique twist on wire jewelry, try Diamonte Locks by Alyn Shafqat and learn how to mix wire with fibers and a crystal stone for a beautiful, modern pendant.

In addition to two other original wire jewelry projects:

  • Cerulean Falls, by Danielle Fox, requires easy wrapped loops and jump rings for sweet and stylish results.
  • Gypsy Wire Bangle by wire jewelry master Janice Berkebile will teach you how to create a custom wire bracelet covered with wire coils for a free-spirited look you'll want to wear every day!

We've also included two of our most popular wire jewelry making blogs from Beading Daily, with great information about using wire for beginners.

So grab your wire and your favorite jewelry-making tools and supplies and settle in for some great wire jewelry fun! Enjoy!

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