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As crafters, why do we love to do what we do? I've met a lot of beaders during the last ten years, and I've even created some new beaders through my beading classes, and they all have one thing in common: they are utterly passionate about beads and beading. We all have our different reasons for loving beads and beading, whether it's the meditative nature of beadwork or the fiery excitement of creating your own handmade lampwork glass beads at the torch.

I've tried to figure out what it is about beads and beading that inspires such passion in people. Beads are almost as old as the human race and were most likely the first form of self-adornment. Beads can be made out of almost anything — nuts and seeds, rocks, gemstones, glass, crystal and modern materials like plastics and precious metal. Art bead collectors will pay hundreds of dollars for a single handmade lampwork glass bead, and seed bead enthusiasts will pay the same for a dozen tubes of seed beads made out of precious metals like gold, platinum or silver.

If you've ever taken a really good beading class, you'll remember the laughter and the learning that goes on there. Friendships are made, beads are stitched together or even created out of glass, polymer or precious metal clay, or seed beads, and new works of art are brought to life from the depths of our imaginations. Is this what keeps us coming back for more and inspires us to pass on our knowledge and our skills to our friends?

Here on Beading Daily, we're celebrating National Craft Month throughout the entire month of March, and we're asking you to participate! Take a look at our collection of free beading eBooks — you'll find beading instructions and beading patterns for using crystal beads, seed beads, lampwork glass beads, beaded necklaces, peyote stitch, and bead embroidery as well as helpful information about learning how to bead, how to use your beading tools and how to make your own handmade beads!

Pass On Your Passion for Beading During National Craft Month

So, here's the challenge for National Craft Month: we want you to pass on your passion for beading and beadwork to someone new. Invite them over for a beading "date", have some yummy snacks, put on some fun music, and make some beaded jewelry! To give you a little encouragement, we're giving away a copy of  How to Stitch Custom Clasps (DVD) by Melinda Barta (for you) and Getting Started With Seed Beads by Dustin Wedekind (for the friend that you introduce to beading and beadwork!) 

Teach someone how to bead during the month of March to celebrate National Craft Month, and you and your friend could win one of these titles from Interweave!

All you have to do to win is leave a comment on this post telling us who you plan to teach beading to during the month of March for National Craft Month. We'll randomly choose one lucky winner from all the comments at 9 a.m. Eastern Time on Friday, March 23, so comment before then for your chance to win. This giveaway sweepstakes is open to U.S. residents (excluding Puerto Rico), and Canadian residents (excluding Quebec); 18 years old or older at the time of entry. (Click here to read the official rules.)

Think about the person you remember when you think about who taught you how to bead. Was it your sister? Your best friend from college? A co-worker? Now it's your turn to be the inspiration for someone new to discover the wonderful world of beading, beadwork and jewelry making! Pass on your passion during National Craft Month and make the world a craftier (and more creative!) place!

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Born in New Jersey in 1974, I escaped to the Adirondacks for the first time in 1995, making it my permanent home in 2000.ย  I have been interested in beads, buttons and making jewelry as long as I can remember.ย  It's probably my mother's fault - she was a fiber artist and crochet historian, and whenever she ordered supplies from one mail order source, she would order a huge bag of assorted buttons and beads for me and my sister! ย  ย 

159 thoughts on “National Craft Month: Pass On Your Passion and Win Some Goodies from Interweave!

  1. I have set up time this weekend and next weekend to teach my boyfriend how to bead cabachons. He mentioned that he needed a hobby and so I offered my talents, he accepted. I am looking forward to teaching him my craft and seeing what he creates from the male perspective.


  2. My Friend Janice taught me to do the square weave and got me started off loom weaving. I am sharing this with my daughters as we make funbracelets to give to our friends. We are sharing skills and bonding as well as passing on the results to those we love.

  3. I belong to the Red Hat Society; I can have a party with several friends, who already know I do beading, and teach them how to bead also. Sounds like lots of fun!

  4. I will teach my Mom, who has been taking care of me and my family since the past 5 years, and who taught me how to knit,embroider,stitch when I was a little girl. It will be like old times!

  5. I am going to teach my husband to bead. After all, he is my best friend, and who better to share my passion for beading? What ever we end up making will make us think of the time we spent together every time we see it!

  6. My 14 year-old daughter is always trying to walk away with my latest creations – especially earrings. She’s very creative, so I better teach her how to make her own!

  7. i have been donating leftover beads and un-wanted jewelry making de-stash to a friend of mine with a mild brain injury, for about 3 years now. she loves them and strings necklaces usually finishing them with tying knots. but recently i realized i need to go a step farther in helping her. she brought her latest necklace she had strung on heavy fish line, to our group therapy and asked me to show her how to use a crimp bead. she had bought the tiniest pair of chain nose pliers i have ever seen -no more than 3″. having no other tools available i showed her how to string and flatten a crimp tube and she was so pleased. it got me thinking. ive been doing a major sorting thru my stash and have a large amount of beads and supplies to give her next week. we are both very low income so i cant afford to buy her very much, but i did order her a rosary plier so she can cut and make loops, and some head pins, eye pins and ear wires. and when i deliver them to her i will give class on how to use them. i know she would love to be able to make earrings to sell. ive been so exited planning this for her !! but also a little embarrassed it took me this long to realize she needs a little more help to get started—but now i know and it feels good to be able to do good for someone else

  8. I am going to teach my machine knitting group. We already incorporate beaded designs in to our knitted garments, but need some coordinating original pieces of jewelry to wear with them.

  9. I already started last week! I brought some of my beading stuff to my knitting group so that I could (quickly) re-string a friend’s necklace there. After I finished the necklace, I taught one of the other ladies how to make a simple set of crystal-bedecked earrings! I’m sure the ladies will be interested in me bringing my beading supplies again.

  10. I will plan to get together with my friend Leslie. I already bought her some pliers and peridot beads to get started; now I need to give her one more little push by showing her how cool it can be!

  11. I will teach my husband how to do metalwork. He wants to enter a jewelry contest (Bead Star). It will be fun to enter together with him.
    I already taught him basic beading and wire work, as well as polymer sculpting. After that, he made me the fanciest hand-sculpted beads and 24K gold jewelry set (necklace and bracelet). He is one of the best students I’ve ever had, very intelligent, observant, and inventive.
    It does pay off to teach a family member, doesn’t it? You will start receiving fancy presents right away :).

  12. I have been teaching my adult daughter how to bead flatwork; we have been beading everything Friday and Saturday night for the last two weeks and are beading again this weekend. It has been absolutely wonderful spending time with her and sharing how I learned from my mom and grandma, I share all my beading knowledge, patterns and most importantly, the story of the incredible women in our family.

  13. I have so many friends who think they are not artistic but when you see how they put together their homes that is an art in itself.

    A pair of them have collected feathers and actually want me to show them how to make earrings out of them. By themselves they would be ok, but with accent beads they will become unique to each wearer. I saw some gorgeous peacock feathers where they actually threaded some beads onto the barbs of the feather, gorgeous! We may or may not use that technique, but will post pics of the final product.

  14. We will be having a girls-only family sleepover next Saturday night (yes, on St. Paddy’s Day). Some of my cousins and aunts and one of my sisters are planning to bring their scrapbooking supplies so they can be productive while we all have a giggle over old photos. I have no interest in scrapping, so I’m going to bring a bunch of headpins, eyepins and earring findings for people to put together a quick pair in between other stuff. Hopefully I’ll spark an interest in another family member ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I am teaching my friend Jan about beading. We are meeting every Wednesday this month. And another friend, Julie, will be joining us this week.

    I love teaching people to bead. I call it “hooking ’em” and I have a little hand gesture I use when I’ve “hooked” another one!

  16. I have set four, three hour sessions for teaching two of my friends to bead. They have always appreciated the small beaded gifts passed on to them and are excited to do it together.

  17. My niece has been asking me to teach her how to make earrings so on her spring break I plan to ask her to spend a couple days at my house to be immersed!

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  19. I have been teaching my sister how to bead for few months. I think I will start teaching my friend’s autistic daughter this month. She has been wanting to but we just didn’t have enough time before!

  20. In celebration of Craft Month I am teaching my best friend to bead. She has always liked beads and I’ve beaded gifts for her over the years. Right now she is unemployed and has too much time on her hands so I talked her into trying a bead embroidery project. She was worried about how tiny the beads are. I told her she could quit any time but she fell in love. A few days ago I took her bead shopping and signed us both up for a class in NYC. Since I’ve been beading for most of the last 20 years she knows I can help her when she gets stuck. In a few days we will go through my back-issues and look for the next challenge.

  21. I too received the Server Error 404 when I clicked on the icon for the 5 free beading projects. Could you recheck your link to make sure it’s working? Thanks!!!

  22. i’m planning a jewelry party for my nurse friends at a local home health agency for this month, i have several friends that want to learn to make their own jewelry

  23. I too received the Server Error 404 when I clicked on the icon for the 5 free beading projects. Could you recheck your link to make sure it’s working? Thanks!!! I rated this poorly becuase I couldn’t access the information or add my comment.

  24. hi! I teach beading at the Mesa Art Center in AZ! I will be teaching a group of ladies from Florence, AZ who are driving quite a distance to take my class! they are so excited to learn all the techniques I can offer. I am so honored and lucky to be teaching my passion for beading at such wonderful facility. I recently took the MAC’s flame work class taught by Laurie Nessell and found a new love for making beads! I can’t wait to see my students first designs in this diverse medium of beading! thank you for this opportunity and recognition of those who teach beading.

  25. Every month is “NATIONAL CRAFTERS MONTH” in my house. Ever since I became Disabled 3 years ago.I have been watching Beads Baubles and Jewels, and reading all the Beading Magazines out there on the News stands. When I learn something new and exciting(all the time) I just cant wait to teach it to my 13 year old daughter. She is so “Crafty”! We love to do Peyote stiching, she picks up on the stich so fast, that she is showing my an eaiser way to do it by the end of the leason. So much fun. Maybe one day it will be a Business? Untill then Beading healps to keep a brain Healthy and Strong!

  26. I put some of my necklaces in a local fair this past weekend and had several friends tell me they wanted to learn to make them also… so we are getting started this week since it is Spring Break!!! I am excited to teach them, and I think they are excited as well! I am going to teach them even count peyote stitch with 6/o seeds… I think that will be the easiest to start with :)–Marie

  27. Once a month several friends host a get together where they share an passion. When it is my turn, I will share my passion for wire wrapping and hopefully will teach them a thing or two!

  28. I am helping my friend design and bead a necklace & matching earrings to match her dress for a “Black Tie” event…she’s super excited to have a custom set designed for the big night!

  29. I already did last night in fact. Here’s the story….
    I have been waiting and waiting for this issue to come out because I had a piece in the WORD section. So I am in the store and pick it up and as I am looking through it when a clerk asked if she could help me. I said “no just admiring” and she said “yeah I know but no real person makes that stuff” I giggled and smiled and said ” Actually I have a necklace in here” her response “Really, Can I see?” I showed her and also showed her the one I was wearing and she immediately grabbed the magazine and asked where she could get supplies. I felt so good about that!

  30. I post photos of my designs and inspire and encourage my Facebook fans to try and have posted your sight on my FB page to also inspire them. Thank you for the fun you encourage me and others to create.

  31. I have been sharing my passion with my daughters. They are getting better with every project they try. My oldest daughter wants to learn how to make the beautiful creations that I see in magazines and online. My youngest is making her own projects already. She gives lots of them away to her friends at school. This is the only craft I have been able to share with them because I am left handed and they are both right handed and it doesn’t seem to matter when making jewelry. Thanks Bonnie

  32. I actually taught myself to bead!
    I created my Farrantina Daisy Flowers years ago, of which I have many oh! so many since. I’d love to pass on the instructions and let others create their own chain of Daises. I’ve just got to get the instructions together.
    Just had an idea. If everyone that made one of my Daisy’s could add it to a line of pictures with their own name and maybe donate a small amount to my favourite charity:- Help For Heroes
    We could end up with a chairty chain round the world… Oooer ! How cool would that be?
    I’d best be off to make a plan. Happy beading. Hugs from Christi
    ” Say it with Beads! They last longer ! ”

  33. I actually taught myself to bead!
    I created my Farrantina Daisy Flowers years ago, of which I have made oh! so many since then. I’d love to pass on the instructions and let others create their own chain of Daises. I’ve just got to get the instructions together.
    Just had an idea. If everyone that made one of my Daisy’s could add it to a line of pictures with their own name and maybe donate a small amount to my favourite charity:- Help For Heroes
    We could end up with a chairty chain round the world… Oooer ! How cool would that be?
    I’d best be off to make a plan. Happy beading. Hugs from Christi
    ” Say it with Beads! They last longer ! ”
    p.s i know I canot enter this competion but it’s always good to share

  34. I teach beading for a living. I have created several new seed-bead enthusiasts this month already! Seeing people light up as their creations come together is a great feeling.

  35. I had the awesome pleasure of refreshing a 94 yr old woman’s memory of macrame she used to create back in the day. She came back for 2 classes! She used beautiful beads from China, “speak-no-evil”, “see-no-evil” and “hear-no-evil”. We have become quite the acquaintances.

  36. This month I plan on teaching beading to a dear friend named Edna and my husband’s cousin Linda. Like me, Edna is also an artist (acrylics) and she also quilts and strings beads, but she is fascinated with the seed bead work I do. I have already taught her a few basic stitches and worked with her on a brooch and now she is eager to learn more. Linda is new to beading but she acquired a box full of all kinds of beads so now she wants to put them to good use. Happy Beading.

  37. I’m going to teach my mom-in-law’s friend how to make Santa Claus earrings, because she admired mine last Christmas! She’s really looking forward to it – me TOO!

  38. I plan to teach my sister how to bead. She is already a fellow-quilter, and has expressed interest in my beading. She has a fabulous colour sense, and I look forward to seeing what she will come up with.

  39. I plan to teach my roommate how to bead. She received a beaded necklace from her sister for Christmas that broke. I’d love to teach her how to repair it herself.

  40. I was asked to teach how to bead at the next tea “party” held at our local library. We have been meeting for tea and a craft (and some good company) at the library since October and I have really been enjoying it so I am happy to contribute my time and talent at the next one. It should be really fun.

  41. I have quite a few friends that I teach to bead. Every time my friend comes to visit we sit down and I show her how to do something new. I have even made little kits and had a little beading party and friends will bring goodies to eat and we have a great time. My sister and I trade beads after we go to bead shows, we go back to the hotel and see what we’ve bought and share.

    When my friend Beth comes for a visit we will be doing a bracelet.

    It’s a 2 hour trip to my doctor’s office, so I take a project and a pillow and bead in my lap while we travel (no I’m not the driver).

  42. I have planned a beading party for my two sisters, my Mom and my niece. I’m going to teach them how to make beaded rings and daisy chain necklaces & bracelets. It’s going to be so much fun!!!

  43. just yesterday, i’ve learned my best friend and 3 of her friends how to make an anemone stitch bracelets, the first time they made a piece of jewelry and they want me to come back to learn some more techniques, it was a lot of fun and i’m glad i can do this for my friend and here friends because she helped me out last month when my wrist was operated.

  44. I have been having “beading days” for my Sunday school girls group. It’s a free day where we break out the big box of beads and string and make necklaces and such. It is always one of the most peaceful bonding times that I have with the girls. I plan to teach my seven-year-old daughter to bead. She has shown an interest when I sit down to make something. I look forward to that ๐Ÿ™‚

  45. I make fully beaded art dolls. What a joy to see how people react to each of my creations! I love telling them the “story” of each doll and how she was made.

  46. I thought my neighbourhood kids some arts and craft and they loved it. They r insisting me to teach them something else. I will teach them to bead basics. I am sure they will love it and experiment more.

  47. Beaders

    You will love sharing a hobby with those you know and meet. My husband and I love beading together and have a great time sharing ideas and making jewelry. It is so relaxing and we get to use our artistic abilities.

  48. I just learned kumihimo, so I will be teaching my 11 yr old daughter how to do it. She is already a whiz at polymer clay, but not so comfy with beads, so I hope it will be good for her. ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. I will teach 3 classes this month and the instructors at my store will teach 33 classes this month with the potential to teach as many as 265 total students! We love to pass on our passion for beading every month at 1 Stop Bead Shop.

    Loved looking at all the other responses. Keep beading growing! It has the ability to enrich so many lives.

  50. I have 2 BBBs (Best Bead Buddies) and we have decided to invite other friends to join us for a Bead Swap Night. We will swap beads, patterns, instructions, etc. and just have fun beading. Many of my friends have expressed interest in learning to do what I do, so I think this may turn into a BIG thing. Can’t wait!

  51. No on taught me how to bead. I learned from your books and patterns. This month
    I have started to teach my daughter who is bipolar how to make beaded flowers.
    I love the look of the flowers when they are finished and my daughter likes them too.
    This will help her in her therapy.
    In the past I have taught other children from a grange group ages 5-10 yrs old how
    to make the flowers and bracelets. They were over joyed with their finished products.

  52. My daughter is coming over next week to learn to do some crafts. One of the things I’m going to teach her is making jewelry with beads. I just bought a BUNCH of beads when I got to visit Hobby Lobby in Arizona, so we are set.

  53. My cousins are moving to FL from WI and I can’t wait to teach them beading- and they are just as excited to get started!! We’ll have a wonderful retirement.

  54. I used to teach at a local A.C. Moore but it closed. ๐Ÿ™ I really missed teaching. Now I reserve a study room at my town’s library each Tuesday night and 2 of my former students join me for “bead therapy”. Right now Mindy is working on a butterfly pin, Lisa is working on a netted bracelet and I’m working on a bead crochet necklace.

  55. I’m going to teach my mom who is always so amazed and can’t believe I made the Jewerly I wear. She was very excited to hop on board when I told her she can use any beads from my stash because she knows how big my statch is!

  56. I am teaching my friend Julie how to do bead embroidery. We both have a passion for anything beaded. It’s great to exchange ideas for projects while we are working. The list just keeps growing.

  57. I am holding a Crafters Party tomorrow evening. A group of ladies, about 10-12 want to learn to bead wild animals for key chains. My Great Niece will be among them, whom I have been teaching privately. She will learn alot and have fun too.
    Some ladies want to bead butterflies, some want to do a Kitty Cat, Frog, a Turtle etc. These ladies all love to bead as much as I do or they are learning a new craft.

  58. I will invite my friend who has cerbal palsy, she can only use her right hand and I have a weak right hand so mainly use my left. I have been thinking of a beading project we could do together and I think I have found one using a RAW and 4mm beads….thanks guys you have me thinking!

  59. I have a two younger friends who I have been planning on sharing my love for beading with. One of them knows macramรฉ, which I don’t, so she’s going to teach me. I guess we’ll be teaching each other, but isn’t that the way it always turns out. We’re never to old to learn and never to young to teach.

  60. My neighbor Melanie, she works a lot of different shifts & I think that beading would help her to relax & also create something that she would definitely be proud of!

  61. I plan to teach my 12 & 7 yr old Granddaughters to bead on a loom. (For starters). They have been buggin my for months to teach them, but the problem is the stitches. Already ordered a loom for them and plan to get started this weekend.!!

  62. I have been teaching my daughter jewelry making. She is very creative and I am very proud of the pieces she has made. I have also been asked by our Community Education coordinator to teach a class on beading.

  63. I teach and will continue to teach any one who asks me how to bead, how to knit using beads and how to use beads as embellishments in cross stitch and needlepoint

  64. I am part of a local group of beadweavers, and just finished teaching some of them flat herringbone. Netted rings are next! The Custom Clasp dvd is perfect, that is one of the things on my list of things to attempt.

  65. My granddaughter, Jillian, is 7 years old and is very creative. She loves trying new things. I plan to teach her how to make herself and her friends beaded necklaces and bracelets. She has been watching me and can’t wait to get her hands on all these beautiful beads!

  66. My granddaughter, Jillian, is 7 years old and is very creative. She loves trying new things. I plan to teach her how to make herself and her friends beaded necklaces and bracelets. She has been watching me and can’t wait to get her hands on all these beautiful beads!

  67. After all these years, my 89 year old mother is finally learning to bead. When I visit her, I bring her beads, ideas, magazines and information. She is really enjoying it and shares information with other folks in her assisted living facility. This is a great blog to read. I forward her copies of your emails and tell her about this blog.

  68. I am excited to pass on my passion for beading! I am working my way to having a small shop where I can sell what I do and am real excited to begin teaching classes to people so they can learn to do beading. I will be taking on consignment work as well…so people I teach to bead can bring their things to an already established shop and make money from them. Whatever I have in my shop will also be put on a web site in order to expandthe publicity of what we all do. I live, breathe and sleep beadwork!