Picots, Fringe, and Stitch-in-the-ditch: Our New Bead Embellishments eBook!

What's the best way to jazz up your off-loom bead-weaving projects? With bead embellishments, of course! Embellishing with beads is a fun way to play with your design skills while learning how to create unique beaded jewelry. And there are so many different techniques that you can use for bead embellishing your favorite bead-weaving stitches, you'll never run out of ideas or inspiration.

To help you along, we've gathered 5 of our favorite bead embellishment patterns into our latest free eBook, Create Beautiful Beaded Embellishments: 5 Free Bead Embellishment Patterns. These patterns include techniques like basic bead stringing, right-angle weave, and bead embroidery. Are you ready to dive in and learn how to incorporate beaded embellishments into your bead-weaving and jewelry-making projects?

  • Use basic bead embroidery techniques to embellish your favorite keepsake beads and treasures when you stitch up Jeanne Barta Craine's Momento Mosaic bracelet. Each little "bead picture" can be embellished as much or as little as you like, finished with an easy picot trim.
  • Basic gemstone bead frames are turned into miniature works of art in Eileen Feldman's Wrapped in Rectangles beaded bracelet making project. Use basic stringing and easy beaded fringe techniques to make each one a masterpiece.
  • If you love beaded fringe, Linda Gettings' Autumn Branch Necklace will be a delight for you to stitch up! For beginners, this is the perfect beaded necklace project to learn how to create beaded fringe, while more experienced beaders can build their design skills by modifying this beaded necklace project to their own tastes.
  • Right-angle weave is probably my favorite base for playing with beaded embellishments, and Lisa Kan's Evening Iridescence bracelet is the perfect example of why I love this technique so much. A few simple bead embellishments turn a simple bracelet into something worthy of a night on the town!
  • Finally, my very own Wrought Iron for Your Wrist bracelet was inspired by a decorative iron fence I saw on a walk one afternoon. Using bugle beads for the base of right-angle weave means that this bead embellished bracelet works up quickly!

Beaded embellishments are what keep our beading projects interesting! You can learn so much from working them into your own designs and ideas. No beadwork need be boring when you have such a range of bead embellishment techniques to choose from. Just work up a sample of your favorite beading stitch, pick a beaded embellishment technique (or two, or three!) and start stitching.

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