Jewelry Making with Bezels, Chain, Epoxy, and Swarovski Crystal

I’ve been living in denial and I’m really happy here. With the end of our summer season and cooler temps creeping in, the start of a new school year (my baby is a senior in high school!), the realization of shorter days, it’s time to come back to reality. And with only a few calendar pages left to tear off, it really is time to start thinking about and planning for (dare I say it) the holidays. And time to my get my jewelry making on!

With the combination of facing reality and reading the latest issue of Jewelry Stringing, I’m filled with inspiration. I’ve also drafted a  list of great jewelry-making ideas I’ll use for gifts this year. This will for sure include the fabulous A Little Bling Earrings Kit, which screams “perfect accessory to take you from day to night!”
A little Bling Earrings jewelry making Kit, swarovski, Nunn Designs, epoxy clay, Ice Resin
The kit contains the full-of-jewelry-making-ideas Fall Jewelry Stringing issue. You’ll also receive two pair of Nunn Design earring components, two-part epoxy clay, earwires, beads, and different types of chain, including faceted ball chain. Fill the bezel with the epoxy then customize your designs. Consider taking a cue from Stephanie for a unique finish and add chain to an eyepin before connecting your completed bezel to the earwire.
A little Bling Earrings jewelry making Kit, swarovski, Nunn Designs, epoxy clay, Ice ResinMake both of these earring designs for yourself, as gifts, or split it down the middle keeping one and gifting the other.

Parisian Days, by Diane Markt, is another jewelry making project in the Jewelry Stringing issue. This design is made by filling a bezel with a two-part epoxy resin which is a clear compound. In comparison to the epoxy clay, the resin allows you to see clearly the key charm and Parisian-inspired scrapbooking paper Diane used in her necklace. These jewelry-making elements help inform the theme and feel of the overall design.
A little Bling Earrings jewelry making Kit, swarovski, Nunn Designs, epoxy clay, Ice ResinFollow Diane’s inspiration or change up the theme by filling a bezel with resin and your own charms and ephemera.

In keeping with resin, pre-made bezels, and Paris – be sure to check out Becky Nunn’s design, Champs-Elysees from the Summer issue of Jewelry Stringing.
A little Bling Earrings jewelry making Kit, swarovski, Nunn Designs, epoxy clay, Ice ResinBecky translates her take on Paris by filling a charm bracelet with Parisian themed charms, dangles, and bezels filled with 2-part epoxy resin and themed paper.

I’ve drafted my gift list (despite feeling like and wishing the calendar still said June). And thanks to Jewelry Stringing and all the inspiration, we will all be better equipped to fill our gift lists as soon as we realize it really is time.

Have a strategy you can share that helps ease into the Fall and holiday prep? Or a design you’ll be making for your gift list this year? Please leave a comment or share a picture at!

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