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Feb 3, 2010
Jean Campbell Spacer 10x10 pixels What's coming up in wire style

I was at a restaurant with friends recently, and there was a psychic set up in the corner. I figured, why not? So I bellied up to her table and she began . . .  “Ah, you’re working too much, but it’s going to pay off . . . ” Well, that’s good, I thought. Then she pulled out a little crystal ball and said, “You’re going to be doing something on television soon . . . and there will be a powerful man entering your life that will help you!” Heck, with news like that, I’m going to visit this restaurant every other week.

It doesn’t matter if the psychic’s predictions are accurate or not . . . I just got a kick out of that crystal ball. So I thought I’d pull out my own 8mm crystal ball, rally up my innate psychic abilities, and do a little forecasting for 2010 in the wonderful world of wirework:
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Spacer 10x10 pixels More than just round wire
Differently shaped wire—other than round—has been around forever, but I’ve been seeing more and more of it used lately in wire projects. I think as the year progresses we’ll see even more projects using half-round and square wire, such as these Whimsical Wire Earrings by Kathleen Urban, and we'll see more vendors carrying these different wire shapes.
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Opposites Attract

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Tight, neat wirework
For a long time, free-form, unstructured wirework was all the rage. But I think this year there will be more of a focus on tight, neat wirework. That’s not to say tight and neat can’t be fanciful, but I envision more dedication to tight coils, intricate wraps, and intertwining loops. Check out Opposites Attract by Cristina Amador in the current issue of Step by Step Wire Jewelry to see just what I’m talking about.

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Wire weaving
The jewelry makers who have experimented with coiling and wrapping are looking for more. I see weaving and knitting with wire seem to be growing more popular. But I also see this moving beyond just a trend and developing into its own strong area of jewelry design. If you’re curious about what I’m talking about, check out Joyce Borower's Chinese Lantern Pendant on the Interweave Store.

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Spiral Locket

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Alternative metal

A few years ago, all you saw was sterling silver wire. But jewelry makers seem to be embracing other types of metals, including copper, iron, and steel-all considerably less expensive. When you subscribe to Step by Step Wire Jewelry you'll see a whole year of inspirational projects, many using these other metals-such as Mary Tucker's gorgeous copper Spiral Locket.


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What’s in your crystal ball for wire jewelry in 2010? Do you see it in your future? Please share your visions here on Beading Daily.

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on Feb 5, 2010 5:59 PM

Where have I been! How did I ever look this Blog? I love reading all the blogs from all the beaders and wirework artist.

I do a little of both, actually I do a lot every free moment I can. I dream of designs as I work my 9 to 5, and as soon as I get home I look at my stash of beads, wire and begin something. I feel most inspired lately by nature, leaves and trees, and etc.

I'm forever adding tools and hopefully, I will purchase a really good reliable set of jewelers tools, because the better the tool and ease of using them, the better your finish piece will turn out.

Did I say this before, I love this blog and will be visiting it often

Crazy to bead.

ango wrote
on Mar 14, 2010 10:15 PM

what name of wire that u use?where can i find ??