Brick Stitch O-Ring Necklace and 12+ Free Projects!

Aug 1, 2008

Oh Happy Day! 

Beading Daily officially launched last year on August 1.  Has it really been a year?  Thanks to all of you who made my first year as an editor unforgettable--in a good way!

Free Project Friday Gone Wild!

Every Friday I share a free project on Beading Daily.  Today, in honor of Beading Daily's one year anniversary, I wanted to introduce you to a bunch of projects--all the projects from the current season of Beads, Baubles, & Jewels which runs on public television.  If the show doesn't run in your area (check the schedule online), you can buy the complete season on DVD and learn about beads at your own pace.  I've played the DVDs myself on my computer and was amazed at the number of close-ups of the projects as the presenters worked them step-by-step.  It's really great for those of us who learn better by actually seeing a project come to life, rather than reading through printed instructions.  Plus, unlike in real life, you have the freedom of the "rewind" button that lets you play those tricky steps over and over.  Preview a video clip of the show.  (Scroll down--the video is at the bottom of the page.)

Two of our editors, Marlene Blessing (Beadwork) and Leslie Rogalski (Step by Step Beads), are presenters on the Beads, Baubles, & Jewels show, sharing their favorite projects and giving you expert, time-tested advice on topics like using memory wire, peyote stitch basics, dressing up plain chain, and making fringe.  So just what kind of projects can you expect to see?

Here are just four of my personal favorites from the show:

O-riginal O-ring by Leslie Rogalski, Step by Step Beads Editor
Easy and inexpensive!  This modern brick-stitched rubber ring caused a sensation when I first posted a photo on Beading Daily.  We were overwhelmed by instruction requests!   (This is also the project shown in the video clip.)

Drop Earrings by Marlene Blessing, Beadwork Editor
I love projects like these hoop earrings that let you use up leftover beads.  You can use any type of beads you like--the instructions show a bunch of variations for additional ideas.

Origami Necklace by Leslie Rogalski, Step by Step Beads Editor
An innovative twist on traditional peyote stitch.  Like Leslie, I have the habit of folding together straw papers in restaurants, but unlike Leslie, it never occurred to me to use this habit as the basis for a cool bracelet!

Cerulean Falls by Danielle Fox, Stringing Editor
This super-quick chain necklace features my favorite color--blue!  Form six wrapped loops and open and close four jump rings and you're done!  Perfect for the "make it tonight, wear it tomorrow" beader.

How to Get These Free Projects

To get access to the project download page, you need to register with an email address and password.  The TV show website is not part of Beading Daily, so if you've never visited the TV website before, you'll need to register first.  In addition to the projects presented by Beadwork and Step by Step Beads editors, you can also access the other projects and tips from the show.  You'll learn the best type of wire to use for bead crochet, the basics of metal clay, needle felting, knotting pearls, and all sorts of cool things.  Get all free projects now

Correction:  In Monday's email, the author of Silver Wire Fusing was incorrectly listed.  The author's name is Liz Jones.  I sincerely apologize for the error.  Liz wrote a crackerjack of a book that you'll definitely want to see if you're a beginning silversmith.  Learn more about Silver Wire Fusing.

Michelle Mach shares free projects every Friday on Beading Daily. If you have comments or questions for Michelle, please post them on the website.

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JanE@234 wrote
on Aug 1, 2008 6:12 PM

I am interested in learning the o-ring and other projects. My email address is I am a member of beadingdaily, but don't know   how to get these free patterns.


on Aug 1, 2008 7:06 PM

Jan you just click on where it says get free projects and it takes you to a place where you can download to your computer as a pdf file. Hope that helps....BeBe of tucson

ConnieD@18 wrote
on Aug 1, 2008 10:29 PM

Hi!  I know I saw your Red Coral and Turquoise Necklace today but I can't find it anywhere now.  Please tell me how to find it!!



Ladyroots wrote
on Aug 2, 2008 7:17 AM

Peaceful greetings from Jamaica,

In March of this year I posted a picture of O-ring pendants on my blog, Voice From Jamaica.

Don't know if HTML is allowed in this comment box or not, but here goes:

Blog URL is:

then type o ring in the search box.

I like being a member of Beading Daily.

Bless Up,

Lady Roots