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How to Prepare a Rivoli for Bead Embroidery

I was just paging through Csilla Pap’s new book, Sensational Soutache Jewelry Making. And I’ll have to say, it’s fantastic! It’s filled with beautiful projects, but also with tips and techniques that any beader would love to have in their arsenal of tricks. For instance, anyone who’s tried bead embroidery knows  it’s a challenge to…


Free Beading Project: Pinecone Earrings by Svetlana Einy

Just in time for the holidays, we’re excited to share a free beaded earring project from one of the Starman TrendSetters! These great Pinecone Earrings by Svetlana Einy use two-holed daggers and seed beads to create a pair of beaded earrings that will look great anywhere. Enjoy! Materials: 36 Czechmates two-hole daggers (A) 1 gram…


Make These Easy Mixed Metal Earrings

In yesterday's Beading Daily, we learned about some basic tools for metal jewelry making from metal jewelry artist and instructor Gwen Fuller Youngblood. Today, we'll see how to use those tools to make a pair of lovely mixed metal earrings! Materials: (2) pieces of sheet metal, your choice of metals (copper and brass recommended), 24-gauge…