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Fast Track Marketing Success with The Arts Business Institute

Fast Start Marketing Success for Your Jewelry-Making Business

Many of us start on our beading path with only the pleasure of beading and making things for ourselves in mind. Usually, along the way, someone wants to buy one of our pieces. Maybe you hadn’t considered selling your handmade art. Maybe you wouldn’t consider parting with one of your designs. But just maybe, this…

how to bead crochet, Barb Switzer, Beadwork

How to Bead Crochet, Step by Step with Barb Switzer

I have enjoyed getting to know how to bead crochet this year. It’s a technique I’ve wanted to learn since way back, but one of those things I put off. Crochet hook. Check. Thread. Check. Size 6 beads. Check. Hmmm…Maybe I should reorganize this box of beads first. This year, I’m pushing myself to stop…

bead weaving thread tension help

Peyote Stitch Tutorial Help and Thread Tension Tips, from Nancy Cain

Nancy Cain recently filmed new videos in our studio: Structural Peyote Stitch with Nancy Cain and Tubular Netting: Exploring Sculptural Techniques. Nancy also shared some great thread tension tips and peyote stitch help at in “Peyote Stitch Instructions: Help From Nancy Cain,” Nancy is following up with answers to two questions which will help…

Bead Metamorphosis, Encanto Neckalcey by Lisa Kan, hidden clasp inside beadwork

Bead Metamorphosis and Beading to Disguise, with Lisa Kan

Bead Metamorphosis A hidden gem. A hidden treasure. We love to disguise, hide, and trick the viewer. No, it’s not time for Halloween, yet. I’m in love with hidden or cleverly disguised findings and connections. Lisa Kan’s book, Bead Metamorphosis, is not only filled with beautiful beaded jewelry designs, many are also designed to be convertible.…

Sherry Serafini, bead embroidered cuff, bead patterns

Bead Weaving Patterns, Beading Designs, Bead Weaving Instructions and Having Fun – Beading Daily

We are celebrating! Celebrating our love of bead weaving patterns. Celebrating our appreciation for artists who share their talents with us so we can learn, explore, and create beautiful beaded art alongside them. Celebrating our 9th anniversary beading daily. Celebrating you! To celebrate properly, the Ultimate Bead Stitching Essentials Anniversary Collection was curated and assembled…


Peyote Stitch Instructions: Help From Nancy Cain

Nancy Cain came to the Interweave offices recently and filmed a few new videos. Creating Self-Supporting Beadwork is a great addition to Nancy’s already wonderful collection of peyote bead weaving patterns and instructions. To make it easy to get all of Nancy’s wonderful peyote instructions in one place, we created a new collection: “Creating Self-Supporting…