Beadmaking Obsession Poll

Sooner or later, most beaders try to make their own beads. (In fact, as I'm writing this, I'm thinking about the PMC class I have scheduled this weekend, and the resin class I signed up for at BeadFest this August.) What's your current bead-related obsession? Paper? Beaded beads? Lampwork? Sand? (I apologize if "sand" is your beadmaking preference—that category did not occur to me when I wrote this question! You'll just have to choose "other.")

Take the reader poll by August 16, 2007. I'll share the results in a future issue of Beading Daily.

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One thought on “Beadmaking Obsession Poll

  1. My latest bead obsession is tibetian beads – love them – have a great ebay seller that I love to get them from – have more than I use, but I love to hoard them!!! Anything I make with these beads sells out – and what’s nice, is they’re not the norm – so they are one of a kind!