Question of the Week: What's Your Favorite New Beading Product?

Jul 8, 2011

It seems like every time I turn around, there's a new bead, beading supply or beading tool available at shows and online. I thought I'd ask our panel of experts and artists what their favorite new beading product was.

Carol Dean Sharpe: I am completely smitten with the new Tulip beading needles. I finally managed to bend one the other day, but only after many, many hours of beading on several embellished right-angle weave and Sand Fibers Ripples cuffs. An extra bonus is that they are easy to thread with even 10 lb. Fireline. Can't beat that!

Kelli Burns: I'm in love with all the new fire-polished coatings available at York beads. The vast array of color options now available in the Czech bead line is certainly not the same as it was when I opened my bead shop. The special coatings are also being used in the Toho seed bead line providing us with great new hybrids! If you're a jewelry designer, these new fire-polished coatings give you more color choices at lower price points.
Shelley Nybakke: My favorite new items (well, new to me, anyway!) are Lucite flowers I just purchased from the Hole Bead Shoppe. My favorite colors, which are in fact new, are the scarlet and jet flowers, especially the roses. I also like the trumpet and iris flowers. I have a very nice stash of them and one of these days will actually get around to making the "Heart Slightly Chipped" necklace I originally had in mind for them. The minute I saw those incredible red roses, I knew I had to own an entire bush!
Kerrie Slade: I guess they are not so new anymore, but I'm still loving the Tila beads by Miyuki. When my local bead shop sent me a sample of these curious looking, flat, square beads with two holes, I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them. They were so different from the seed beads that I normally use! After some beady experiments, though, I found that they actually work perfectly with my beloved seed beads, opening up all sorts of new design possibilities, so they are a welcome and exciting addition to my stash!
Michelle Mach: I'm in love with Gilder's paste. I use it on metal, but it also works on wood and ceramic. It's easy to use and easy to clean up, which is a bonus for someone who always seems to have permanent ink and paint stains on her hands!
Betcey Ventrella: Crystal Clay! It's a two-part epoxy that is easily mixed and formed into any shape. Working time is about and hour and a half, and the clay is completely hardened in twenty four hours with no baking! You can press Swarovski Elements chatons (or any pointed-back stones or beads) into the surface of the clay and create delicious pave-style jewelry - instant gratification!
Margie Deeb: I am in love with my new thread zapper. I can get in between beads and cut my thread! No frayed tails sticking out! But one must zap responsibly - I accidentally zapped a chain of tubular herringbone in half.

What's your favorite new beading product? Is it the new peanut beads from Miyuki? Or maybe you're totally into a new style of chain or hand-dyed silk ribbon? Share your favorite beading product here on the blog, and tell us where you got it!

Happy Beading!


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DorrieS wrote
on Jul 9, 2011 7:01 PM

I am loving the Tilas and the "peanut" beads, all though I haven't been working with them alot. Also, they aren't new, but I started stocking up on Swarovski Rivolis and Pearls. I am hoping that I can learn designing with these along with all my seeds. Anything I haven't yet worked with is new to me, so....

morley227 wrote
on Jul 9, 2011 10:15 PM

I've not started it because I have to catch up on other projects(I'm famous for starting, not as good at starting) anyone else like this?  But I'm very much looking forward to the Full Spectrum Lariat by Diane Hyde.  I bought it at B & B in MIlwaukee and it was one of the most beautiful pieces I'd ever seen and that's saying a lot because there are so many beauties out there.  This is all peyote but it changes colors 12 times and has 9 patterns to it, it's amazing and suttle and subtle, can't wait.

GunhildF2 wrote
on Jul 11, 2011 12:01 AM

I've found a "sticky pad " on a show. yours beads stick to the ground, and when you stop working, you just put a cover over it and on you go. Found it amazing not to loose any of your treasures while working on your inspiring place, without table! But didn't try it out till now, so thank you for reminding me this way ;-)