Beading Supplies for Beaders On the Go!

Aug 21, 2012

Are you the kind of beader that likes to hit the road with your beads? No matter where I go, whether it's to visit my family in Texas or Nevada, my friends in California, or my favorite bead shops in New York City, I have to travel with my beads and beading projects. So, I was really thrilled during my recent trip to Bead Fest Philadelphia to find two great products that I can use to bring my beads and beading supplies along for the ride wherever I go!

Tri-Fold Bead and Tool Wrap from Lisa Kan

The first thing that caught my attention at Bead Fest this year was this awesome Tri-Fold Bead and Tool Wrap from Lisa Kan Designs. These luxurious wraps are handmade by Lisa's sister, who has worked in textile and high-fashion manufacturing, making these bead and tool cases as beautiful as they are functional.

Each Tri-Fold Bead and Tool Wrap has five pockets with a fold-down flap for things like beading tools, jewelry making pliers, or even tubes of seed beads. A zippered pocket on one side can carry needles, scissors, bead scoops, or other small beading supplies that you don't want to lose. When you've stocked your Tri-Fold Bead and Tool Wrap with all your favorite beading supplies, it all ties together securely.

I got more than one comment about how beautiful this Tri-Fold Bead and Tool Wrap was every time I took it out during a beading class. Even after I got home, I found that keeping my beading tools and favorite beading supplies in my wrap was a handy way to stay organized while I bead.

You can find your own Tri-Fold Bead and Tool Wrap from Lisa Kan's website, in one of three sizes. (Medium size is pictured to the left.)

BYOB from The Sleepless Beader

When I'm traveling to take a beading class, I always like to make sure that I bring a beading mat with me, as well as a couple of tubes of beads and seed beads for whatever beading project is being taught. If you're looking for a nice, compact, lightweight container for carrying your beads around, Leslie Rogalski's BYOB tin is perfect for you!

The tin is compact enough that it tucks right into my large tote bag easily. Open it up, and you'll find a handy scissor with a blade cover, the perfect size for taking on an airplane. There's also a folded bead mat and a magnetic strip across the inside cover for holding any stray beading needles.

Leslie's BYOB tin has plenty of room for packing in large tubes of seed beads and a few of your favorite jewelry making tools, and the beading mat also serves as a nice cushion to protect any loose beads from breaking while you're on the go.

You can get your own BYOB from Leslie's website, The Sleepless Beader.

Do you have a favorite way to store and carry your favorite beading supplies and jewelry making tools?

Bead Happy,


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PamF wrote
on Aug 26, 2012 6:54 PM

I could not find the  BYOB on Leslie's website, The Sleepless Beader.  Where can we find it?

on Aug 27, 2012 7:06 AM

My mobile jewelry studio is a clear plastic box about 4" deep and just the right size to hold my favorite beading tray. I lined the box bottom with a beading mat, too, so I can work on projects either inside the box itself (for occasions when spilling might be an issue) or on the tray on top of the lid. The box is deep enough for my favorite tools, tubes and bags of beads, a small flashlight (for locating dropped beads....) and several current projects and since the lid has clamps that snap over it to keep it on tight, the closed box can be carried in a tote bag on its side. It's perfect for beading classes, airplane trips, car rides, and craft parties.

mbglmd wrote
on Aug 27, 2012 8:29 AM

I saw the BYOB tin on the second page of the catalog on Leslie's webpage but they are backordered for a few weeks.