You Can Never Have Enough Beading Projects!

May 29, 2011

I'm the first to admit that when it comes to my beading projects, I suffer from a severe case of B.A.D.D.  (Beader's Attention Deficit Disorder).  I start a new project and then something pretty catches my eye - a little pack of Czech fire-polished beads that I left out after finishing a previous project or maybe an interesting color combination of seed beads and glass drop beads that accidentally got thrown together. 

Another problem I have is that I actually dream about beads (who doesn't, right?).  Then when I wake up in the morning, I can barely keep it together long enough to get breakfast and get my son off to daycare before I want to sit down and start working on the project I saw in my dreams the night before.  And while I can definitely focus on what's in front of me when I'm working on a beading project, I have discovered that I'm the type of person who works best when they have three or four different beading projects in progress at the same time.

Because I don't have a huge area for beading, it's important for me to keep things organized.  One way that I do this is by keeping my large-scale beading projects in a tray with a velvet jewelry pad for a work surface.  This way, I can stack up a few projects and save some space.  For smaller beading and seed bead projects, I usually use a Velux mat that I can roll up and stash in a drawer to save space, even though it requires me to pack up and put away all my beads and materials at the end of each work session.

My Organized Beading Table

Another way that I manage multiple beading projects at once is to do each stage as a separate project.  If I'm working on a large-scale or intricate cabochon necklace, I'll only take out the beads I need to do each step.  For instance, if I'm working on the peyote-stitch bezel, I'll  keep only my cylinder beads and size 15o seed beads in front of me.  Once the bezel is done, I'll take out the beads I want to use for the embroidery or embellishment around it.  This way, it makes it easy for me to pack it up at the end of each beading session, and it keeps my work space (relatively) organized.

(Yes, that's really what my beading table looks like on a regular basis.)

So, in case you're one of those people that need lots of projects going on in order to be happy, you're in luck: there's a sale going on right now in the Beading Daily Shop, and all those great beading projects are on sale!  Why not stock up with a few new projects and give yourself some more beading to do?  Here are a few of my new favorite beading projects:

If you want to give your sculptural peyote stitch skills a little workout, try these sweet little Miniature Flower Baskets by Jeri Herrera.  They would look wonderful in a child's dollhouse or even made into a tiny pendant for someone special.
Dustin Wedekind's Nice Rock! square-stitched ring is the perfect way to show off a stunning Herkimer diamond or other special gemstone from your bead stash.

Mary Tafoya's Hamsa Earrings are beautiful symbols of peace and protection against the evil eye.

Take advantage of this limited-time sale to stock up on beading projects from the Beading Daily Shop and make sure that you never, ever have an empty beading tray!

Do you have a favorite way to stay organized when you have multiple beading projects going at once?  Share with us here on the blog or on our Facebook page!

Bead Happy,


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carolee1945 wrote
on May 30, 2011 9:01 AM

I am glad to find out I am not alone. I bought those jewelry trays with the velvet pad, I think from Fire Mountain and I had to get ten of them all at once.  Good idea because I have ten different projects all neatly stacked up on each other.   Now I am retired, and I should be able to finish these projects, but somehow I just cannot.  When I see these wonderful new ideas, such as the little baskets on this page or the wonderful evil eye earrings, well, I just want to start something new!!!Any ideas on how to finish projects???

on May 31, 2011 5:50 AM

Carol, a couple times each year, I decide to dedicate a particular month as UFO month - it takes some discipline, but all I let myself work on are my unfinished projects.  Last year, I did it twice - in August and then again in October - and I got nearly every unfinished project completed!  

nonny kudel wrote
on Jun 2, 2011 8:40 AM

Jen, i so very much enjoyed your description of HOW you work and it reminded me AGAIN this week of a newsletter (from artist Robert Genn) i received earlier which i keep dragging out of 'trash' to quote to people... and yet again... (o, i pasted and it was eNORmous!) but PLEASE go to and see the letter dtd 5/31/11 "Desultory Painting"... i thought i knew that word, but did not til he used it describing OUR style of working... from the paragraph starting with "Oxford Dictionary".... PLEASE find it and enjoy.... it gave me 'validation', knowing that it's a realllll style of working, and i DO accomplish more if i follow my own 'work style'.... enjoy, as i enjoy YOUR newsletters... nonnykor

juliefrye wrote
on Jun 4, 2011 5:35 PM

I am exactly the same way...i'll start one project and get side tracked and start something else...I got one of those bead tray from my local bead store and several necklace trays so i can put them aside and work on something else...keeps the inspiration coming.

on Jun 5, 2011 4:08 PM

I am so happy to hear I am not the only one with multiple projects going on! I start each project with the intention of finishing it, only to be inspired by another is a happy vicious circle! I too use the plastic trays. Another method I use, which is great for travel, are clear pencil pouches (for 3-ring binders) sold at office supply stores and Target during back to school sales. They are durable and take up minimal space. This method also enables me to easily transport my projects; to a class, vacation or bead shows (if I am in need of other elements to complete my designs).

on Jun 11, 2011 11:25 PM

I am looking for beading projects that is not jewelry. Any ideas?