Editors' Favorite Projects from Step by Step Wire Jewelry

Dec 28, 2009
Please welcome the editors of Step by Step Wire Jewelry, who have BIG NEWS to share! For today, they were asked to name a few of their favorite projects from 2009. Clearly, this was a challenge. Note that three of the artists mentioned are also Bead Fest instructors, which goes to show what top-notch designs appear in Step by Step Wire Jewelry. So be inspired by the projects and be sure to congratulate Denise and Sara! --Leslie, Beading Daily editor.
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Denise Peck Spacer 10x10 pixels Spacer 10x10 pixels Big News from Step by Step Wire Jewelry!

It’s hard to believe that Step by Step Wire Jewelry will be 5 years old with our next issue. But our really big news for 2010 is that we’re expanding to 6 issues per year! For all of you who write us to say we just don’t come out often enough, it’s our special gift to you! It’s always fun to flip back through the year’s projects. Though it’s really hard to choose, here are a few of Sara’s and my favorites from 2009.

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3-D Sterling Bracelet by Jodi Bombardier, Summer Preview 2009
Denise: There’s something so fun and appealing about this two-sided bracelet. One side is so whimsical and the other so neat and orderly. And I love the heavy gauge of the wire.

Jodi is an instructor at Bead Fest Wire 2010!

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Spacer 10x10 pixels Bodacious Copper Bangle by Kim St. Jean, Summer Preview 2009
Denise: Talk about heavy gauge! I love this bracelet! Such simplicity, and yet what presence it has. Everyone in the office couldn’t wait to try working with 6-gauge wire!

Kim is an instructor at Bead Fest Wire 2010!

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Wonder Rings by Cassie Donlen, Spring 2009
Denise: This was another project that had me itching to make it. I had never worked with flat wire, and the fact that just bending it around a ring mandrel made an instant ring shank, well, I was all over that! I loved Cassie’s beads, too, though it was really fun imagining rings from my own collection of beads.

Cassie is an instructor at Bead Fest Wire 2010!

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Spacer 10x10 pixels Olivia Bracelet by Shelley Hubbs, Fall 2009
Sara: Obviously, this one appealed to me and my love of colored chain mail! The anodized niobium rings matched the colors in the beautiful box clasp perfectly. The amount of colored rings used was perfect for this Byzantine variation. Instead of having the segments using all colored rings, only the middle two rings of each segment and the connecting rings were colored, and sterling rings were used for the rest. It was a perfectly balanced mix.
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Spacer 10x10 pixels Concerto Necklace by Cindy Wimmer, Summer 2009
Sara: When I look at this necklace, even published in the magazine, I just want to reach out and grab it! Cindy’s unique S-links not only feature coils, but perfectly shaped spirals, and it matches beautifully with the swirly designs in the sea-blue lampworked beads. Even the handmade clasp goes perfectly with it. Gorgeous all around!
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Spacer 10x10 pixels Orbital Necklace by Linda Jones, Summer Preview 2009
Sara: As soon as I saw this project, I knew I had to make it. These fun orbital links are super easy to make and appeal to my free-form nature! It was a blast hammering them down and seeing what patterns emerged on the top of the link. No matter what kind of beads you use with them, they make for a very eye-catching necklace!

So, drop us a line or two here on Beading Daily telling us your favorite Step by Step Wire Jewelry projects. And be sure to subscribe to Step by Step Wire Jewelry––now 6 issues a year of great projects and more––so you don't miss out on any of the new designs and wire-jewelry features coming your way!

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Sally@13 wrote
on Dec 28, 2009 7:17 AM

Oooohh, SIX issues to inspire me. Your designs are so great that I always make several items from each issue of this terrific magazine. I'm working on my chain maille skills and seeing how I can incorporate wrapped stones as a focal point. Congratulations on your expansion. It just shows that if you create a product that fills a need, people will find it and be loyal customers.

Best wishes for your continued success,


sandi m wrote
on Dec 28, 2009 10:36 AM

What great news!!  I'm proud to say that I have EVERY issue.  

The projects are always a great selection of easy to challenging.  And I especially like the articles by Connie and Ronna.  (But please don't change the dimensions - seems like every publication is getting shorter and slimmer!)

Eagerly waiting for the next issue...

on Dec 28, 2009 1:49 PM

THANK YOU so much for including my necklace design as one of the editor's top picks!  What a big thrill to see that today! :-)

I'm really happy to hear the publication will be going from 5 issues to 6!  That's great news!

on Dec 29, 2009 4:45 AM

wow!! congrats to all artists!! i'm really in love with Cindy wimmer's "concerto"!!

sparklebee wrote
on Dec 30, 2009 12:26 PM

funny, one of the only projects I've made from the mag are those super cool links from the Orbital necklace. I also love Jodi's bracelet! I enjoy the magazine very much. congrats to everyone you selected, how cool!

Lori Mendenhall www.lorimendenhall.com

on Jan 7, 2010 8:46 AM

I LOVE Step-By-Step Wire - I keep the back issues to serve as inspiration when I get stuck!~