More Than Meets the Eye

Jun 12, 2007

On the surface, the Dancing Daisy Necklace by Melanie Brooks Lukacs looks like a traditionally strung necklace—a beautiful, symmetrical pattern with porcelain flower beads in springtime pastel shades and a coordinating flower toggle clasp. Upon close inspection, there are several non-traditional features worth noting:

  • Knot cups are traditionally used for projects that use thread—adding the knot cup to the ends strengthens the connection. They are also handy for hiding crimps, as shown in this project.
  • Jump rings are traditionally used as connectors, but in this necklace, they serve purely as decorative elements.
  • This necklace also appears more complicated in construction than it actually is. The curved silver tubes appear like complex wirework, but are actually simply strung. Curved tubes are a great way to add a significant amount of silver in your pieces without having to do the wirework yourself.

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