New Right-Angle Weave eBook: 5 Free Projects

Aug 28, 2009

Different Beads, Different Looks

One of the fascinating things about beading is that just by changing the beads you can make a project look completely different.  Take the Triple Quatrefoil by Tina Koyama, one of the featured projects in our latest free right-angle weave ebook, Right Angle Weave: Beading Daily Presents 5 Free Beadweaving Patterns.  In her original version, Tina used a base of 4mm fire-polished rounds with size 10, 11, and 13 Czech charlottes for the edging and embellishment.  I loved her fun, summery version, but I didn't have any beads like that in my stash and I didn't want to wait until I had time to shop. 

I challenged myself to make my own version using similarly-sized beads.  When I switch out materials, I prefer to stick close to the original bead sizes if possible, so that the finished size will be the same.  It also makes shopping easier, since the quantities needed will be similar, too.

My right-angle weave sample with its 4mm teal glass pearls and size 11 copper and silver seed beads feels more formal than Tina's bright bracelet.  I also skipped the picots in my version.  Now I'll just need to decide if I want to shop for the 150+ additional pearls I'll need to make the bracelet.  I'm tempted to make a simple peyote or square-stitched bail with size 15 copper seed beads.  Then I could slide it on a silver chain and wear it as a pendant this weekend.  What do you think? 

More Right-Angle Weave Projects

You'll find 5 terrific right-angle weave projects in this free ebook:

Triple Quatrefoil
Tina Koyama

Learn how to embellish a simple right-angle weave cuff with seed bead picots.  The quatrefoil shape can be seen in the bracelet base, in the three-dimensional embellishments, and even in the clasp attachment.
Silver Comet
Leslie Rogalski

Try these dramatic crystal earrings by the editor of Step by Step Beads.  They're perfect for beginners—or anyone who need something sparkly to wear tonight!
Chris Prussing

Transform an inch-wide ribbon of beadwork into a necklace by learning how to connect the two ends at a right angle.  This project is by the author of Beading with Right-Angle Weave.
Archimededs's Star
Gwen Fisher

Learn a stitch variation while creating a lacy bracelet bursting with hexagons and triangles.  After you finish this project, you'll be tempted to create your own variations such as star-shaped earrings and ornaments.
Egyptian Cuff
Shelley Nybakke

Work in segments to create this multilayed bracelet with gold metal seed beads and Montana blue crystal bicones.  The right-angle weave rectangles are woven first, then connected with loops of beads.

New Free eBook
Right-Angle Weave:  Beading Daily Presents 5 Free Beadweaving Patterns

Learn the basics of right-angle weave with the sparkling Comet Right-Angle Weave Earrings by Step by Step Beads editor Leslie Rogalski.  Then create a long ribbon of inch-wide beadwork with the colorful Ribbons necklace by Chris Prussing. The Achimedes’s Star bracelet by Gwen Fisher uses a technique variation that produces a lacy star pattern.  Tina Koyama’s Triple Quatrefoil Wrap features fire-polished rounds to create a pretty cuff.  Wrap up your right-angle weave exploration with the bold Egyptian Cuff by Shelley Nybakke.  Download this free right-angle weave eBook today—you know it's the right thing to do!

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carol22 wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 11:21 AM
Thank you for all of the great project patterns! I'm new at making jewelry with an added handy cap of being left handed. The instructions can be very confusing for me. I'm anxious to make these pieces, does anyone have any left handed help I'd appreciate it. Carol22
squash2 wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 11:23 AM
Thank you so much, these patterns are wonderful!
MartaG@2 wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 12:36 PM
Thank you for all great proyect!!!! I like so much your projects and make some for me and my daughter and her friends. Please make a new book with zulu project, I like so much this technique if you like? Thanks for all, Marta
Joanne@124 wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 1:01 PM
Unfortunately I tried numerous times to download the ebook in Firefox, and was told to register first. Then told I was already registered. Had to open up IE to get the pages to work properly. Tried to tell customer service. Error. Knitting daily downloads work fine in Firefox. Hope I remember next time
yarnycatlady wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 1:38 PM
I'm having the same problem as Joanne. No matter what I do I can't figure out how I can download this without re-registering.
KaraB wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 2:39 PM
I am also having that problem. Usually I have no problem downloading from this site after I log in!
KaraB wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 2:46 PM
When I opened the download page in Internet Explorer, it displayed a "sign in here" box that didn't show up in Firefox. HOWEVER, I had already signed into Beading Daily before attempting the download in Firefox, and the site didn't recognize that in either browser. I'm sure it's some little code glitch that will take days to find. :( But I could download it in IE, so if there's still a version of that on your computer, use it for this download.
JenniferR@4 wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 2:56 PM
Ditto same problem - the last two times that has been a free offer it has done this to me - before that - no problem. I don't use IE. I only use Firefox and always have. Frustrating.
JenniferR@4 wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 2:57 PM
Hope somebody is reading these comments who has the power to fix the problem.
Cindy Cowan wrote
on Aug 28, 2009 5:30 PM
I have had this problem and still do. I even wrote to Beading Daily and nothing they told me worked. They said no one had ever contacted them about this so I'm so glad to see these comments. I have to go to the Beading Daily website, go to Blogs, and pull up the newsletter. That's the only way it works for me. I have Windows XP, I use IO 8.0 and the latest in Mozilla. I give up -- I never have this problem with other e-newsletters I get.
serrana wrote
on Sep 1, 2009 10:47 AM
i'can't enter to my account,it dosn't let me enter and i'don't know email
MarieG10 wrote
on Sep 3, 2009 7:40 AM
Thank you for all the wonderful patterns. I can't wait to try them.
JudyKay wrote
on Nov 3, 2009 6:47 AM
I use Firefox, too, and cannot download this E-book. It asks for my registration info, then tells me my email address is not valid. It's very frustrating. I was going to order the membership, but am afraid that I will spend the money and not be able to open the projects....especially since I can't even open the free projects. I hope someone will realize the problem here.
JoC20 wrote
on Jul 27, 2010 3:12 PM

Hello    I downloaded the free right-angle weave eBook but I don't understand the instructions.  Can you help me.  I've done some beading in the past but this is driving me crazy.   Please help!!!!!!  JoC  

diamondlil2 wrote
on Jul 17, 2011 3:50 PM

Where can I link to the e-book with Gwen Fisher's pattern?  It does not come up in the link? I already have the issue with the pattern, but right now I thought that it would be easier to reprint from the web.