Inspired By Cabochons!

Apr 16, 2012

When I was in Tucson back in February, some of my favorite purchases were the gorgeous cabochons that I saw popping up everywhere. Cabochons have always fascinated me as a beader, and I love figuring out new ways to incorporate them into my finished beaded jewelry. I have a huge collection of gemstone cabochons and handmade ceramic cabochons, but some of these vintage cabochons made from Lucite, resin and glass are just irresistible!

I've been scouring the internet, looking for new cabochons to use in my jewelry making and beading projects, and I've found some unusual and beautiful vintage cabochons from a few sources!


The Beadin' Path. One of the first purchases I made in Tucson were these vintage resin cabochons from The Beadin' Path. The colors and the floral designs were just so classic that when I held them up against a couple strands of the vintage Czech glass pearls, I knew they were coming home with me. Resin is such a lightweight material that it makes these cabochons perfect for intricate beaded necklace designs.


Nikia Angel. Most folks in the beading world know Nikia Angel from Buy The Kit, her online and traveling beading kit shop. But Nikia also makes absolutely stunning beaded jewelry with crystal beads and has opened her own Etsy shop, Nikia's Good Things. If you're looking for sparkling vintage Swarovski crystal stones, new Czech glass cabochons or vintage German glass cabochons, Nikia's Etsy shop will be one place you'll check often for new cabochon listings!


A Grain of Sand. Vintage cabochons of all types are hot right now, and I love the unique selection of vintage cabs available from A Grain of Sand. The cabochons pictured here were included in my monthly Bead Hoard Curiosities Club shipment for April, but there is a great regular stock of all kinds of vintage cabochons on the website. You'll find shaped and molded glass, Lucite, resin and even vintage gemstone cabochons! My favorite find so far from A Grain of Sand is a gold plated shell cabochon with a Lucite core that looks like it was taken right out of a 1930s black-and-white movie!

Have you tried beading around a cabochon yet? There are so many ways to make a beaded bezel for your favorite cabochon! Take a look around and see if you aren't inspired to try beading with cabochons!

Bead Happy,



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werdygirl87 wrote
on Apr 18, 2012 1:09 AM

I love cabochons. I recently bought 2 beautiful 17mm blue/silver vintage glass ones from Nikia. I made a necklace with one I did a silver and blue peyote bezel and accented it with 4mm Capri blue Swarovski bicones I finished it with a silver peyote bail. I kept it simple by using spiral stich strap with silver twisted bugle beads and 6mm Capri blue bicones.

AJBeader wrote
on Jun 26, 2012 10:34 PM

I havge found some of the coolest supplies!! I have seen this stuff on the web before (I guess it's getting quite popular), but i couldnt believe this places prices! I saw them at Bead and Button a few weeks ago and i am really bummed i didnt see them before making some other purchases. I can't get over the quality for the price... and they even wholesale! This place is a well kept secret and I am telling all my fellow bead-a-holics about it!.

Go to <a href></a>

Sign up for a free account. You'll get an email with a discount coupon. I hope you guys all like this as much as I DID!

AJBeader wrote
on Jun 26, 2012 10:35 PM

The cabs are unelievably priced! They even have cameos!