My Favorite Seed Bead Patterns from Diane Fitzgerald

I can still remember the day I bought my first beading book by Diane Fitzgerald. It had been a tough day at work, and I knew that I needed some bead therapy that night. On the way home, I made a humongous detour to my favorite local bead shop, where I had seen a copy of Beading With Brick Stitch. For the rest of the trip home, I made a mental list of all the beads I would need to start working on my favorite brick stitch projects from the book. I learned everything I needed to know about working brick stitch from that book and the seed bead patterns in it, and I still refer to my very well-loved copy whenever I’m looking for a little brick stitch inspiration.

Fast forward to today, and whenever I get a new beading book by Diane Fitzgerald, my imagination can barely contain itself. Whether I’m making beaded flowers using off-loom bead-weaving stitches or learning more about geometrical shaped beadwork, I can always discover something new to add to my set of beading skills.

And because I know how beaders love beading projects, I picked five of my favorite Diane Fitzgerald seed bead patterns from the Beading Daily Shop! Try one and see what you can learn from her designs!

I love the Floral Collage Necklace for the beautiful beaded flowers made with needle and thread! Beaded flowers are a fabulous way to learn basic and advanced sculptural beadwork techniques. When assembled into one striking beaded necklace, they make an heirloom-worthy piece of wearable art.
For more advanced sculptural and shaped beading techniques, the Bedouin Amulet presents a technical challenge for advanced beaders. Using a combination of seed beads and metal accent beads, this ethnic-inspired piece of beaded jewelry won’t spend much time in your jewelry box — you’ll want to wear it everywhere!


If you haven’t tried any kind of mixed media jewelry making project yet, you’ll love the A Bit of Lace necklace. Using pre-made lace and your favorite seed beads, this is a great introduction to the art of mixed media jewelry using seed beads.
I love two-hole Tila beads, and the Deco Delight is great for learning how to work with those innovative glass beads. Decorative metal drops make this an elegant necklace with vintage flair, suitable for any occasion.
For a modern spin on the classic beaded diamond shape, make Diane’s Pulsating Diamonds necklace. A sophisticated color palette and slightly elongated shape make this a fun-to-stitch beaded necklace that you’ll want to wear every day.

Most of all, I love how Diane’s beaded jewelry designs are so wearable. Her seed bead patterns are the perfect balance of art and design, making them great additions to your “everyday” jewelry wardrobe.

If you’re looking for a couple of great beading books with more seed bead patterns by master bead artist Diane Fitzgerald, check out both The Beaded Garden and Shaped Beadwork: Dimensional Jewelry with Peyote Stitch. Both are on sale now during our biggest event of the year — The Hurt Book Sale! You’ll spend hours, weeks, or months working your way through these incredible seed bead patterns. Each book provides you with a solid foundation for taking your sculptural bead-weaving skills up a notch while you make some truly beautiful finished beaded jewelry. Check out these and all the great deals in the Interweave Hurt Book Sale, going on now!


Do you have a favorite beading pattern or design by Diane Fitzgerald? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share it with us!

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One thought on “My Favorite Seed Bead Patterns from Diane Fitzgerald

  1. Jennifer, Your first two pics are my all time faves………..that floral necklace is just jaw dropping every time I open her book and the bedoin amulet is another of her best works. That said I don’t believe there is anything she’s made a pattern for that I don’t like, unlike other designers who can make me curl my lip and not in a good way. Her designs are so consistently gorgeous.
    The first pattern or hers that I made was the knotted necklace out of her Netted Beadwork book…so easy and so very attention getting. I have used many of the components of her flowers to create new flowers also. And her ginko things are always just so truly luscious all around. Sigh. Guess I had better get out my Diane books and find a new project.
    You got me going again Jennifer………LOL. Donna