Free eBook: Learn How to Create Your Own Beaded Jewelry Designs

Apr 26, 2012

"Where did you come up with the idea for that piece of beaded jewelry?"

I hear that all the time when I'm showing someone a piece of my handmade beaded jewelry. And really, if you know where to look, you'll find beaded jewelry design ideas all around you. Coming up with beaded jewelry design ideas can be as easy as playing around with your favorite beadweaving stitch!

If you love making handcrafted beaded jewelry, you'll love our new free eBook, our Guide to Making Jewelry with Beads: Create Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Your Own Bead Jewelry Designs. We've selected some of our best jewelry design blogs, beading stitch tutorials and then added a sample of free bead jewelry patterns to show you how each beading stitch can be altered and modified to create a unique piece of handcrafted beaded jewelry.

  • Need a few good ideas to get you started? Check out our favorite blogs about beaded jewelry design ideas, including five ideas for making beaded necklaces, four fun ideas for making beaded earrings, sketching ideas for beaded necklace shapes, and examples straight from the sketchbooks of our readers about how to sketch out your beaded jewelry designs!
  • Try Dustin Wedekind's instructions for brick stitch increases and decreases to learn more about how to shape this very versatile beadweaving stitch. Then try Nancy Jones' Bead Be Bangled bracelets to see how brick stitch is used to create these easy-to-wear beaded bracelets.
  • Next, learn how to do two drop odd-count peyote stitch with Dustin Wedekind's directions. This popular variation on peyote stitch can be used to create shape and texture in your beaded jewelry designs. Follow up with Laurie Nelson's lovely Lady's Slipper Earrings to see how shaped peyote stitch can be used to make beaded flower petals.
  • Netting can be used in so many different ways to create wonderful beaded jewelry designs, and Dustin Wedekind's hexagonal netting tutorial illustrates how this beading stitch can be modified to create lovely shapes. Bonnie Voelker's Potato Chip Netting project takes it one step further and uses free-form netting to create one-of-a-kind beaded jewelry.
  • Right-angle weave is probably the most loved and feared beading stitch around. But never fear - in Stitch Pro by Jean Campbell, she takes the guesswork out of single needle right-angle weave. Once you've mastered right-angle weave, try Eileen Arnstein's Link Necklace, composed to right-angle weave chains that are linked together as you stitch them!

So the next time you feel like making beaded jewelry, sit down with these handy references and see what comes out of your own imagination! Who knows? You might find that you have more beaded jewelry design ideas in you than you ever thought possible! Download your copy of Beading Daily's Guide to Making Jewelry With Beads: Create Handmade Beaded Jewelry from Your Own Bead Jewelry Designs today and see where your creativity (and the beads!) will lead you.

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tpatcheson wrote
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I followed the links to "Guide to making jewelry with beads" but it is not mentioned on the page, nor can I see it listed under your free E-books. I hope it really is available because the topics sound very interesting.