Your Favorite Beading Gifts and a Simple Winter Bracelet

Your Favorite Gift

The most unusual beading gift I've ever received was a silver hoop earring that had been run over by a car.  The owner of the earring was devestated–she had purchased the earrings on a special vacation and they were very sentimental.  After hanging onto them for several years, she gave me the earrings (both the smashed one and the regular one) to use in my own work.  With a bit of wire wrapping, I'm transforming them into a necklace pendant for her for Christmas.  (Shhhh!  It's a secret!) 

Months ago I asked Beading Daily readers to share their favorite bead-related gifts.  A "top ten" list appears in the Holiday Gift Guide, but I also asked for personal stories and one-of-a-kind gift ideas.   If you're still shopping, take a look at these ideas that will fit a range of budgets, including a few that won't cost you a dime!

“A small gift bag just filled to the brim with wonderful vintage beads.”

“A trip to New York to visit a bead show.”

“Money to take my first beading class.  Now I'm hooked.”

“The most beautiful carousel arrangement of hundreds of glass beads, sealed, each in a different compartment.  The whole colorful contraption spins—it is an absolute delight to look at!” 

“My niece made me a necklace and earrings and it sparked my interest in learning to bead!”

“Three great stringing/wireworking books.  They accidentally got sent to the library the other day by my sister and I freaked out! Thank goodness the librarian held them for me!”

“A broken necklace strand of vintage pink glass beads from my mother-in-law which I used to create a beautiful memory wire bracelet.”

“A personal invitation to join a bead society.”

“My floor lamp with magnifier.  Can't do without it!”

“A friend went to Alaska and came back with Baltic amber bead chips and a hand-carved ram head. (I'm an Aries.)”

“A wonderful set of tools in a leather zippered case.”

“Two wonderful clear plastic storage boxes that will hold all my seed beads and supplies. Compact, handy, and lovely to look at.”

“The best 'beady' gift I ever received was my aunt (a veteran beader) appearing one Christmas and sitting with me all day, helping me work through beading patterns for the first time. She patiently solved problems with knots, too-small bead holes, confusing terminology, and runaway beads. By the end of the day, I had a beautiful daisy-and-netting necklace, more confidence, and a keen desire to learn more!”

“A gift certificate to my favorite bead store. How nice to browse without an adding machine in my head!”

"Being left alone so I could bead!"

"I'm making a Berry Wreath Ornament for a friend who has limited use of her hands and cannot manage it herself.  I guess I'm a surrogate mother for beaders!"

“My best gift ever was the silver clay materials I got for Christmas last year! (My boyfriend rocks!)”

“I always love magazine subscriptions. That's like a little present every month!”

"Good scissors."

“The gift of patience and understanding from my family when visiting every bead shop we can when traveling!”

"My hands–without them there would be no beads in my life."

“Best gift is my son's old computer so that I can search the web for bead inspiration.”

“A fishing tackle box and a push from my children to turn the family room into my own craft area. They said I need all of the room I can get and they'd help me set it up.”

"The information I receive from teachers and classmates during bead classes."

A lap tray that was big enough to use while sitting in my favorite chair.”

“Probably the 400 year-old chevron beads my archeologist sister got from another archeologist.  They aren't really that valuable but I love the idea of being connected to life events that happened centuries ago.”

What's been your favorite gift?  Share your thoughts on the website!

New Free Project
Snow Friend Bracelet
Melanie Brooks

This easy 2-strand bracelet is the perfect project for the holidays.  It features handmade porcelain beads, white crystal bicones, red seed beads, and pewter bead caps, charms, and toggle.  Notice how Melanie added a snowflake charm to dress up a toggle plain clasp–that's a simple design tip you can use with lots of other projects.  Download Snow Friend Bracelet.   

For more jewelry ideas, check out the new projects in the Beading Daily store.  We just added another 15 new projects today, including the gorgeous Decorative Bead Pendant by Linda Jones–a vintage-look necklace created with just a focal bead and some wire!

Michelle Mach shares free projects every Friday on Beading Daily. If you have comments or questions for Michelle, please post them on the website.

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14 thoughts on “Your Favorite Beading Gifts and a Simple Winter Bracelet

  1. CREATIVE JEWELRY magazine has to be the most fabulous gift to give beaders. The projects are fast and stylish, and all the resources are listed–so you can also give beads and tools to make some of the projects!

    Check it out in the online shop: just type Creative Jewelry in the search box!

  2. 4 old friends and my #2 daughter who wanted me to teach them to bead. I never thought I could do this but it has been a lifesaver for all of us. We have such a good time, good food and ideas and most of all, the warmth of support and friendship

  3. When I was 8 I was given a small glass bottle filled with rainbow coloured seed beads and fishing line and stopped with a cork. I made myself a bracelet and a necklace and have never looked back.
    Thanks to which ever Aunty is responsible, you changed my life 🙂

  4. the help from friends at the beading store as i tried numerous beads to come up with my own combination for swarvoski christmas trees as they did not have all the beads that the project called for

    thank you
    norma from downunder

  5. the help from friends at the beading store as i tried numerous beads to come up with my own combination for swarvoski christmas trees as they did not have all the beads that the project called for

    thank you
    norma from downunder

  6. Five years ago when we widened our shows to extend the breadth of the eastern seaboard, another artist gave me a strand of fresh water beads along with the advice that we were on a steep learning curve, but that it be OK. My husband gave me an optivisor he had carefully selected and the wonderful love and support he has given me, even trudging through five days in Tuscon in my first year. Later that same year he calmly slipped off to the hardware store and came back to set a gigantic fire extinguisher behiind me when he realized I was using a torch in our second floor studio.

  7. My Favorite Beading Gifts.
    Two years ago I was struggling with getting the wirework as tight and accurat as I wanted because of my pliers not beeing of the best quality. My daughter and son in law was visiting, and he who works in a hardware-store was looking at my tools and asked what I thought I needed…. After a few weeks I received a package from him, containing a set of six different pliers in a very handy zipped case. The Pliers was of the best quality you can get here in Norway (- each at a price around 500 NOK if purchased separately). This set wasn’t even to get at the stores, so he had ordered it through his work. Knowing this had to be very expensive – he is not a rich man – I wanted to pay for it myself, but I never got him to tell me the price – he just wanted me to have those because he appreciated seeing me having good time with my bead- and jewelry-work…

  8. When I first started out about 12 years ago, my husband went down to New York City, poked around the bead stores in the fashion district, and filled my Christmas stocking with packages of beads of all kinds. This from a man who hates shopping. It was a treasure trove. Needless to say, I was giddy with delight.
    –Kelli P, Pure Bliss Jewelry

  9. My favorite beading gift was from Beading Daily! I am new to wire wrapping and was wrapping a special coin for my cousin for a gift. I was having great difficultly with the spirals. Magically, a teaching video on how to make wire spirals appeared on my email from Beading Daily. How wonderful and just in the nick of time! The Coin with spirals came out perfect! Thank you Beading Daily!!! And, thank you Carol for telling me about Beading Daily.


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