Beads. . .It's What's for Dinner


From your wrist to the table:
The Faerie Queen Cuff

Beads for dinner? Not literally, of course.

I may not wear a lot of glittery jewelry myself, but I love seeing my table dressed up! A much smaller version of the Faerie Queen Cuff makes a beautiful napkin ring. (I did about half the rows, but I think I could go even smaller.) I'm already thinking about what a wonderful gift a set of these would make.


Inspired by . . . You

Beading Daily reader Beccie from Terrigal, Australia was inspired by the recently featured project, Champage Necklace by Jamie Hogsett (originally published in Create Jewelry: Pearls), and designed her own version for her mother's birthday. Beccie made a bail using Delicas in a spiral peyote stitch, wired the pearls to the ribbon, and threaded the Swarovski crystals to clear nylon ribbon. It's absolutely gorgeous!

I love seeing photos of your work—keep them coming!

Bonus Friday Project

Bead Hoarder's Collage Bracelet by Jeanette Shanigan is the perfect post-bead-show project. The base is worked in two-drop herringbone stitches and embellished with millefiori beads or any other random beads that you love, but can't quite figure out what to do with! This project (and the Faerie Queen Cuff by Deb Mausser) is courtesy the editors of Beadwork magazine. Check out the October/November issue!


A Video Preview of Next Week's Free Project

Our first attempt at video! On Wednesday, we borrowed a camera from an adoring dad on staff ("Can you stop videotaping your son for an hour so we can borrow the camera?") and turned a conference room into an impromptu studio. Do you want to see more videos on Beading Daily? What techniques should we cover? Any beaders you'd like to see on camera?

Michelle Mach is the editor of Beading Daily. Her friend Jennifer talked her into taking a sparkly crystal bracelet class this weekend. Bring on the bling!

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6 thoughts on “Beads. . .It's What's for Dinner

  1. When I saw the title “Beads…It’s What’s for Dinner” I thought you were going to take a survey of how many of us have covered our dining room tables with beads 😉 I plead guilty!

  2. I absolutely LOVED your video instruction. I can’t follow picture/patterns well but watching it done made all the difference in the world. Thank you for your inspiration!

    As to your request for suggestions for future videos, I’d love to see how you do pearl knotting (preferably without the fancy tool!)

    Thank you again!


  3. I have really been enjoying Beading Daily. My only criticism thus far is that your images are fairly small and there is no way to enlarge them. This makes it hard to get a good look at the projects and give them the admiration they deserve. You have to download the pdf to really see them clearly.

    Best, Cathy C.

  4. I loved the idea of beaded napkin rings! So clever!
    Check my mail everyday for your newsletters, and have been inspired by the works you show – as well as by the ones in the magazines I subscribe – for making my own jewelry. Tks and keep up!
    Isabel Esteves, Portugal