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cornucopia 9

Bead a Tiny Cornucopia with Spiral Herringbone Stitch

I love Thanksgiving! What’s better than a holiday focused on being with family and friends, wallowing in gratitude, and well, FOOD! I was thinking of ways to decorate my Thanksgiving-feast table, looking around the house for things that might work in order to create an old-fashioned cornucopia. I gave up. Instead, I decided to design…

Beadweaving Beyond the Basics Cover

Beadweaving Beyond the Basics

Looking for some handmade holiday gifts to create for your friends and family? In Beadweaving Beyond the Basics, Kassie Shaw’s latest book, Kassie explores several of her favorite stitches. Some are classics such as herringbone stitch, peyote stitch, and St. Petersburg chain, while others are Kassie’s own innovative variations on Right Angle Weave. The clearly illustrated…


48 Projects to Refresh Your Love of Seed Beads

For something that can be as small as 1.5mm, seed beads sure have mighty potential. I’m always amazed when a pile of seed beads is transformed into a stunning piece of jewelry. While sometimes I can barely contain my creative ideas, other times I look at the beads in front of me and, no matter…

snowflakes 8

Cut Paper Snowflakes, Stitch Beaded Snowflakes

I’ve been writing here a lot about creative play…play that can make you a better beader. Sometimes that can be playing with your beads to come up with design ideas, but other times, it’s a good idea to step away from your beads to get new beading ideas. For instance, I got the idea for…


Jewelry Stringing, Winter 2016

The Winter 2016 issue of Jewelry Stringing magazine is full of sparkly and unique designs to glam up your winter wardrobe. Enjoy shimmery necklaces in our Mirror, Mirror section and don’t miss the Weathered Hues section which showcases jewelry based on a trendy soft, wearable  palette. Learn how to perfect the wire-wrapped bail and see how six designers used this…

Beaded Ornaments with New Free eBook

The leaves have fallen, the sky is gray, and the snow is threatening to fly where I live, so thoughts of hunkering down, lighting a fire in the fireplace, and decking the halls are definitely on my mind! Of course, beaded ornaments are my preferred way to deck the halls. I’ll definitely be stitching up some of the projects that are in our latest free eBook, Beaded Ornaments. It’s a collection of 5 projects that I know I’ll have fun using to festoon Chez Cox. Here’s what’s included:

Fleur Russe by Dustin Wedekind | This pretty little flower is easy to stitch, so easy that I’ll make a few, place them on sticks, and pop them into my potted plants to brighten them up for the holidays. I think I’ll also make some to add to the packaging of those extra-special gifts I’m giving over the holidays.


Double Mint Spirals by Dustin Wedekind | That Dustin…he’s so clever! Here he’s created spiral ropes and turned them into these sweet candy canes. A few of these on the tree will look very nice.

mint spirals

Snowflake Earrings by Jean Cox (Campbell) |Since I designed these, I won’t be making more…especially since I have a TON of them around my house during the holidays! I wear them as earrings, but I also stitched up a bunch and wove them together to form a little garland that looks great on the tree.

snowflake earring

Snowflake Ornament by Robin Cowart | There’s never too many ways to make a snowflake, right? Especially since no two snowflakes are the same… This one by Robin Cowart is a bit bigger than the one I made (above) and would look striking as a traditional tree ornament.

snowflake ornament

Star Topped Magic Wand by Sylvia Becker | If you’d like a bit of a challenge, these 2-sided stars designed by Sylvia Becker are the ticket! You could top a little tree with one, but really, doesn’t everyone need a fairy wand, especially during the holidays?

star wands

Download your free Beaded Ornaments eBook and get started decking the halls today!

Happy beading-


Jean Cox, Beading editorial director


shaped vintage beads

Vintage Beads Inspire New Shaped Beads

A few weeks ago, I delved into my bead stash to find some Silky beads so I could stitch out a few units of a pattern I was editing. After digging for longer than I care to admit, I began to ponder my dragon’s lair of vintage beads, remembering that it included some two-holed beads…

Sherry Serafini with glasses

Bead Embroidery Expert Sherry Serafini

There are some people whose personality and talents align to flourish into a fantastic career. Sherry Serafini is one of those people. Her free, creative approach to bead embroidery is what draws people like Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Grammy winner Melissa Etheridge to seek out and wear her whimsical jewelry designs. And her fine…


Make These Brick Stitch Snowflake Earrings

While new shaped- and multi-hole beads are more popular today than ever, I find that it’s a breath of fresh air to work up a project using only traditional stitches and classic seed or cylinder beads. And just in time for winter, I’ve been looking for cute and quick holiday-themed projects to make for friends,…

quatrefoil 1

What is a Quatrefoil?

What is a quatrefoil? Well, in its most simple explanation, a quatrefoil (pronounced “KAT-er-foil) is a shape made up of four intersecting circles that create lobes, like a four-leaf clover. Here’s my scribble of one: Sometimes the circles overlap a lot or just a little; sometimes there are spikes sticking out of the corners; and…