Bead Crafts: More Than Just Beaded Jewelry!

Feb 16, 2012

Bead crafts have been around for hundreds of years. The first bead crafts were probably related to adorning clothing with thousands of tiny beads, but artists soon discovered that they could use beads to craft other items such as baskets, jars, and ornaments. There are many wonderful examples of bead crafts in museums around the world!

But beaded crafts don't have to be big and elaborate. In fact, you probably have everything you need right now to sit down and start creating a piece of beaded art. Turn your trash into treasure by adding some beads! And who hasn't admired those lovely beaded ornaments that turn up during the winter holidays?

We've assembled a collection of eight bead craft projects just to give you a taste of what those beads can do! We all know that beads can be used to make beautiful jewelry, but with a little imagination, beads can be used to craft all sorts of items.

  • Dig through your recycling and find an old glass bottle, then turn it into a piece of beaded home decor by making Inga Hunter's Spangled Island Bottle. The beads and sequins will brighten up any room!
  • Don't throw away that empty matchbox! Susan Swanson's Ski Sweater Matchbox Cover fits like a glove so you can use that old matchbox to store your favorite tiny bead treasures.
  • Make a decorative basket out of beads with Alison Eastman's Dutch Spiral Basket. It's perfect for a sunny porch or your favorite kitchen table.
  • Take an ordinary mesh bug box and turn it into a work of bead art with Ramona Finocchiaro's Beaded Bug Boxes. These are definitely NOT for the kids!
  • Learn some basic French beaded flower techniques with Arlene Baker's Marguerite Daisy Pin. Beaded flowers are beautiful at any time of the year, and this one can be made in any color for any occasion.
  • Learn a new beading stitch and whip up a set of easy Herringbone Coasters using pony beads for your next party. Choose bright colors of pony beads to make your party even more festive! The pony beads make it easy to learn a new beading stitch!
  • Imagine how delightful a basket full of Yulia Crystal Papakina's Beaded Easter Eggs would be-no refrigeration required! Hide them in the backyard for your favorite egg hunter on Easter morning or tuck them into a little Easter basket with some jelly beans.
  • What would the winter holidays be without a flurry of Snowflake Ornaments by Robin Cowart? Sparkling seed beads make these beaded ornaments an essential part of your holiday decorations, and they make great beaded gift tags for your holiday packages.

Yes, beads have the power to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary-with just a little bit of thread, wire, and patience, you can turn an everyday object into a carefully crafted piece of bead art. Now that you've seen just what you can do with bead crafts, take a look around and see where you can add some more beads to your life! You never know where the beads will show up next!

Download your FREE copy of Free Bead Craft Patterns: Beaded Flowers, Beaded Ornaments, Pony Bead Patterns and More Bead Crafts today! You'll get all eight of these free beading patterns for making your very own bead crafts.

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