5 Steps to Jewelry Making On The Go

Jan 14, 2011

As a gal on the go, I love portable beading projects. By portable I mean you can create components on the couch, at the kitchen table, in front of the TV, in bed, at your BFFs, on a plane, train, or automobile (as long as you're not driving).

A dedicated studio for your creativity outlet is a great, but many don't have that luxury. One of my favorite artists, Mary Engelbreit, started out at age eight in a pantry her mother set up as her "studio." Look at what that type of encouragement fosters (of course, there's a big old bunch of talent thrown in the mix, too)!

My quilter peeps have quite a chore transporting their supplies and projects; very nearly impossible keeping it portable. And although those types of masterpieces are certainly a "good thing," there are times you want to take a project or two on the road.

Lately, wire working and seed beading have become my favorite portable mediums. I' have found the key to seed beading enroute-a sticky mat from Beadalon-plus their "baby tools" are very convenient when wireworking on-the-go. I've taken these on the plane without so much as a peep from the TSA, and they're nice to have around in case you need an extra set to quickly teach/convert a newbie!

1-2-3- Let's Go!

1. Start with your fave magazine/book and mark each project you wish to try with a mini sticky note. You can reproduce the project or use as inspiration like I did with Egyptian Sisters from 101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings

2. Go down the recipe list and gather all the components you'll need and pack them in a container so you have everything together making it easy to throw the container into your purse or suitcase.

3. When doing a wire project like coiling, I cut all my wire pieces the correct length and put them into a baggie. That way I don't have to lug all the wire spools with me. 

4. Create your individual components and lay out your design. I customized my actual wire coils.

5. Attach them together. In this case, I used jump rings to connect each wire coil. Don't forget coordinating earrings. They are the perfect PTG (Project To Go), quick to make, don't take too much concentration or materials, and you can have new jewelry to wear by the time you get to where you're going!

Take a peek at 101 Bracelets, Necklaces, and Earrings. Whether you take it on the road, or peruse during your coffee break, there's endless inspiration sure to please every type of jewelry-making beady peep!

Come bead with me!


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Eri3 wrote
on Jan 17, 2011 7:51 PM


I love to take my projects on the go as well. My friend gave me a plastic photo case that she got at a craft store. It has a snap top so it is nice and secure. She then needle cut out a bead mat that fits on the bottom. I love it for my seed beading projects because I can secure my needle into the bead mat. I can fit my project, my tube of seed beads and a small pair of child size Fiskers scissors. I like to fold the top over and use that as my hard surface and it has a lip on it so no rolling.

Now I think I will try and insert a sticky mat from Beadalon and add extra security. Thanks for that tibit of info.



Kristal Wick wrote
on Jan 20, 2011 9:15 AM

My pleasure Eri!

Great idea. I have a friend who uses cigar boxes in the same way. They are sturdy and rather shallow so it's easy to tuck in your purse (if you have a BIG one like me)!

I'm a hug fan of Beadalon's sticky mats for all things round and small! Perfect for seed beads.

Have fun!