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The Perfect Souvenir

Some tourists may snap up T-shirts or boxes of salt water taffy, but when I travel, it's all about the beads. A bead or even a handful of beads is the perfect souvenir–small, not too pricey, and lasting, never shrinking or fading, or worse, being eaten. Whenever I paw through my bead stash, memories of my trips coming flooding back. There are those pretty shell flower beads from that shop in Honolulu that was nearly impossible to find, but oh so worth it! There is a tube of hip anodized blue jump rings from a funky bead shop in Ohio and pretty silver dollar charms–perfect for summery earrings–from California. And how can I forget the pair of copper leaf beads that I bought when I was in Australia last year?

The minute I found out about that trip to Australia, I started searching for bead shops. It was frustrating and slow. What I wanted–and couldn't seem to find–was a nice list by location that I could print off and tuck into my suitcase. Instead, after much searching, I found some random websites here and there, which I scribbled into a notebook.

Once there, none of the shops on my pathetic list turned out to be nearby. But apparently, my beading karma is pretty good. My hotel in Melbourne was literally a few blocks away from a cute bead shop lined with glass jars of beads. Arranged by color, it felt like walking into a rainbow. That shop experience was one of my best memories of the trip. (That and the penguins.)


Introducing the Big Bead Book Directory

Let me be clear: locating bead shops is not an Australian problem! Finding bead shops is a problem no matter where you go. There are many outdated lists floating around the Internet, not to mention shop websites that hang around long after the shop has closed. That's why I was so excited when I learned that we would be creating an international directory on Beading Daily that lists shops, bead societies, and wholesalers. It's not finished yet. (It's in "beta" in geek speak.) We really need your help adding to it, particularly with listings outside the U.S. Both paid and free options are available. So if you're a bead shop owner, a wholesaler, or the president of a bead society, please take a minute and add (or check) your information in the directory.  (If you're already listed, you'll be receiving an email in the next day or two with your account login and password.)

In addition to basic contact information, this directory also allows you to add your ratings. We all know that finding the location of a bead shop is only half the battle. The other half is finding an amazing bead shop, one that you'll want to return to again and again (if only in your dreams). Recommendations from beading friends are always prized, but I'm hoping the Big Bead Book will be the next best thing. What are the "five star" bead shops in your area? You know the ones I'm talking about–the ones that offer an inviting place to shop, that place special orders for the beads we just "have" to have, that hold fabulous classes (both formal and impromptu), that host beading contests and parties, and are willing to go "above and beyond" on a regular basis. Take a few minutes and add your ratings to the directory. I promise if I visit I'll leave a few beads for you!

Visit the Big Bead Book

Does anyone else visit bead shops on vacation? What are some of your favorite bead souvenirs? Share your comments on the website.


Coming This Week: On Wednesday, Jean Campbell shares her secrets for creating perfect simple and wrapped loops. On Friday, I'll share a free necklace project.  It might have fringe and seed beads or it might have gemstones and chain; I'm not sure which of the two free necklace projects will be finalized by Friday, so you'll just have to be surprised along with me!


Michelle Mach shares beading news, contests, reader galleries, and other beady stuff every Monday on Beading Daily. If you have comments or questions for Michelle, please post them on the website.


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5 thoughts on “Find (and Rate) a Bead Shop Near You

    It is an excellent idea for the Beading directory as I have found many sites listed have gone out of business. Perhaps this could be an annual thing to keep the list upto date

    Liz Williams

    Comment by: Liz W | April 28, 2008

    Hello from Vermont! I had to write and tell you about two retail beadstores locally that you do not have listed in your Big Bead Book. One is Beakniks, located on Main Street in Brattleboro, VT 05301 – the other is All About Beads located on Main Street in Greenfield, MA. Both of these are terrific places to shop. Nancy in Townshend, VT

    Comment by: | April 28, 2008

    Correction!! Sorry, the name of the retail store in Brattleboro, VT is BEADNIKS!!! Nancy in Townshend, VT

    Comment by: | April 28, 2008

    I just got back from a cruise. One of the stops was in San Juan, Puerto Rico. While walking in the downtown area, I saw a small jewelry store, but they had dishes of glass beads in the window! The two people with me waited not so patiently while I had to run in and buy some beads. Never know where you will find a store selling beads. Barbara M Villa Park, IL

    Comment by: | April 28, 2008

    Whenever I travel, I always check my issue of Beadwork to see where there might be shops nearby that I can visit. My two favorite trips were once to Los Angeles to visit a friend, and we stumbled on a bead shop on our way back to Burbank from downtown L.A. Spent a small fortune there, and made my friend a killer necklace as a thank-you for letting me stay with her. My other favorite trip was two summers ago down to see friends in NYC, and we walked around the fashion district which is CRAWLING with bead shops. Came home with what felt like thirty pounds of beads and a very light wallet!

    Comment by: | April 28, 2008

    I was on a trip to Newport, RI and stopped into Jamestown. What a nice bead shop I found. “The Purple Door ” The owner just returned from Mexico and I bought a one of a kind toggle clasp in the shape of a star fish. I alway look for the unusual.

    Comment by: valerie j | April 28, 2008

    My oldest daughter and I went to Albuquerque and Santa Fe for spring break this year. I came home with some wonderful turquoise beads which I bought even after the bead store owner told me they were from China! Apparently there are no (or very few and private) working turquoise mines in New Mexico! Learn something every day.

    Comment by: Sandra D | April 28, 2008

    We have a new bead store in Pottstown Pa – it’s called Buttercup Beads, and it’s a great place – warm staff and has great classes, and the most unusual items – their website for more info is check it out!

    Comment by: believable b | April 28, 2008

    I always want to visit bead stores when on vacation, but my poor husband gets so bored while I stare blankly at something for 10 minutes (designing in my head) that I don’t get to spend nearly the amount of time I’d like to.

    Comment by: | April 28, 2008

    I take out the yellow pages wherever I go and list the bead shops and then ask how to get there. I just brought some beautiful beads on Mauii,Hawaii.

    Comment by: Judie W | April 28, 2008

    I always look for bead stores when I travel for pleasure or for work. I check the listings in Beadwork, the internet and the local phone book when travel somewhere new and make a point of visiting as many as possible. I used to live in Florida where there a tons of bead shops, but now that I’m in KY the nearest good bead shop is over 100 miles away in Nashville, TN. BTW – the Directory is a great idea. I’ll email a list of my favorite stores that are missing.

    Comment by: Lidia C | April 28, 2008

    There are two great beadshops in Northern California. Talisman on F St. in Eureka and Heartbead on G St. in Arcata. They both have a great selection of beads and findings and lots of help if you are on the road and don’t have all your tools on you. Rob Sadler

    Comment by: Rob S | April 28, 2008

    Checked out the bead book on line, hope it’s listed by state and maybe by city, not by the name of the store name. One of my favorite stores in Salt Lake was listed, but there is another one I go to all the time. The Beaded Puma 1229 East 3300 South Salt Lake City, Utah.



    Comment by: Vikki Q | April 28, 2008

    I don’t travel much, but when I do I search out bead stores. It’s fun to see what different or unusual things are carried out of my local area.

    Comment by: Karen Z | April 28, 2008

    I absolutely always look for beadshops when I travel! Found some beads at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London to commemorate the trip. Also love Beads Galore and D&I Beads in AZ, Theodora’s in Maryland, Star’s in Virginia, and of course my own LBS, San Gabriel Beads.

    Comment by: Andrea B | April 28, 2008

    I always look for beadshops while traveling. I bought some beautiful shell beads in Maui and some beautiful turquoise in Sedona.

    Bonnie C

    Comment by: Bonnie C | April 28, 2008

    Of Course we look for beads while on vacation!!! My Dear Hubby prides himself in the odd find. Sometimes the trip is planned around the bead shopping to be done! My all time favorite has to be the little “Bead Shop” on the Quay, in Galway, Ireland…just off the pier, found after a trip to the Aran Islands. Plus, I’m lucky enough to live close to and be associated with Monica’s Quilt and Bead Creations, Palm Desert CA…fun, creative energy! Rose Mary, La Quinta, CA

    Comment by: Rose Mary J | April 28, 2008

    Michelle, Two years ago, my husband and I celebrated our 40th anniversary by traveling to Italy and sailing home to the states. One of my friends found a great bead shop in Florence, Italy–one of only a few in Italy.

    It is a tiny shop with wonderful surprises everywhere. It is run by Lilly who is a New Yorker married to an Italian glass maker. She carries unique things and the usual needed findings, etc. In her own words…” Few would dispute the assertion that Venice is the birthplace of the glass bead industry. Large scale lamp-work bead production has been going on in both Venice and the neighboring island of Murano for some 1400 years. Seed bead production can be traced back to the early 17th century. Yet, perhaps ironically, there aren’t many bead shops (as we define them in the States and other countries) to be found here in Italy. Traditionally, Italian beaders have purchased beads in yarn and craft stores that feature limited selections of beads and supplies, or in shops called La Merceria. These shops feature a curious selection of beads, sewing notions, trims and women’s stockings and under-garments. Few, if any, of these shops feature handmade Italian glass beads. Even in Venice, where a couple of bead shops have recently opened, Italian glass is not heavily featured. It is for this reason that the Beaded Lily concept is unique.” The shop can be located at It is in a small “alley” just off the main street between the Ponte Vecchio and the Pitti Palace. A little hard to find but worth the effort. Pat Koko

    Comment by: | April 28, 2008

    I recently went to bead shops while in Colorado for my brother’s wedding reception. I did some pre-searching before hand to get the addresses but it was worth it. I found a shop that had room to look and explore and a great selection. I found some pearls and crystals and was able to make a set (not the origional design I imagined when I purchased them) but I am very happy with them and get compliments on them every time I wear the set. The best part is I remember my brother getting married and all of the fun I had that weekend!

    Comment by: Michelle P | April 28, 2008

    Hi we are a beading business and ive been beading for 3 years and have been tought at eureka beads and ive tought beading classes.We bead every 2nd Thursday at 226 pearce dale road cranbourne from 10 am til 4 pm. and we sell beads seperately and in bulk. I have over 100 beaded jewellery orders to make pack and send at the moment if any one would like any beaded jewellery orders or to be tought how to bead please leave message or text me any time on 0413423872. or please e mail me at I have specials on at the moment 3 beadednecklaces for 30 bucks and 2 for free and 5 beaded necklaces for 50 bucks and 3 for free. Delivery world wide any where any time.We teach classes of 10 people from 30 bucks ph and individuals from 50 bucks ph depending on skill level.Thankyou for taking your time to read me and please keep the beadd jewellery orders coming.

    Comment by: helmut e | April 28, 2008

    I was intrigued by bead shops while traveling and bought beads in them before I knew what to do with them or started beading. Since I began beading, I check each area where I will be traveling before I leave home. I’ll get out my list and check it against your listing. Happy Beading!

    Comment by: Diane S | April 28, 2008

    I get to Door County, WI. twice a year and my first stop is in North Ephriam, WI at The Perfect Beads. Angie, the owner, goes to China for some of her beads and always has wonderful beads for me to buy. She has classes and loves to share her knowledge.

    Comment by: Karen S | April 28, 2008

    One of my favorite bead shops to visit on vacation is in Door County, WI., called Acme Beads. The owner, Beth, has bead related t-shirts, bags, and mouse pads. I even have a bumper sticker from her that says “Take Me To Your Beader!” Beth is a fantastic lampwork artist who makes her beads right at the shop. My favorite momento is a “killer bee” fan pull she made. He hangs in my studio and watches me while I work. – Suzann Wilson, No e Disigns

    Comment by: Suzann W | April 28, 2008

    At least I’m not the only one who seeks out bead shops in other cities. It’s not my main goal when traveling, but when time allows I try to hit one or 2 shops.

    Comment by: Amy W | April 28, 2008

    i cant find my favorite bead store; the place to bead in san ramon, CA

    Comment by: irene l | April 28, 2008

    Yay to the Directory!

    I live in Connecticut, but whenever I visit my parents in Wisconsin, I make a pilgrimage to Turtle Island Beads in West Baraboo. It’s HUGE and offers much more reasonable prices than I find in my area. Needless to say, I stock up!

    And since they recently relaunched their website (, I can even reorder items that I run out of between trips.

    I’m also on their mailing list; while I can’t use most of what I receive, they have a massive coupon sale that goes on around the Christmas holidays, when I’m always home. My parents have learned to let me have an undisturbed afternoon by myself at Turtle Island or I get downright cranky!

    Comment by: Lisa C | April 28, 2008

    My sister and I spent a week over Christmas in Orlando, FL. Since we live in S.FL it is easy for us to go to Orlando and visit the theme Parks. This time we decided to visit Bead shops and Craft stores. It’s a good thing I had my magazines with me, because they had all the addresses. We just had to look up directions on the internet. We had a blast. We’re already looking forward to next year!

    Comment by: LYNN P | April 28, 2008

    I buy most of my beads at Dollarama, the most successful Canadian dollar store that started in Quebec. They most certainly do not special order beads for their clients, and if you ask them if the carry a certain type of bead, if you’re lucky enough that the employee understands english, she will tell you they don’t carry it, and then you will find it on the shelf two minutes later. But they SURE make up for it in price! They are cheaper than online wholesalers!

    Comment by: Allegra C | April 29, 2008

    I live in Israel, where the knowledge and quality of the bead world was very limited. Then Bogal beads opened up – and the knowledge and quality of beads in Israel improved immensely. The website is: The owner not only provides her clients with amazing service and very high-quality beads, she also encourages and supports the efforts of all her clientele. In my opinion, the level of beading in Israel has gone way up because of her single-handed efforts! Amy K

    Comment by: Amy K | April 29, 2008

    This is such a great thing. Is there any way to suggest a store? When I am in Portland OR, I love to visit Craft Warehouse in Gresham OR. It is at Division and Eastman. They are a really big store full of EVERY thing and they have a really nice bead section. Lots of high quality beads and some unusual things as well. I got this really great bracelet (to take apart, naturally) with this big bead that is a wonderful blue green beetle encased in clear acrylic.

    Comment by: | April 29, 2008

    oh dear Michelle, if only you came past in your search. We could have given you a guided tour, got you drunk and sent you home with a beading kangaroo 🙂

    Yes these are known issues, and there are international lists around that are not up to date.

    The strength of the internet is to make a big world smaller and connect beaders around the world. It only takes me a few emails to find someone in another country to help out.

    Comment by: Bianca V | April 29, 2008

    I live in England and I mostly buy my beads online as we don’t have a good bead shop nearby. I always look for bead shops when on vacation and I have had no trouble finding them in Colorado or California. With the aid of a sat nav and a patient husband (he has learnt to take a book!)I have visited many stores in these states. They are just wonderful – so much bigger than anything I have seen here. Online shopping is OK but sometimes you just have to see and feel the beads. We are off to France in a couple of weeks and I have searched the Internet for French bead and craft shops with very little success. All I can find are online retailers and just one shop in a town we will be passing through. So a European directory would be wonderful, if the shop I hope to find in France is any good I will send the details.

    Happy bead shopping


    Comment by: Judith H | April 29, 2008

    My husband travels for business and I occasionally go with him. Before I go I search the internet and my magazines for bead shops within a reasonable distance of our destination. I then program their addresses in my GPS. While my husband is working I make the rounds of the bead shops! I’ve even had the good fortune to be able to attend some classes while I’m visiting. My husband enjoys having my company in the evenings and I’m happy beading all day!

    Comment by: Sandra O | April 29, 2008

    When I go on vacation or basically anywhere that I might find a new beadshop, I look at before I go and find all the bead stores in the area where I’ll be travelling. If going by car I’ll check the towns along the way.

    Comment by: Sue J | April 29, 2008

    I live in Soutwestern Oklahoma and there aren’t too many bead shops in a 200 mille area. Wheree ever I go I check out the bead shops for classes and of course wonderful beads.

    Comment by: Kathy F | April 29, 2008

    When I traveled to Dublin, Ireland, I was fortunate enough to stay in a play just down from wonderful bead store. When I traveled to Australia, a friend took me to a HUGE craft event and later on took me to several craft stores. Another friend took me to a mall that had a bead store located inside. I also collect buttons when I travel. 🙂 Gina

    Comment by: Gina B | April 29, 2008

    Pretty please, seed beads and fringe 🙂

    Comment by: Valerie H | April 29, 2008

    Pretty please, seed beads and fringe 🙂

    Comment by: Valerie H | April 29, 2008

    Pretty please, seed beads and fringe 🙂

    Comment by: Valerie H | April 29, 2008

    When I did a search for bead stores in Wisconsin, the search came up empty. Then I found another way to search, and discovered that you have Wisconsin spelled WISCONSON. You might want to correct that to make it easier for people to search.

    Comment by: Mary L | April 29, 2008

    Dear Michelle I am a beader living in the United Kingdom and visit Australia often to see family. I subscribe to the only Australian bead magazine called “Beads etc”, available in North America published by Stonehouse publications.It has been out for nearly three years,it has lots of bead shop adverts. Sadly not all the bead shops are listed but there are enough to keep you busy and poor when you are on holiday. I am going to the “Gem and Bead Show” in Sidney in October and it is held in the Olympic Park. It’s a lovely outing and you can meet many bead artists, just make sure you have plenty of money if you go. You will find the OZ mag very different to “Bead and Button” or “Beadwork” to which I subscribe. As a new member to “Beading Daily” I must tell you I look forward to it everyday, but really miss it at the weekend, love it and thankyou. Must get back to my beading, yours Rosemarie Brewer.

    Comment by: rosemarie b | April 29, 2008

    Dear Michelle, there are two bad stores on Maui that i know of—Alloha beads, the other i can’t remember offhand but it’s been there a few years. Alloha Beads has a lot bautiful beads. my daughter lives there, so i visit a few times a year. thank you so much for all you share wit everyone. haydee hirsch

    Comment by: haydee h | April 29, 2008

    Dear Michelle, there are two bad stores on Maui that i know of—Alloha beads, the other i can’t remember offhand but it’s been there a few years. Alloha Beads has a lot bautiful beads. my daughter lives there, so i visit a few times a year. thank you so much for all you share wit everyone. haydee hirsch

    Comment by: haydee h | April 29, 2008

    I always look forward to a visit to Planet Bead in Hillsboro OR, when visiting family in the area. — Lyrl

    Comment by: Lyrl A | April 29, 2008

    I always plan bead store finds when going on a trip! I’ve found some very nice things at several shops in Arizona, but my favorite came from my son. While in Kauai on his honeymoon this past January, he and his new bride found a bead store and thought of mom. They brought me a very beautiful turtle bead – how cool is that?!

    Comment by: Susan L | April 29, 2008 in Colorado is the BEST!!! Janey Golden CO & boat in MX

    Comment by: | April 29, 2008

    I LOVE to hunt for beads when I travel – found a wonderful amonite in Seattle and beautiful centerpiece “interesting” things in Vancouver (not really beads). Then when I use them in creations – it is fun to remember where I was when I bought them.

    Comment by: Lisa p | April 29, 2008

    While in Talkeetna, Alaska last summer, I picked up some multi-colored matte seed bead hanks that are probably available elsewhere, but I, too, had to have and then, in Fairbanks, I found another bead store where I was able to see some beadwork that was utterly beautiful in their use of color. I also enjoyed meeting and seeing Native American beaders in Juno. My favorite bead shop is Bead Dreams, in Marietta, GA. The store is stocked to the rafters with everything at very reasonable prices.

    Comment by: Elise K | April 29, 2008

    I was just surfing yesterday for bead shops for my next trip in May!

    My best beads and travel story: My son, Matt, was so wonderful and thoughtful to bring me a few beautiful special beads from a trip he went on when he was a teen! I was so pleased that he made the effort to select beads just for me that he knew I would like!

    Comment by: Beth T | April 29, 2008

    I live in Washington state, and have been to many shops all over the state. I also look up shops when travelling around the country. My FAVORITE by far is in the city where I live (Tacoma) and it’s called THE Bead Factory. Owned by Viki and Mark Lareau (both published authors of fabulous books!) The store has the BEST selection of everything beads, customer service,classes and special events! Love it! Beth T. Tacoma, WA

    Comment by: Beth T | April 29, 2008

    Hi, i love to collect shells from the ocean and beach glass! Especially from Maui! Wire wrap them, etc. Happy beading! Debra Cavanaugh, R.D.H. Willoughby, Ohio

    Comment by: Debra A. C | April 30, 2008

    We went to 30 states this summer by RV, visiting shops all along the way. Personal favorites were in Manitou Springs & Monument CO. Both had great $’s & selection!!!

    Comment by: Susan L | April 30, 2008

    I loved the newletter “The Perfect Souvenir”. How foolish of me to think I was the only beader that did that. As soon as I find out I’m going somewhere I’ve never been – I go on-line to find bead shops close to where I’ll be staying. I too have my “Souvenir” beads. Like the Larimar pendant I found in a bead shop in Florida, or the Mooikite slab pendant I found in a bead shop in Wilmington, NC. But like you I have also been on some wild goose chases – looking for a bead shop that is no longer in business. This happened last fall when I was in Palm Beach Florida. I spent more than 1 1/2 driving to a bead shop – only to get there and find it no longer existed. I hope the guide your putting together will help all beaders everywhere.

    Thanks for listening Be-Attitudes

    Comment by: Linda L | April 30, 2008

    I also live in the UK and find it very difficult to buy good quality beads at a good price. I travel to the US quite frequently on business and always hunt out bead stores in the area. I was thrilled last year to be in San Francisco when Bead Expo was in Berkeley; it was all my bead dreams come true! I’ve never seen anything like it before, or since. If only we had something similar over here…

    Comment by: Joanne C | April 30, 2008

    This is fun to read about all the places there are beads. Makes me want to take several trips just to go to the bead shops. I found one while visiting my daughter in California. I don’t remember the name of it but it is on a street close to the ocean in Oceanside, CA. We were just walking along with the guys and there it was. Well I had to go in with my daughter. We had a great time while the guys twiddled their thumbs!

    Comment by: Dawn N | May 1, 2008

    I’ve just returned home from my first visit to Prague, which by the way, is beautiful and is on the list for a repeat visit! I expected to find lots of Czech glass beads and crystal, but was unfortunately disappointed (although lots and lots of Bohemian crystal vases, art glass, etc.). I finally found one bead store, but it was closed. Some tourist-type shops sell glass beads by the gram, but they are rather expensive (I still bought more grams than I should have). I also managed to purchase two necklaces by a Czech jewelry designer which I really like and am wearing one as I type.

    Comment by: Cheryl C | May 2, 2008

    My husband and I travel quite frequently and we have lived in many places. I do my own reviews of bead shops across the country whenever I visit a city. You can check them out here.

    Comment by: jacquie c | May 2, 2008

    About ten years ago I found a Bead Box store in London that had two floors and tables and tables full of beads. It was great! Good of spent hours there, but my family insisted on dragging me out to sight see more important London landmarks, I bought two large glass beads that I incorporated into a double strand necklace that still reminds me of London and our subsequent trip to Ireland

    Comment by: | May 3, 2008

    My patient husband is resigned to my bead searches while traveling….even he sometimes spots them (and stops for me)!

    I’ve also trained my adult children to watch for beads when they travel, resulting is some amazing tiny treasures brought home to me from all over Europe and the UK….including bits of beach glass, pottery shards and amber for wire wrapping. Since in my book, anything with a hole in it is a bead, I also pick up rocks or even rusty bits that shock my husband. Bravo on the directory – it’s a great idea.

    Comment by: Lynette F | May 3, 2008

    Everywhere I go I stop in a bead shop. It’s where I live, eat and sleep. It’s my life and what a wonderful life it is. I travel to Spokane every year to see my Dad and my best friend. While I am there I stop in at “Rings and Things” wholesale and pick up a few hun-thousand beads. OOOOOh what fun it can be. I don’t think there is a place in this country that I have been in that I don’t stop at least at 2 bead shops. Little stores often have a handful of beads to sell and sometimes you can pick up on a good buy. Also hobby shops often will have a few beads or findings to get rid of. My favorite place to go is a thrift store and garge sales. You can find bags of old broken up jewelry for real cheap and sometimes you find a prize in that bag of junk. It’s very worth the trip. Have fun shopping out there. With Beading Love Valerie C

    Comment by: | May 4, 2008

    The directory is great. The only problem is when you click a list of stores to go see in a certain area, the list just gives you name of store not address and city. Making the list was so I didn’t have to write all the names and addresses down, right? To make it easier?

    Comment by: Jeanne S | May 5, 2008

    I find that the phone book, (online)is very helpful for bead shop preplaning for vacations but having it all in one updated spot would be fantastic. The kids love it when I bring back beads that I picked out especially for them.

    Comment by: Mary B | May 5, 2008

    Anybody know of any bead stores in Paris France? Heading there in 2 weeks and would love to get some beads. Thank you!

    Comment by: Audrey P | May 6, 2008

    I just wanted you to know, that the bead store you have listed, Bead me up! in Apple Valley, MN closed a couple of years ago.

    Comment by: | May 7, 2008

    I just wanted you to know, that the bead store you have listed, Bead me up! in Apple Valley, MN closed a couple of years ago.

    Comment by: | May 7, 2008

    This is a brilliant idea! Thanks for doing it, its a great resource.

    One piece of constructive criticism?

    Maybe have a further breakdown than State for locating bead shops. Like, by city/region?

    For instance I live in Los Angeles, CA – and there are 313 CA stores listed -maybe a breakdown of South/Mid/North California could be done? I’d hate to ‘discover’ a great bead store online, only to find its in Eureka…. 🙂

    Comment by: Aly F | May 7, 2008

    Any chance of getting more specific info? Some Los Angeles retailers listed operate out of homes and/or at shows, but they don’t have an actual shop. I’d also like more on the kinds of beads sold and a price range for the items.

    There’s already a huge site available on the Web. I’ll write in again with the name. It’s listed by ZIP code, and there are apparently international shops listed as well. I got there by typing “bead stores Los Angeles.” Try your area to see if something like that comes up in the meantime.

    Comment by: Jan G | May 8, 2008

    More on the above: the site is called Guide to Beadwork. With luck, between the two sites, we’ll have access to perfect beads, all within walking distance!

    Comment by: Jan G | May 8, 2008

    I always look for bead stores when I travel and it’s fun to walk out with a treasure or 2 from each store. The best stores are ones with staff you can talk with and get ideas from. My favorite local store (Hillsboro, Oregon)is Bodacious Beads. The owner and staff are incredible. They encourage! They inspire! They offer classes! And yes, they sell beads. I’ve learned about soldering, sheet metal, coiling wire–plus bought some, well Bodacious, beads there.


    Comment by: Mollie R | May 10, 2008

  2. This is a great idea. I look for bead or jewelry supply shops when I travel and researching them online can be hit and miss. Having beaders’ reviews will be helpful. I visited the site briefly and can’t seem to alphabetize shop name by state. Can we suggest bead shops or do the owners have to do it? I found a nice shop in Colorado that I don’t see included. Thanks very much.

  3. In the Northern NJ, NY metro area, it’s Beads By Blanche on Washington Ave. Bergenfield. Every possible color, type and size of seed bead, all beautifully arranged and walls of handing strands of beads and stones, cabinets full of findings, you name it. They have it. The best part of all is that Blanche and Wendy know their beads. Wendy is a color expert and can find the exact bead you need to spark a project. They get designers and teachers from around the globe to give outstanding classes. It’s worth the trip!

  4. The area I live doesn’t have any bead stores. I did find one a few months ago called Lynne’s Beads on Highway #52, Hudson, Fl. The prices are reasonable and she has a great selection of beads and accessories. If she doesn’t have what you need she will order it for you. Its a cozy , sit-down awhile kind of place that encourages you to sit a while . Classes are available as well. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and owner make it a most enjoyable shop to visit.
    Mona Simpson-Premorel
    Masaryktown, Fl