3 Bead Embellishment Tips

Oct 16, 2007

Three Bead Embellishment Tips

  • "If the beads move around on the thread, the stitch uses too much thread for the number of beads. When you complete a stitch, put the needle into the fabric a little closer to the beads so that the beads are snug on the thread without crowding each other."-- Beaded Embellishment by Amy C. Clarke and Robin Atkins

Beaded bag from the book, Beaded Embellishment


  • "Wash your fabric before beading, to clean it and also to preshrink the fibers. Beaded fabric can usually be handwashed."--Getting Started with Seed Beads by Dustin Wedekind

  • "Four is not a magic number. [Backstitch] can also be done with 3 or 5 beads, always going through the last 2 beads added. If there are more than 5 beads, the line will start to get unstable."--Beading on Fabric by Larkin Jean Van Horn

See an illustration of backstitch on the techniques page.

Inspired by . . . YOU 

Beading Daily reader Jeanne Evans created this lovely version of the Flowerette Chain, a recent Beading Daily featured project from the book, Zulu Inspired Beadwork by Diane Fitzgerald. Instead of a bracelet, Jeanne created a necklace and added a flower of her own creation.

Another Beading Daily reader, Shirley Lim of Singapore, also created a necklace version of this project, which you can view on her blog, Beading Fantasy. Shirley used 1.5mm cubes to create her 38-inch necklace.

Simple Wirewrapped Bracelet

Drops of Jupiter by Marcella Austenfeld uses wrapped loops, borosilicate glass beads, and Thai silver. A photo of this project was featured in Easy Wire. (The instructions are exclusively for Beading Daily members.)

At left: A close-up of Drops of Jupiter

Four other easy wirework projects are now available:

Coming Friday: Beading for a good cause, plus how to use hardboiled eggs in your next earring project!

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. Here's what she's wondering today: Why is it so much easier to name other people's projects than to name your own?

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EmmaR@14 wrote
on Oct 21, 2007 12:03 AM
I did the fairy cuff and loved the result I would like to use thread and a fastening as I feel the cuff is to heavy for the elastic + I don't seem to get the ending off right as I'f never worked with elastic before, any suggestions?
JenniferL@73 wrote
on Nov 6, 2007 6:29 PM
I made this cuff for my daugher and she loved it. I didn't put the extra row of little beads on the top and bottom as I couldn't get that to work for me, but I was really pleased with the result as it was.