Are You the Next Bead Star?

Jan 12, 2009

Announcing the New Bead Stars

Singers have American Idol. Fashion designers have Project Runway. Cooks have Top Chef. And now beaders have . . Bead Star!

Bead Star is the first ever contest-based beading magazine that celebrates North America’s best beaders as selected by you, our worldwide Beading Daily audience. In April 2008, we put out a call for designs made using basic stringing, crimping, and wireworking techniques, and we were thrilled to have received over 1,000 entries! What you’ll find within Bead Star’s pages is a virtual awards ceremony celebrating the best of the best, our 45 contest winners in nine categories: Crystals, Glass, Heart Designs, Metals, Pearls, Plastics, Seed Beads, Stones, and Under $25.

As the editor of Bead Star, I encourage you to take a good look at this one-of-a-kind publication. We were taken aback by the style, ingenuity, and craftsmanship displayed by all of the entries, and, of course, especially by the winners. I promise the projects will inspire you, and I hope that they will encourage you to enter the next contest, Bead Star 2009.  (See the announcement at the bottom of this newsletter.)

You Can Be a Winner—REALLY!

Afraid to enter contests? Nonsense! The current Bead Star grand-prize winner, Valerie Aharoni (pictured here), had never entered a beading contest before, and here’s what she had to say about her experience: “It was wonderful to see a contest that was totally no-stress. There were no entry fees and the guidelines were clear. Bead Star made it easy for beginners like me who have never entered a contest before.” Her courage earned her a $1,000 gift certificate from Miyuki for being the first-place winner in the Seed Beads category, an all-expense-paid trip for two to Bead Fest Santa Fe, March 12-15 2009, and a $1,500 gift certificate from Grand-prize Sponsor Fire Mountain Gems & Beads.  Thanks to all our generous sponsors!

Congratulations to All Our Winners

1st Place: Samela Dorey
2nd Place: Susan Shannon
3rd Place: Andrew Thornton
Honorable Mentions: Erin Strother, Patricia Dugmore

1st Place: Kirsten Salem
2nd Place: Bonnie Hjerppe
3rd Place: Tiffany Quint
Honorable Mentions: Kristal Wick, Abi Collins

Designs with Heart
1st Place: Lisa Liddy
2nd Place: Heather Powers
3rd Place: Debra Kallen
Honorable Mentions: Cassie Donlen, Tracy Van Voorst

1st Place: Ann Marie Hodrick
2nd Place: Jennifer Cunningham
3rd Place: Ann Marie C.J. Crosmun
Honorable Mentions: Susan White, Melissa Fortner

1st Place: Christopher McLachlan
2nd Place: Steph Kexel
3rd Place: Mary Dawn
Honorable Mentions: Heather Powers, Samantha Kilgore

1st Place: Bonnie Hjerppe
2nd Place: Darlene Jones
3rd Place: Doris Coghill
Honorable Mentions: Carina Moreno, Amanda Klimek

1st Place: Valerie Aharoni
2nd Place: Kelly Jarvis
3rd Place: Lola Surwillo
Honorable Mentions: Susan Shannon, Carrie McMahon

1st Place: Ann Marie Hodrick
2nd Place: Wendee Brandenburg
3rd Place: Meredith Duers
Honorable Mentions: Marcella Austenfeld, Lucille Hendrickson

Under $25
1st Place: Myra Fierro
2nd Place: Christina Rondeau
3rd Place: Darlene Jones
Honorable Mentions: Erin Beutel, Lori Mendenhall

Enter Bead Star 2009 Beginning February 9th

Come one, come all, and enter Bead Star 2009! Categories will be the same: Crystals, Glass, Heart Designs, Metals, Pearls, Plastics, Seed Beads, Stones, and Under $25. And again we are asking for jewelry created using stringing, crimping, basic knotting (not macramé), and wireworking (simple loops, wrapped loops, wrapped-loop bails, jump rings) techniques. Project instructions should fit on one typed page. New this year is an easy online entry form, which will go live on February 9, 2009. The deadline for all entries is May 1st. Mark your calendars! For more details, visit

Danielle Fox is the editor of Stringing, Bead Star (2008), and author of the book, Simply Modern Jewelry.  Her next book Mixed Metals (co-authored with Beadwork editor Melinda Barta) will be published in April 2009.  Pre-order today to reserve your copy! 

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Cath@17 wrote
on Jan 12, 2009 9:22 AM
I remember I voted for Valerie. I really loved her necklace, as well as many other pieces. Congratulations! I just think that it is sad that Bead Star still is exclusively open to residents from Northern America.
kimob wrote
on Jan 12, 2009 9:34 AM
Congratulations to all the winners. But I do have to concur with Kath, very sad that this is limited to North American beaders only. A more inclusive approach, or even a token category for 'rest of the world', would be very welcome and could provide an amazing boost of creative exchange and networking. Still it is nice to be able to sign up to Beading Daily from all parts of the world.
Mortira wrote
on Jan 12, 2009 11:03 PM
That Grand Prize necklace is so deliciously gorgeous! There's just something about black and white stripes. Congrats to all the winners - I can't wait to see what's in store next time around!
BrendaD@21 wrote
on Jan 14, 2009 2:04 AM
Re Bead Star As a beading tutor and designer working in the UK, I am suprised that the contest is limited to entries from North America. Your mag is widely read over here. Perhaps you could organise a section for overseas? Brenda Day
Nemeton wrote
on Jan 18, 2009 2:30 PM
No, I'm not the next Bead Star, and I'll never be the next Bead Star... not just because I'll never in a million years come up with a stringing design as great as the one that won, but just because of where I live. I was really, really hoping that after all the correspondence last year the rules would be amended to make the contest, as well as the voting, international this year. Would it really be so hard to have even a token 'international' section, and can it really be so expensive and difficult to send one single prize to someone overseas? And is there some way that you can take those of us who are excluded from the contest off the mailing list for the emails that are about Bead Star? It's galling enough to be excluded without having further salt rubbed into the wound by receiving emails titled like this one! How about a REAL effort to make it international in 2010?