Win a Shopping Spree at Your Local Bead Shop

To celebrate the start of summer (and because I really, really like giving things away!), Beading Daily is giving away 3 shopping sprees ($300, $200, $100) to use at local bead shops in the U.S. and Canada. Imagine what you could buy with that money: beads, findings, stringing materials, magazines, books, tools! Winners will be announced here on Beading Daily. Yes, that's right–fame AND fortune! Enter today.

What kind of bead shopper are you?

Polymer tree pendant
by Curly Tree Designs

Do you relate to the experience of Curly Tree Designs? She went to her local bead shop for just one pendant, "But, then I started browsing and found these incredibly cool agate beads. . ."

Or how about Humblebeads? This is how she described a recent shopping experience: "We went clay and bead shopping this morning. I found some awesome copper links of chain, I'm going to antique them and make something spectacular." I can definitely relate. I often buy something with a vague but exciting idea (Best! Project! Ever!), but sometimes when I get home, it turns into something else entirely–or sometimes it sits around in my bead stash waiting patiently for inspiration. (I just used a clasp for a Beadwork project that I bought at least four years ago!)

Or how about the Arizona Crafty Burrito Collective? "To me, there's nothing more fun or exciting than going bead shopping. It's like sensory overload! There's so much to choose from and ideas swirl madly in my head and then I get home and forget most of it! So, now I keep a little notebook and write down all my ideas but who knows if I ever will get to all of them."

Does any of this sound familiar?

New Reader Poll: Do you usually buy beads for a specific project or do you buy beads and figure out what to do with them later? What type of shopper are you? This poll ends June 1, 2008. Results will be shared in a future Beading Daily.

Michelle Mach shares beading news, contests, reader galleries, and other beady stuff every Monday on Beading Daily.

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18 thoughts on “Win a Shopping Spree at Your Local Bead Shop

  1. Wow–that would fantastic–alot of the local bead shops here in Canada–mainly Regina–are expensive to buy from–so I do a lot of online buying–getting a better selection and better price–I would love very much to support the local shops–winning a shopping spree would give me that opportunity to do so–great idea!!!

  2. What a kick it would be to go wild with free money in a bead store!! I’ve made so many different articles I have a general idea of how many of what kind of beads I might need in the future for a birthday present or such. So, in a bead store it’s the color and sparkle that first tantalizes me. However, if I had a spree planned, I think I would look up patterns and create a list to follow to do things I’ve not done before. Fun!


  3. One of the best things about being able to design jewelry is to be able to create a personalized, unique gift especially for a specific person. When a good friend of mine adopted her second child from China, I created a pair of earrings for her that combined

  4. what a shame that one can only enter this shopping spree and other contests if residing in the USA or Canada. Your magazine has a large contingent of followers here in Australia. Could you perhaps consider a contest etc. to include your beadwork addicts “down under”?
    Yvonne D

  5. OOHHhhh…YESsssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Give us Aussies a chance to win your Fantastic bead shopping spree.

    Happy Beading
    Halina in Australia

  6. You can never have too many beads….although I have questioned it when I’m sorting a large amount of seed beads and spill them all on the floor 🙂 If I’m not beading, I’m reading about beading! ~ Valerie Bloomington, IL

  7. Giving and Receiving is my moto. If I were to win a shopping spree, I would pay it forward to help out with the Breast Cancer Society. My sister died of breast cancer April 1st 2004. Her name was Lorri and passed at the age of 39. I would make and dontate or just donate to other woman to bead and donate to this cause. Every little bit helps.
    Thank You all. And to all the beautiful ladies that read this PLEASE dont forget to get your yearly Mammogram.
    Bless you all, PJ H

  8. Heidi F
    re: win a shopping spree
    I am not quite living “down under” but also in the Southern hemisphere namely South Africa and hope this will available for us as well.

  9. I live in Southern Illinois and there are no specific “bead stores”. We have only 2 places we can purchase from near me. I have to make ALL of my purchases online at Firemountain Gems or somewhere else. Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart just don’t have the LARGE selections I need and desire. Thank you for the opportunity. I am listing the Hobby Lobby as my bead shop although they have lots of variety, the ONLY thing I shop for in the store is beading supplies. 🙂 I LOVE beading.
    I started beading 12/06 when my mother showed me. I left her home, came back to Illinois and took off on my desire for beading. And broadening my horizons. I now have well over $5,000.00 in beads and am always looking and desiring more. I keep finding more patterns I want to do and acheive. It is all still a great learning adventure for me.
    Thank you for making the possibility of winning a shopping spree available. Now if I could just win something…..LOL
    Stephanie M

  10. Not Fair!!!! This is only open to people in the States! What about the rest of us? Don’t we count for anything? We buy beads, threads, patterns and magazines too.