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Got to Be Beading

One of my favorite "got to be beading" stories came from a designer who told me that she had created a particular bracelet while waiting for surgery.  When it came time for her to be wheeled off into the operating room, she almost lost it.  The medical staff was startled by her reaction.  Was she in pain?  Was she scared about the surgery?  "No!  I have just 3 more rows!  I'm almost finished!" 

You may remember my interview with Lindsay Ross, the director of the Children's Healing Arts Project, who mentioned how many people in hospitals find the act of beading soothing.  Or you might remember the story of one of our designers who found herself forced out of her home by a wildfire (see "The Amazing Power of Beads").  The book Beading for the Soul by Deborah Cannarella is filled with stories of beading in all kinds of circumstances from a daughter's dance recital to the death of a beloved dog.   I recommend you buy of copy of Beading for the Soul if you want more stories of beading inspired by life's joys and challenges.

Enter the Power of Beading Contest

Do you have a dramatic "got to be beading" story of your own?  Or maybe beading helped bring hope and healing to a smaller, more ordinary moment?  I clearly remember a day last summer when I accidentally tore a hole in a favorite skirt.  I was so upset!  And yet, after a little time beading, my anger just faded away.  It was not a dramatic, life-changing moment, but the small act of beading helped me overcome the challenge of keeping life in perspective that day. 

How has beading helped you through a challenging time?  Tell us and you could win one of Kerrie Slade's handcrafted ribbon pins. 

There will be two first place winners.  Each winner will receive a handcrafted ribbon pin created and donated by talented designer Kerrie Slade. Kerrie has shared her creations in several issues of Beadwork, most recently the Olive Dangles and Periwinkle Choker projects in the August/September issue on sale now

The pink ribbon has a 9K gold pin with a heart made of 24K gold cylinder beads. The teal ribbon has a sterling silver pin with a heart made of galvanized silver cylinder beads. Entries will be judged by Kerrie Slade.  Names will be removed from the entries prior to judging.


  • Maximum word length:  200
  • Must be a member of Beading Daily to participate.  (It's free to sign up.)
  • One entry per person.
  • Deadline September 12, 2008, 12 midnight Mountain Time.
  • Winners will be announced on Beading Daily by October 20, 2008.
  • Entry Form

 Charity Fundraiser

In addition to the contest, Kerrie and I wanted to raise some money for an international cancer charity in honor of Kerrie's mother who is battling breast cancer. All the money raised from the sale of the instructions through September 30, 2008 will go to two international charities, The Wellness Community and the American Institute Cancer Research (part of World Cancer Research Fund). The Wellness Community is an international non-profit organization that provides free support and education to people with cancer and their loved ones.  The World Cancer Research Fund is dedicated to researching the role of diet and physical activity in the prevention and treatment programs. In addition, Kerrie is donating her designer fee from Interweave Press to Cancer Research UK.   [Update:  The fundraiser has ended–more than $1,000 was raised.  You may still buy the pattern, but we are no longer donating all funds to charity.]

Ribbon Awareness Pins
by Kerrie Slade

These brick-stitched ribbon pins may be made in a number of colors to represent different causes that are close to your heart.  Kerrie has granted permission to other beaders to create these pins to raise money for the charity of their choice.  Questions about using these pins for non-charity activities should be directed to Kerrie's website

Purchase project instructions now.

I'd love to hear if anyone plans on creating these pins for charity.  Please feel free to share your stories in the forum

Michelle Mach shares beading news, contests, reader galleries, and other beady stuff every Monday on Beading Daily. If you have comments or questions for Michelle, please post them on the website.

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7 thoughts on “Power of Beading Contest & Charity Fundraiser

  1. I am a breast cancer survivor. My sister was diagnosed in 2003 with stage 4 Breast Cancer and due to her diagnosis, I had my first mammogram on Good Friday and was diagnosed with breast cancer. With many prayers and support of family and friends, we are both survivors.!!! During my treatments, I became turned on to beading and it became my hobby and such good therapy to me. I now make jewelry to sell and the proceeds I give generously to cancer research. Would you be willing to donate a pattern to me so that I may make some of the ribbon pins.?I look forward to hearing from you.

    Anita Golub

  2. In November, 2008 I will be a 5 year breast cancer survivor. Now that is really something to celebrate. We are having our Relay for Life Event in two weeks. I work at a elementary school and get all the kids involved in raising money for this worthy cause. I began beading over two years ago and it is the best thearpy and hobby I have done. I use to knit, crohet, crosstitch, quilt, but this beading is the most fun and rewarding thing I could do. We have one of the most wonderful bead stores in our area. My hobby started when I noticed the new bead store and my granddaughter, age 12 at time was making earring…welll that started my hobby. The bead store is having a breast cancer awarness campaign. She has a special basket in her store and customers and beaders are making breast earrings to donate to our Look Good Feel Better Program for cancer patients. I would love one of the pink cancer beaded ribbon…would really love the directions..for I could make some for our Relay for Life. Thanks for a wonderful…love getting your information everyday..look forward to it everyday. Thanks for all you do. Lois Rabb P.O. Box 25 Bostic, NC 28018

  3. Beading led me to a wonderful non-profit called Stewart’s Caring Place (www.stewartscaringplace.org). They are a cancer wellness and support center offering counseling, programming, healing arts, etc. My best friend lives in California and was diagnosed four years ago with stage 3 breast cancer. Since I live in Ohio, I could support her by visiting and talking but wanted to so something more. This led me to discover that Stewart’s was opening to the public and was just around the corner from me. We wanted to create public awareness of their services through a fun, community friendly event. Because I bead and do art shows, I had a wonderful network of artist contacts. With their help, I created the Stewart’s Caring Place Annual Holiday Boutique & Community Open House. It’s a wonderful way for artists to sell their work (many of whom are cancer survivors), open the doors to the community, and raise valuable funds for programming through sales and raffle. If I win the pin, I will put it in the raffle as a special prize. Thank you!

    Marla Schleider, 3424 Stanley Road, Fairlawn, OH 44333

  4. I just reaad this page today, and would like to share why I started beading. My beading experience really took hold 4 years ago dec,20, 2004, I had dabbled in it and really didn’t get very far, but when I lost my job due to taking too many sick days, I finally found out after numerous Dr visits that I had MALT lymphoma IV B, a type of non-hodgkins lymphoma found in the stomach lining and lymphatic tissue throughout my whole body, stomach cancer. Since I no longer had a job I wanted to keep busy: so I learned beading,crocheting and to knit-very poorly- but I have since learned to bead my own rings with glass stones and some semi presious cab and stone cabachon rings which I have given away to friends and family. I have found out that all my designs for the rings have all been different, I don’t seem to be able to make any 2 alike, because of chemo my memory seems to take a back seat, sometimes happens to the best of us. I am now 44 and really enjoy my life- in some ways cancer has made my life better. I am in remission and have been for 3 years, a place I have been told is only held by very few of us stomach cancer survivors, and not for vey long. Faith and beading has taking me a long way, and God willing it will take me further…I am hoping to eventually sell my beaded rings, and give away many more! I hope to someday submit a project for this magazine.

  5. Kerrie’s generosity (and beautiful ribbon pattern!) is so uplifting. It’s wonderful to see people combining their bead talents with the desire to make the world a better place. I’ve been doing beadwork for nearly 20 years, but really only became serious about it a year ago…and then this last Feb, 2008, I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the tender young age of 30. I had a bilateral mastectomy, 4 mos. of chemotherapy, 6 weeks of radiation, and will do 6 years of hormone therapy. At some point early this last summer, I put my head down, started doing beadwork (it seems all I could do with my sorely lacking energy level in the midst of chemo!) and worked and worked and worked until finally, towards the end of summer I lifted my head, took a breath, looked around and realized I was going to survive this thing…
    In the meantime, my beadwork took a substantial leap forward, but I know I can do more! Please visit my site at http://ladibugj.wordpress.com – I’ve put together somewhat of a clearinghouse of ideas & website links for bead artists who want to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.