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Bead Royale eBook by Cristie Prince. Princess Charlotte bracelet. bead weaving with seed beads and crystals

Bead Weaving Regal and Heirloom Quality Jewelry Designs

I love when paths cross and connections are made, even more so when they happen naturally. Cristie Prince and I were due to meet at a recent event to discuss her new eBook Bead Royale (currently available in a collection with her Queen of Diamonds kit in two different colors!). We wound up being introduced…

Jill MacKay Leather Bracelets and Jewelry Making with Sizzix leather cutting dies

Leather, Jewelry Making, Friendship, and Family

Die Cut and Leather Love, with Jill MacKay Jill MacKay and I met on a favorable day in Tucson about 10 years ago. I was walking by her booth, admired the metal components and fabulous leather cuffs she was displaying, and was easily drawn in to Jill’s world, and was hooked on her design style.…

Leather Bracelet project by Tammy Honaman, leather, Swarovski cup chain, silver chain, Swarovski crystals

Make This Leather Bracelet then Sparkle and Bling!

Leather is on trend and seems to have a real hold on the fashion and accessories world. I had a lot of fun pulling together some of our most popular leather bracelets for “How to Make Leather Bracelets” and am happy to bring it to you during the “season of bracelets.” To add to the…

Bead Crochet with Judith Durant: Flirty Flower Necklace & Tunisian stitch bracelet blitz

Bead Crochet, Tunisian Bead Crochet, Beautiful Jewelry

I absolutely love the look of bead crochet. I am far from proficient in this bead weaving technique but I’m going to keep at it! And thanks to the help of Judith Durant’s Flirty Flower Necklace and Tunisian Stitch Bracelet videos I’m further along! Here are some things Judith shared that you might also find…

Bead embroidered fish cuffs. Creative Bead Embroidery 1 and 2 with Kinga Nichols

Bead Embroidery Comes to Life with Kinga Nichols

Kinga Nichols is creating bead art that is whimsical, unique, fun, colorful, and dynamic. Her jewelry designs are also wearable and make a statement! Her latest videos, Creative Bead Embroidery 1 and 2 break down her processes of bead embroidery on precut beading medium and bead embroidery with shaped beads and fine fabrics. Thank you…

Sassy Silkies, swarovski crystals pendant, by Kristal Wick. Fabulous Fabric Beads eBook.

Kristal, Crystals, Fabric Beads, Sparkle, and Bling

I first met Kristal Wick in 2004. We were both teaching at a Swarovski Create Your Style, DIY event in Tucson, AZ. Kristal was teaching classes on making her signature fabric beads, Sassy Silkies, after releasing her best selling book, Fabulous Fabric Beads. She then embellished her fabric beads, using them in finished jewelry. Kristal…