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What Makes a Piece of Jewelry a "Winter" Design?

Is it jewelry type?  I hardly ever create bracelets for winter because I know they'll just be buried under miles of sweaters and jackets.   

Is it color?  I wear many of my necklaces year round, but there are a few like my Reveille necklace that have such dark colors (reds and copper) that I only wear them during fall or winter.   

Is it bead type?  One of my favorite necklaces features paua shell beads and a pewter mermaid pendant.  After summer's over, it goes back into the jewelry box until the following year.

Pop Quiz

Take a look at this silver and blue teardrop necklace I designed for Step by Step Beads.  Which season do you think it's for?  (See the answer at the bottom of the newsletter.) 

New Winter Gallery:  Designs by Beading Daily Readers 

Here are just five gallery highlights of winter jewelry and gift ideas by readers:


Ring by Christina Amador

What I like:  A bold and modern design in a neutral, classic color combination.  Rings can be difficult to give as gifts.  (Ask any man who's ever bought an engagement ring!)  Not only do you need to consider personal style, but unlike some other types of jewelry, rings need to be sized to fit.  That said, I think a custom-designed ring made for a specific person could make a wonderful gift!



Necklace by Marilyn Earhart

What I like:  The off-center seed bead focal and the various shades of gray caught my attention. Looking at this necklace, I can imagine the gray skies of winter night and the way icicles cling to bare tree branches. 




Horse Browband by K.C. Kyle

What I like:  This beadwoven band was the most unusual submission I received.  What a great gift for horse owners!




Necklace by Nancy Nielson

What I liked:  Sometimes when trying to designing an original piece, I get caught up in making it unnecessarily complicated.  This necklace proves that simple can still be very striking.  I loved the red and silver combination and the sweet angel pendant. A great choice for a holiday party.



Cuff Links by Pansy Tan

What I liked:  I loved that Pansy made a pair of these beaded cuff links for her husband as a gift. While this bright color combination may not work for every man, I could certainly see some women having fun dressing up a plain white shirt with these sparkling cuff links.


Be sure to check out the Contests page for the latest design opportunities. 

New Free Project
Dancing Spiral Earrings
Heather Trundle

Use up your leftover wire with these silver earrings.  Triple sterling silver spirals (one of each made in simple, twisted, and textured versions) seem to dance as they catch the wind and dangle from your ears. Dainty and eye-catching.  This project is from Step by Step Wire Jewely.  Download Dancing Spiral Earrings.

For more great wire projects, subscribe to Step by Step Wire Jewelry.  In the winter issue on sale November 25, you'll find  seasonal projects like "Winter Wire Snowlakes" by Karen Traeger Rakoski (an advanced wire bracelet with a cabochon focal) and "Frosty Teardrops" by Marie Cristine (a beginner/intermediate hoop earring project).

So, which season did I have in mind when I designed the necklace pictured at the top of the newsletter?  The answer:

If you said "winter," you're right.  My original name for this necklace was "Ice Princess."  When I designed it, I was thinking about ice skaters–beaded, feminine costumes, upswept hairdos, dainty jewelry, and cold skating rinks.  However, when it came time to submit it to a magazine, the editors were already looking at designs for spring/summer.  So I renamed the necklace "Bluebells" after a spring/early summer flower and the design was published in the May/June issue of Step by Step Beads.  So it you said "spring/summer," you're also right!

Did you guess right?  Which name suits it better?  Share your thoughts on the website.


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8 thoughts on “Free Wire Spiral Earrings, Plus New Reader Gallery

  1. I was wondering if you have any sections in your website on projects for children? I like making earring, bracelets and necklaces for my grandchildren and I am having some problem with new ideas. Thanks, Connie

  2. I also thought immediately of winter – I can’t see it beeing a spring, and even less a summer piece, with that steel-cold look of the silver base, neither were the beads warm enough, with the frost finish.
    at the begining, looking at the small picture I thought the base it’s a crochet technique – I will try that, with different colors of string (and then wire) to see if I can really turn it summar-like in my eyes, too.
    amazing design, whenever you chose to wear it!

  3. I thought winter right away because of the it reminded me of a polar ice cap or at night, the way the moon reflects in snow.I live in Florida now, but the memories are still there.

  4. For me, Spring sprang immediately to mind because the pattern suggested a ring of budding trees and the color suggested high-blue-skies and robin’s eggs. Whether pirouetting across a crystal rink or field of wildflowers, though, I can feel the dance of this necklace and would be happy to wear it most any buoyant day of the year … 🙂

  5. The spiral errings made me think of winter snowflakes…but i also need to ask a question, how do you know how much wire or streach cord to measure off when you are makeing bracelets…help