Beading Book Review: Beading the Creative Spirit by Rev. Wendy Ellsworth

Jan 11, 2012

Beading the Creative Spirit: Finding Your Sacred Center Through the Art of Beadwork by Wendy Ellsworth
I've always loved the beautiful beadwork of Wendy Ellsworth, but I didn't know that she had written a book until I stumbled across it while browsing for new books to download over the holidays. Her book Beading the Creative Spirit: Finding Your Sacred Center Through the Art of Beadwork chronicles her spiritual journey with beadwork and gives simple ideas for how anyone can make their time spent beading a more spiritual experience.

What Wendy makes clear in her beautifully written text is that spirituality can be explored by anyone. Her books includes information on how to create a comfortable space for beading, using simple meditation to enhance your creativity, understanding spiritual energy, expanding your use of color, and developing your unique creative voice, all while creating fourteen different beading projects.

In each chapter, Wendy gives clear and comprehensive background information as well as specific meditation exercises for each project in the chapter. Even if you're unfamiliar with basic meditation practices, Wendy's instructions are simple and easy to follow and will have you feeling relaxed and ready to bead when you are finished. I particularly enjoyed the practice of meditation before each beading project and now consider this to be a new part of my creative process.

beaded mandalas
My first attempts at beaded mandalas, exploring my spirituality through beadwork and color.

My favorite project in Beading the Creative Spirit is the beaded mandalas. I have always marveled at the intricate sand mandalas created by Buddhist monks, and reading Wendy's instructions made me realize that I needed to take a break from my crazy schedule and spend some time beading just for beading's sake. These beautiful little mandalas were just what I needed for some creative relaxation, and even if I never do anything else with them except enjoy them, I feel like each one is a little step further along my path to creative self-realization.

The beading projects in Wendy's book range from simple but beautiful jewelry, decorative objects (such as the mandalas) and three-dimensional sculptures and dolls. All of these projects are suitable for both beginner and advanced beaders, and Wendy's complete instructions should make these projects accessible to any beader interested in exploring their spiritual side through something that they love. After all, that's what spirituality should be about: finding out who you are through what you love to do.

If you choose to download the electronic copy of this book, be aware that the photos and pictures are all in black and white.

You can download your own copy of Beading the Creative Spirit: Finding Your Sacred Center Through the Art of Beadwork for your Kindle or Kindle app through Print copies are also available. For more information about Wendy, her beaded art and her teaching schedule at Ellsworth Studios.

Beading the Creative Spirit: Finding Your Sacred Center Through the Art of Beadwork; Rev. Wendy Ellsworth; 2009; SkyLight Paths Publishing, Woodstock, Vermont, USA

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