Wedding Jewelry Ideas from a Bride-to-Be

Apr 13, 2009

The Little Touches That Matter Most

On August 2, 2008, my life changed forever. My fiancé Michael got down on one knee, took my hand, and asked me to marry him. The first words out of my mouth (with joyful tears) were, “Absolutely, 100 percent, yes!”

First, we told our families, and then our friends, who were all thrilled for us. But I was surprised at the amount of detailed questions posed to us immediately after telling them the big news. “When is it?” “Where are you going to have the reception?” “What kind of dress will you wear?” “What are your colors?” And, perhaps the most relevant question pertaining to this blog came from my good friend and bridesmaid Danielle, “What accessories are you going to have?”

At that point, my head was spinning. After getting some rest, Michael and I started to tackle the big stuff like the church, the reception hall and hotel, the transportation, the music, etc. That’s important stuff you need to nail down quickly, so everything’s available on your date. Now, as we approach our wedding day, I’m finally getting around to answering Danielle’s question, and figuring out the little touches that will set my wedding day apart from everyone else’s.

Jewelry for the Bride

Elegant jewelry always enhances a special occasion like a wedding. This is especially true for the bride. As she walks down the aisle, you’d expect to see a lot of pearls, diamonds, and crystals. And don’t forget the exquisite beading on her dress.

Since this is such a big day, I plan to wear a purchased pearl and crystal tiara to highlight my veil and some delicate borrowed pearls or other fine diamond jewelry that I couldn’t hope to make on my own. Since I am Catholic, I will use a rosary that I've made with pearls and crystals in some way.  Each bead represents a prayer.  I may carry the rosary wrapped around my bouquet, but my mom also told me that if you leave a rosary in a tree or bush the night before the wedding, fair weather will come the next day.  Learn how to make your own rosary here.

Jewelry Gifts and Favors
You may find Jean Campbell’s book Beaded Weddings handy for incorporating your love of beading into table settings, candles, centerpieces, invitations, even wedding cake toppers. (And if you're on a budget, you'll appreciate that it's currently on sale for 20% off.) I have gleaned great ideas from the book for my own wedding, such as crystal napkin rings (which will double as favors) and a beaded drape that will go underneath our wedding cake.  I also found some gift inspiration for special people like my mom and future mom-in-law and our flower girls, my niece Lina and Michael’s niece Regan.

I absolutely loved the design of the Princess Cuffington bracelet in the book and decided to make it with Swarovski purple velvet bicones and clear AB rounds to match the color of my bridesmaid dresses. Since it turned out so well, I’ve decided to make each one of my bridesmaids a set with this bracelet and a matching pair of earrings.

Well, there’s only a few more months before I become Mrs. Michael Richardson. There’s still so much to do, but at least the accessories part I can handle. Our wedding will be the day we’ve always dreamed of, but I really can’t wait to see just how wonderful our marriage is going to be!

Sara Graham has been an assistant editor for Step by Step Wire Jewelry since its debut in 2005. She creates for her Lovestruck Jewelry line in her spare time, when she’s not indulging in music, creative writing, or planning for her upcoming wedding. She is enjoying teaching her sister (and maid-of-honor) Kelli how to bead.  If you have comments or questions for Sara, please post them on the website.

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on Apr 13, 2009 8:30 AM
I think EVERYTHING you made will become treasured heirlooms! What inspiration for anyone planning jewelry for a memorable event. Leslie editor in chief Step by Step Beads
on Apr 13, 2009 8:46 AM
Thanks, Leslie! :)
beadbug wrote
on Apr 13, 2009 2:22 PM
Congratulations Leslie and Michael!!!! I think everything you made is just beautiful Leslie and I agree that they will certainly become heirlooms, but how about making something for Michael?? A pendant or a woven or wire bracelet would be nice. May you have many happy years together. Anne
on Apr 13, 2009 2:55 PM
Thank you for your comment, Anne. You know, I've always had trouble making jewelry for guys. I'll definitely have to look into that. :) Michael has always been supportive of my work, and takes the photos of my jewelry for my Web site, so I'm sure he'd like whatever I'd make for him. -Sara
on Apr 14, 2009 2:47 PM
I'm really glad you found inspiration in Beaded Weddings, Sara! Thanks for mentioning it on your post. - Jean
on Apr 15, 2009 1:38 PM
My pleasure, Jean! :) Thanks for putting out such a great book!
MissCat wrote
on Apr 16, 2009 6:08 PM
I'm getting married June 7th...any ideas for a Bohemian (read 60's-70's "hippy") influenced theme? I'm planning to wear a peasant style skirt and top with sandals, my fiance will be wearing a Hawaiian print shirt and khakis. I would like accessories that have that feel for myself and my 16-year-old maid of honor.
appearbeauty wrote
on Apr 21, 2009 2:07 AM
A good article, I learned a lot about the jewelry from this web, thank
Lisa S.@2 wrote
on Jun 24, 2009 3:16 AM
Great work , Jean!!! This year we got some fantastic mizpah jewelry from Even my husband thinks they are great. Now I know what I am going to do next year. Thanks for your inspiration. Good luck to you.
weddingair wrote
on Nov 28, 2011 1:44 AM

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