It's Right-angle Weave to the Rescue With Our New Free eBook!

Oct 12, 2012

Do you love working with right-angle weave? This superhero of bead-weaving stitches can do just about anything with any kind of beads that you have handy. When I want to bead just for beading's sake, I'll grab two or three colors of seed beads and start working in right-angle weave.

For those of us who love to embellish the surface of our bead-weaving with fringe and accent beads, right-angle weave provides the perfect base for us to let our imaginations run wild.

The thread path of right-angle weave is unique in that it goes in little circles as you work across each row or around in a tube. It's this thread path that makes right-angle weave such a strong and flexible bead-weaving stitch - you can even use it to create a right-angle weave beaded "fabric" that can be folded and stitched.

If you've never worked right-angle weave before, get an easy lesson in single-needle right-angle weave from none other than Jean Campbell in her Stitch Pro column from the pages of Beadwork magazine. Jean takes the guesswork out of right-angle weave with her clearly illustrated instructions.

Once you've mastered the basics, put them to use with one of these five free right-angle weave beading patterns:

  • While Margo C. Field's Magic Carpet Bracelets may seem simple, the use of three different sizes of seed beads is kind of like a little right-angle weave test. By the time you've finished your bracelet, you'll not only have a great understanding of the right-angle weave thread path, you'll also know a little bit more about how to pull off a successful color gradation!
  • Even though Shelley Nybakke's Crazy for Copper necklace only uses one base row of right-angle weave, it's a great way to practice that thread path. Bonus: you'll have a gorgeous copper and crystal beaded necklace when you're finished!
  • Right-angle weave also makes beautiful and easy beaded beads. Learn how to make self-supporting right-angle weave beaded beads when you make Amy Haftkowycz's Vintage Charm bracelet. Mixing the beaded beads with beaded dangles on a brass chain makes a beaded bracelet with a distinctive Victorian flair.
  • The thread path of right-angle weave also makes it perfect for securing multiple components in a beading project. Kelly Wiese's Royal Chains Lariat takes a few strands of chevron stitch and joins them together using right-angle weave for a beautiful and sturdy beaded necklace.
  • Now, if you're ready for a challenge, pick up two beading needles and make Trang Gordon's Diamond of Pearls Pendant. Use your favorite colors of sparking crystal beads, pearls, and seed beads to create this double layered pendant using two-needle right-angle weave!

Take a break from the ordinary and refine your bead stitching skills with these fantastic right-angle weave beading patterns. Layer it, shape it, embellish it - whatever you do with right-angle weave, you'll be one happy beader when you're finished. When you find yourself in a bead-weaving emergency, call on right-angle weave, the superhero of bead-weaving stitches, to save the day!

Bead Happy,


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ScottishSue wrote
on Oct 12, 2012 12:34 PM


As always thank you for the eBook.  However, I have found two errors.

(1)  "Diamond of Pearls" by Trang Gordon.

That pendant project was originally published in Beadwork, February/

March 2011, page 48-50.  There is a published correction listed

on the Beadwork correction pages, but the error was NOT corrected

for this ebook.  

The correction states:

In Step 3, Layer 2 should read: Work double-needle right-angle weave,

repeating Layer 1 but using the inner A from the previous step as the

inner side of each unit and the D from Layer 1 as the corners (Fig. 4).

(2)  “Magic Carpet Bracelets” by Margo Field

In the ebook, Figure 5 is repeated as Figure 6 and the actual Figure 6

was left out.  This error did NOT appear in the originally published

project in Beadwork, August/September 2004, page  27 - 29.  See the

original article for the correct Figure 6.


on Oct 14, 2012 3:02 AM

This is such a beautiful beading weave and it is very versatile I am finding out :) I cant wait to get into it more in depth!! I may just have a few more jewelry items (and OTHER things I can add this to!) to add to what I sell thanks to you and this new weave I am learning :D I am so thankful I was pointed in your direction, because it not only has helped me learn more, but also has helped me touch up the 'rough edges' of my pieces I make, to make  them look more refined and more professional.

lawrencewade wrote
on Oct 16, 2012 10:03 PM

I have a problem downloading Right Angle Weave Instructions plus 5 right angle weave patterns. I was using Safari on my IPad 2. The complaint is that there are too many redirect so.  As I watched the e book attempt to be down loaded it was very obvious that there were many redirects.

Any suggestions to be able to down load.

ashlie01 wrote
on Oct 18, 2012 4:30 PM

I am having the same problem with redirects when trying to download the right-angle weave ebook. I am also using Safari on my mac.

jlee1057 wrote
on Oct 21, 2012 7:02 PM

The redirect download problem is not confined to Safari or Macs - I get the same error message using Google Chrome on a PC.

JennieWhk wrote
on Oct 22, 2012 4:42 AM

Can't download this...!

Safari comment "too many re-directs"

Any ideas...?