Beading Daily Earring Swap

 Official Rules

***Please see an important update to these rules posted at the bottom of this page.***

Join Beading Daily for its first earring swap and help us celebrate Denise Peck's new book, 101 Wire Earrings.  Create a pair of handmade earrings, send them in with your self-addressed stamped envelope, and receive another pair of handmade earrings from another Beading Daily member in return.  Denise has agreed to donate 5 pairs of earrings from her new book, so the earrings you receive in the swap may be one of hers!  Swap begins July 24, 2009 and ends August 31, 2009.

1.  Create one pair of earrings using any technique.  Please send only your best work.  Only one swap entry per person.

2.  Place your earrings inside a small bag and label with your name and email address or website.  Please print or type clearly or use a business card.  This information will be sent to the person who receives your earrings.

3.  Fill out the earring swap entry form completely and include it with your earrings, along with a 1st class padded self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE).  

4.  Your earrings must be postmarked by August 31, 2009.  The earrings you receive in the swap will be mailed from our office by October 1, 2009.  We will mail the earrings to you in the padded self-addressed stamped envelope that you provide.  Earrings will be swapped randomly and all swaps are final.  Please send your earrings, entry form, and SASE in a 1st class padded envelope to:

Beading Daily
Attn: Earring Swap
Interweave Press
201 E. 4th Street
Loveland, CO  80537

5.  No book purchase required.

Official Entry Form
Download and print the earring swap entry form to include with your package.

Note: By submitting your earrings to our swap, you are authorizing Interweave Press LLC to publish photos of your earrings in upcoming publications and promotional materials, on our website, and in other Interweave e-media, as well as possibly display them in shows.  Interweave Press LLC will not be held responsible for loss or damage due to circumstances beyond our control. 

Earring Swap Update

August 27, 2009

Dear Beading Daily Community:

Thank you for your tremendous interest and feedback to our announcement last week about our community’s first earring swap. We are deeply sorry for any confusion and frustration we caused about the process and rules, in particular the $5 handling fee that was incorrectly called an “entry fee.” In the past, Interweave swaps (such as the ATC swaps done in the quilting group) have required fees to pay for the handling of entries, such as the hiring of temporary staffing, to help process the thousands of projects that must be opened, repackaged, and exchanged.

However, nothing is more important to us than making this a positive and fun experience for all of the Beading Daily community—and in this economy as easy on the pocketbook as possible—so we are happy to announce that we are removing the handling fee for this swap. If you already sent us a check, it will be returned to you. The only item you need to send in addition to your earrings is the self-addressed-stamped-envelope (SASE).

Additionally, we would like to update and clarify these points to the original rules:

• If you have allergies, please make a note on the outside of your self-addressed stamped envelope. Entries marked this way will be swapped among this smaller subset.

• If Interweave is interested in publishing the design instructions for your earrings, you will be contacted and paid the standard designer fee given to designers who are published in Beadwork, Stringing, Step by Steps Beads, or Step by Step Wire Jewelry magazines. You always have the right of refusal and are not required to accept any offer of publication.

We would like to thank you for helping us to improve our process for our first earring swap—it’s been a learning process for us too! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.


Michelle Mach
Editor, Beading Daily  

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About Michelle M.

I was the founding editor of Beading Daily (2007-2009) and my now a freelance designer/writer/editor.  My designs have been published in Stringing, Step by Step Beads, Jewelry Gifts for the Holidays, Creative Jewelry, Beadwork, and other magazines. I enjoy stringing, bead embroidery, wirework, metal work, mixed media, beadweaving—pretty much anything that involves beads or jewelry.  I also enjoy exploring new crafts like pottery and felting.  I write a personal blog if you want to see more of my work. 16+ Free Beading Projects: A list of the free projects I created for Beading Daily. Contact Info If you have a question regarding Beading Daily, please contact customer service at or the current editor, Kristal Wick. If you'd like to contact me, you'll find my info on my website:  You can also follow me on Twitter at: Pictured here is a pair of earrings I made for the Spring 2010 issue of Stringing in an attempt to get over my fear of designing with the color orange!

100 thoughts on “Beading Daily Earring Swap

  1. I am in Canada…we and other international participants cannot put “stamps” on the return envelope because we cannot buy US postage and we do not know what the postage costs are.
    On first reading, that is what I thought the $5 was for.
    As other comments noted, what IS it for, then?

  2. I am not able to wear earrings that have less than surgical steel or silver wire for ear wires or posts. So unless you add that to the rules, I cannot participate. If you do this again, please consider this for the rules. Many people have this problem and cannot wear earrings made with craft wire, copper ear wires, etc. Thank you.

  3. My best work is high-end jewelry. I’d really like to participate, but sure would be unhappy if I got base metal and plastic in return. How about refining the guidelines?

  4. I would like to back up Debra’s comments. I also have sensitive ears, and so it would be nice to know that what we get is going to have nicke-free posts/wire. Some earrings, we would be able to swap them out, but on others, it would not be possible. I know that some people, myself included, only use nickel-free, but not everyone does.
    Again, along with the rest of the crowd, I would like to know what the $5/$10 is for, since we are supposed to be providing SASE. Would you please acknowledge that, so that we can make an informed decision?! Thank you!

  5. Kat, I agree. I may not work with diamonds, but I do use nice lampwork and/or semi-precious stones, along with sterling or gold-filled wires.

    The problem with such a random swap is this: not only do we not know why we’re paying $5.00, a cyber-swap may result in sending something we love to someone who doesn’t wear silver (or gold), or who has allergies, or who never wears pink — or even a little black dress!

    It’s a great idea, once some ground rules are established!

  6. While I don’t understand exactly the money thing, I can reccomend a product that I use on some jewlery I make that is copper: Allergy Shield. It is great for this, but I would like to know if a pair if earrings is used in a show, how would they be swapped? I would be happy to possibly give a pair I could not wear for whatever reason to a friend or family member who would love them. It still soulds like fun, and I am In. Laura Francis, Six Hundred Twenty Pretty Things

  7. Let’s see if I got this right. I send a pair of earrings AND a SASE. Okay so far. Then I also send $5…..for what if I’ve already sent SASE? And then, if you like my earrings enough, you’ll use them in one of your shows or in a publication? When my designs have been published in the past, I received payment, not contributed payment. I have to say I’m not interested, except interested in why someone thought this was a great idea? perhaps to bamboozle the gullible and see how much money could be made? -Phoenix

  8. So you want me to participate, send a pair of earrings, a stamped self addressed envelope $13.00 US to me AND $10 US for the pleasure of saying that I participated AND so that you can use MY earrings to promote yourself and your company????? Hmmm, why do I NOT feel encouraged?

    Cas xxx

  9. Sounds interesting, but I have to concur with other comments that need answering: 1)Why send $5, and 2) How to insure you receive a swap with the same quality materials you (I) use?

  10. ^ what they all said. Why would I send you $5, PLUS a SASE, PLUS a pair of earrings I could sell for $35, and then you use my earrings in shows, publications, etc, and all I get is a pair of earrings that could be worth fifty cents and I may not even like? I think the idea of a swap is cool, but it needs to be a SWAP, where everyone sends a pair of earrings and a sase and that’s it and you don’t use our stuff. If you looked every pair over, decided this pattern was awesome and you wanted to publish it, then contacted the gal who made it and paid her for her pattern etc, that would make sense. But please, answer these questions. It sorta sounds like a scam.

  11. Seems like there are many unanswered questions that need to be addressed here. I only use .925 solid Sterling
    Silver or 14kt GF in my earrings plus outside of Swarovski I use only REAL stones, I to would be upset if I got back a $5.00 pair that my wife would throw away…….I would assume that the $5.00 is to pay the publisher for handling the stuff. Ever tried to mail a padded envelope in a padded envelope??? lol.
    Just have to wait and see the ans. to all of the questions.
    Hunters Creek Silver

  12. When I first read the newsletter, I thought how COOL!! Then I started thinking about it…….I unfortunately have to agree with ALL the ladies above. What’s going on??

  13. I agree with several comments above. Although I’m perfectly capable of replacing earwires, what if something’s glued to a post? Also, although I generally use base metal findings (surgical steel earwires, sometimes silver) to keep costs down, I do go lead and nickel free, and I do use quality components–glass, stone, occasionally lucite or resin, vintage, etc. I am certainly not interested in receiving plastic on who knows what.
    Also, this is a swap–normally in a swap one pays postage, period. If we pay postage in both directions AND address our own return envelopes, are we paying $5- for beadwork staff to do their jobs? I’d assume photographers, etc. are on salary or contract for every issue, and staffers will participate either during work hours or voluntarily on their own time, so why the $5-?

    In the current economy, asking people to give earrings, pay postage, AND add $5- that could be used to buy materials (or eved your magazine) seems excessive. Leslie

  14. This is not on the entry form and Interweave should clear up how the artist, whose work is used by them, will be compensated. :

    Note: By submitting your earrings to our swap, you are authorizing Interweave Press LLC to publish photos of your earrings in upcoming publications and promotional materials, on our website, and in other Interweave e-media, as well as possibly display them in shows. Interweave Press LLC will not be held responsible for loss or damage due to circumstances beyond our control.

  15. While I like the idea of a swap and would love to get another pair of earrings, I wonder about the quality of the earring materials I wold receive as well as Why are you charging $5. If we are paying our own shipping to return the earrings?
    I would have to say no!

  16. This is Tammy from Belleville MI, I too think that the swap is not thought out well. Why should we pay the $5.00 plus send earrings? But I would like to enter this SWAP.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

  17. I only make earrings for fun, so I don’t use the highest quality materials. I would actually feel somewhat guilty if I received a pair with 14K posts and Swarovski beads…

  18. Go to the beading daily forums and look up secret santas ear or earring swap. Among the regular forum members we hold a swap every month with completely different rules than this one. Check out the forums and happy beading!

  19. This sounded like something I would like to participate in until… I read this part in the rules. “Please send only your best work.”

    We are all at various stages of creativity and my BEST WORK may be subpar to you but look fantastic to me.

    So.. not to embarrass myself, I’ll sit this one out.

  20. I don’t begrudge them a fee because they have to hire someone to take the time to do the swap. However, $5 is too high since we’re providing the postage paid padded envelope. What I suspect we’re really paying for is someone to take the pictures of the earrings. That is not fair since Beading Daily makes money off of putting our earrings on their site via advertisers/clicks. I was originally very excited about this idea but upon reflection I must say “no”.

  21. I think I’ll wait until I see responses to some of the issues that were raised.

    I’m more than a little leery of a situation where I am forced to give someone essentially all rights, for commercial as well as private/personal use. I’d like that kind of largesse to be my own decision, not part of the conditions for swapping work.

    I understand the concerns about the earwires, too, though I don’t wear earrings. That’s why I make mine only on sterling, or vermeil, and, very rarely, on surgical steel (the only ones I have made in years on surgical steel were for someone who said in advance they didn’t have any problems with it).

    Larry Linson

  22. My first thought was: how cool! But after reading the official rules, I thoughtL HUH?! I agree with the others here who are questioning things, and would like answers before deciding to participate.

  23. Yep, I agree with everyone else. I’m not paying $5 in addition to providing postage both ways and then also giving away rights to my creation. Better think this one through again. I’d feel like I’m being ‘had’ if I go through with this.

  24. Well, I was pretty excited when I read about the swap in the newsletter. However, in reading the fine print:

    1. Why include my name/address to the person who RECEIVES the earrings? An obligatory thank you note (or “hated them”!) note? Of course Beading Daily needs my name/address to mail out my pair of earrings – but no one else needs it! Talk about privacy issues….

    2. I do not mind sending a SASPE for my pair of earrings. However, I DO mind an additional $5.00 entry fee. This isn’t a contest, so why an entry fee? To pay someone to send the earrings back out to someone else in this swap? If the company cannot afford to run the swap, then do not run it. Do not expect your customers to pay for your office staff. (And quite frankly, $5.00 (USD/CAN) a person is a pretty darned hefty price! I could stuff a lot of envelopes an hour, and wondering if you’ll be paying anyone any more than say, $10/hr to do this! Come on now – that fee is way off the mark…)

    3. So, you ask for our best entries, then casually mention you get to photograph them and use them as you wish both in your magazine and on your website. That hardly seems fair. For the ones who make their living by designing earrings, they are giving away their design concepts! Wait – no – they are PAYING YOU $5.00 to do it! Boo hiss.

    4. Then, you offer no guarantees that we’ll get a pair back, by that sweeping statement saying you are not responsible for any “losses” or damages. OK – so, if you get tired of re-sending out the earrings, run out of the entry fee funds to pay someone, or otherwise don’t get around to getting things sent out to everyone, you can just say “oops”.

    I’m sorry – not trying to be cynical, but this isn’t a fun swap – it is a way for Beading Daily to get to see a whole lot of earrings with the rights to photograph them with no further compensation to the creators.

    The newsletter put a fun spin on this, but the details are just not right. I’m going to have to pass unless something really changes.

  25. I’d like to second Shawna’s comment about the fabulous BD forums. We do a monthly earring swap called Secret Santa’s ear (look in the Bead Chat section) and the swap is tailored so everyone is likely to get something they’ll be proud to wear. We’re working on round 4 at the moment, so there’s plenty of time to email the organizer and get in on round 5 which will start in mid August. It’s open to all participants worldwide-come check out what we’ve swapped so far!

  26. Well, after reading most of the comments I believe this particular project should be cancelled.
    However, swapping is a perfect idea and instead of being negative maybe we should all come up with some more positive ideas of how we could make one happen….
    Large number of people ,who are unknown to one another, cannot have a swap. So there must be an intermediate who would do the hard work and send out the parcels.
    Maybe this could be the real offer of Beading Daily to his readers/subscribers….
    Participants send in their work (including envelope & P) and “Beading Daily” sends out the envelopes.

    I am sure others could come up with better ideas.

  27. I am already signed up for a Beading Daily Forum Earring Swap, a Bracelet Swap, a Challenge Swap and Bead Swap #2 (package of beads) on the BD Forums….I couldn’t possible add another one, and besides the only money I have to spend on the Forum Swaps is on postage…the entry fee may not seem like much but then adding postage on the SASE and then mailing the earrings and the of course the entry fee it’s just too much for me……I’m sticking with the free Swaps on the Forums….

  28. Though I like the idea of a swap, I agree with most of the comments made about this not being well thought through. I live in Australia and cannot go to the post office and ask for U.S. stamps! Nor do I think that entrance fee is necessary. Even with the distance to Australia, I can get things like books shipped here for not much more than $10.00US. And the only real way for me to send U.S. dollars is to get a bank check which will cost me $10.00!!!!!! to send $10.00!!!!!
    I always give my best when I bead, but the idea of spending quality time and materials on earrings that might return rubbish is too much to ask.
    Is there anyone there consulting with the organizer on these details or is this one persons idea?
    I love Beading Daily for all the ideas, contacts, resources and contributions to the beading world, but this swap and it’s lame rules rocks my confidence in you! Get it together with something that really works for the “real” people out here and I might be interested.

  29. Because I am a stamper also I have participated in other kinds of swaps. Usually they are multiples plus one. The plus one goes to the organizer for their troubles. So what’s wrong with $5.00 for the person who has to keep track of all the earrings, swap them, (I’d like to think random isn’t exactly random but like quality) package them and send them off in the mail. This is a fun thing and $5.00 for the organizer may seem a tad high I don’t think it is unreasonable.

  30. I agree with Pam4arts. Though some other commenters make valid points, I choose not to be cynical here. I will trust and believe that the magazine has good intentions and will work hard to fulfill their stated goals/obligations. I just feel better that way. But thanks to several of you, I’m also going to check out the forums, too!

  31. Hmmm…well when I first read this…I thought cool…then I came in here to post…and wow….maybe I should think about this. Oldest daughter getting married today….think I will wait to consider this until after all the hoopala today.
    See you all next week….

  32. I just receive my first, Secret Santa Swap, an Absolutely Awesome pr of earrings. The BD Forum, has post of past Swaps. They are tailored to my personal request. For all of those who were interested, Plz Check out the Readers Showcase, for all the Great Items Swaped. I got in return As much as I sent. Come on Join us. Its alot of fun, and everyone Respects the need for design consideration of metals, color and style. Mary

  33. Here it is over 24 hours since this swap was posted with ~50 comments, most of which address the same basic concerns regarding: (a) SASE plus $15; (b) quality of what might be received versus what is submitted; and (c) privacy relating to giving out personal information to an unknown person.

    What I find most amazing, and actually a bit unprofessional, is that no one at Beading Daily or Interweave has addressed this volume of valid concerns; which I, too, share.

    While I love the thought of receiving an unknown, the rules as they stand will prevent me from participating in what could be a fun swap.

  34. Wow! I’m so glad I read everyone else’s comments. I like to think of myself as a positive person but I’m afraid I have to agree with the negative comments here. I, too, thought this was a great idea at first but I spend a lot of time on my work and it’s all original. Lots of earrings I see could be made in just a few minutes while mine generally take several hours. Those who comment on the quality of their materials have a valid point but designers like me expect to have recognition for the quality of our work. I’d really like to sell some of my patterns but I’m sure not willing to pay to have them published!

  35. I think an earring swap is an interesting idea. I am pretty new to making jewelry and just create for fun. Perhaps a swap could be done in tiers? Newbies with other newbies, intermediates with other intermediates? Or maybe start with a “junk jewelry” swap and if it works later have a designer swap?

  36. I live in Israel so 10$ is a bit steep for me. I have to agree with all that was said above… But I am going to check out the secret santa swap right now, That’s sounds like fun!

  37. I’m sorry I do not know the answers to your questions. The Interweave staff doesn’tt work over the weekends, but I know they will address your questions on Monday.
    Denise Peck

  38. Wow! This pot is well stirred! I am sure the answers to these questions will be posted on Monday. I am a never-ever on the earring swaps and will check out the BD Forum in the meantime.

  39. Very interested…Earring Swap, Interested…no rules as to materials, Less Interested…$5.00 “Entry Fee”, No longer Interested…this wasn’t very well thought out!
    Seems terribly one-sided to me…I’ll wait to see what comes of all those questions.

  40. I think it’s a Great idea….For those of you questioning the $5 entry fee…..Don’t you imagine it will help defray the cost of processing our entries? I think that is reasonable.
    I definitely want to participate.
    Deane in SC.

  41. I believe the magazine makes enough money to defray the costs without the $5 entry fee. The extra magazine sales that will be made when entrants work is published will more than offset the costs. No one wants just one copy when they see their work published (Grandma and Aunt Sue want one as well even though they don’t normally purchase the magazine).

  42. I’ll add my voice to Shawna, JSmaz, and Gypsy Mary’s — if you’re interested in a swap, there are several on the Beading Daily forum. I’ve received three gorgeous pairs of earrings and am proud to wear them. The cool thing about the BD swaps is that you can post your preferences and allergies on your profile page. After the organizer draws names, the person who receives your name will visit your profile page to find out, for example, that (1) you’re allergic to nickel, (2) prefer gold tones over silver, (3) your favorite colors are turquoise and red, and (4) you adore long dangly earries. Some of us are pretty set in our ways, and include somewhat detailed preference info on our profile pages. Others enjoy wearing a wide variety of styles and leave the design up to the bead artist.

    But no matter what you receive, you’ll treasure it because someone you’ve likely never met has created them especially for you. So be patient, I’m sure someone from Interweave will address the questions and concerns posted here on Monday. And in the meantime, I hope you’ll join us for one of the established swaps on the Beading Daily forum. A good place to start is here, where the BD swaps and challenges were summarized about a month ago:

  43. I will second JSmaz and Shawna’s post, and will repeat it here. There is a monthly earrings swap that has been going on for the past 4 months called Secret Santa’s Ear. Members post their likes and dislikes for the swaps in their own Bio section of the Beading Daily. The organizer randomly draws names and sends by email the name and address of the person for whom whom a participant will make earrings. That participant goes to the Bio page of the name of the person they got and reads what kind of earrings that person likes. They make the earrings using those guidlines and ships them off on a date set by the organizer for everyone to mail them. Everyone gets a pair of earrings they know they will like.

    And there is NO ENTRY FEE. This is a no-brainer to me. Check out the Secret Santa’s Earrings swap (also known as SSE) in the Bead Chat section of the forums. You will see it will be much more fun, with no rights to anyone’s designs an issue.

  44. P.S. I have received three pairs of earrings in this swap, tailored to my own likings, and I love them all! This is a very fun swap indeed, and photos of the earrings are posted in the Beading Daily Reader’s Showcase section of the forums. Everyone is given credit for their designs without having to pay a fee. The SSE swap is a fun swap indeed!

  45. My gosh what ever happened to just having fun and not gripping about personal allergies money, commissions and whatever. The spirit of the swap is to be able to see and have someone else s creations…I wouldn’t ask Picasso’s to change his paint colour because I didn’t like blue. If I couldn’t wear the earrings I would display or share them. Use common sense and create something to show your creativity not your wallet. The $5. entry is probably for the Beading Daily staff who must sort, bag and mail all these entries out. Come on just enjoy the spirit of sharing and beading.

  46. This was a bad idea for a weekend e-mail when all these concerns have come to light – which is only further stirring the pot, b/c at this point, there is nothing more than speculation, nay saying and glossing over going on right now – which is not doing anyone a bit of good.

    In theory, it sounds like a really fun project. Asking for a SASE is understandable (it’s a swap, after all – you need a way to get your pair back). However, asking for $5 “entry fee” to participate in a “swap” doesn’t make sense (again, dealing with a swap, here – not as everyone else pointed out – a contest).

    I wouldn’t mind the free advertising of using my pieces in their promotions, but paying $5 for some potentially free advertising doesn’t rank amongst the ideas carrying a “great idea” rating.

    I also work in higher end materials and would probably be insulted if I spent $20+ on a pair of earrings to swap, only to get something made up of 2 colors of DMC floss and some paper clips. It would have to be pretty junky, though. I have seen some pretty “Kewl” stuff done with the acrylics and other less costly beads.

    If you’re going to swap, why not have the person who’s getting your product also get your contact info? What if they loved it and wanted to let you know? What if they wanted to order another pair from you – you’d be losing a potential sale. Allowing your contact info to be passed on to the recipient of your earrings, I think should be a no brainer.

    Here, I’ve accomplished nothing more than what’s already been done – no answers, just comments and more questions. LOL! Sorry, guys!

  47. Adding my comments to JSmaz, Shawna, Gypsy Mary, Sherri, and Lisa, I also participate in the monthy Secret Santa Ear, bracelet, and bead swaps. We have received 3 pairs of earrings at a cost of materials and postage (which has averaged $1.25 each time). I know with these that I will not get something that I can’t or won’t wear. And then being able to see what everyone else has made in the Reader’s Showcase. Check it out!!!

  48. What a bunch of sissies. Luv you LinM and Sherri S and all others with their mindset!! As for the rest of you, if you don’t want to participate–DON’T!! But don’t sit there and whine about every little aspect. It’s a measley $5. Nobody is FORCING any one of you sniveling greedy snobs to participate. Sounds like none of you DESERVE credit OR recognition for being so bitchy. SO THERE!

  49. I’m in as well. I was excited when I heard of this and was overwhelmed when I saw all the negative responses. I’ve done round robin quilts before, and the response is sometimes the same. Where you need control over the outcome, an open round is not the way to go and there’s nothing wrong with needing that control. This type of exchange is more for those open to both the good and bad possibilities. Can’t wait to see the results.

  50. Hello Bead Girls Again,

    I agree with Mermaids Scales Ltd. You can’t all be serious about being this picky, In the guidelines it said your best work, I would probably believe that anyone that is this unexperienced doesn’t even belong to Beading Daily, I’ve been beading for 19 years and I just joined 2 years ago. Also I bet each of you waistes $5.00 a week in gas running to get beading supplies you probably don’t even need at that very minute. This is supposed to be something fun, you will probably get a pair of earrings in the swap that are totally different than something you would design but that’s the fun of it. I don’t drink but I would be willing to bet my double wrapped wire lampwork earrings I’m going to submit that most of you do have a glass of wine when you go out for dinner, well don’t next time! Sometimes we have to give up something for other things, And for the publishing part this is all free advertizing for you when someone else likes your work, this should inspire you to so something totally different and unique then so noone else can copy it then if you are that worried! Live, Love, Dream Beads.


  51. I have to apologize for my post if it offended some ppl. But this swap is just what HannaB said. An opportunity not only to advertize BUT an opportunity to see what your fellow’s are doing. Probably something you’ve never personally thought of, but something you are suprised at liking. Those are the best kind of surprises. I love it when someone picks out something for me that is so unlike anything I would do for myself. I’m not a person eaten up by all the negative possibilities–I live with that type of attitude on my daily 9-5 which is plenty for me to deal with. Beading and all that comes with it is supposed to be our ESCAPE! Don’t ruin it by complaining. Just be open to the SURPIRSE factor!!!!

  52. wow! my eyes have been opened. i’ve been a member of BD for a while. Simply because I like browsing or different ideas and the creativity. I have never scrolled down to read all the comments before or messed with the forums. I’m excited! I know there is some cost involved but I think it’s small for the fun and excitement. I will surely look at the other swaps mentioned above. What Fun! Rhonda

  53. Hi everyone,

    Just a note to thank you for sharing all your thoughts on our first swap. You have raised some excellent points which will helpful in discussing other future activities on Beading Daily.


  54. Thanks Michelle!! I don’t think anyone meant to be ugly or stir “the pot” We are just adult women asking a few questions before jumping into something. I will speak for most of us(there’s a lot of names commenting I recognize) WE are NOT sniveling greedy snobs, we are just inquiring. I will apologize for seeming to be “bitchy” Again thanks for all BD does and for your time.

  55. I think that maybe the earring swap is not a good idea. I think that you might get a better response if it were an earring beading contest. Then I think that people would feel better about sending in a fee. I would like to participate also but I agree with the other people who have written , about the quality of the materials, five dollar fee and the fact that people have metal allergies should be taken in to consideration. Because some people may not have the economics to buy the high quality materials that they were used to working with so they are not going to buy the most expensive materials to work with, even though they are doing quality work. I would like to see more of a earring beading contest, an earring auction or an earring gallery where we could see other peoples creations.

  56. Well a BIG THANK YOU to Beading Daily staff. Thank you for listening to us. As you can see, you have lots of folks out there interested.

    We know how hard you work. I for one sincerely appreciate and look forward to the newsletter. Connecting with other jewelry makers, seeing their work, their interpretation is always exciting. Thanks again for listening and providing us with answers to our concerns.

  57. Michelle, you and the staff and BD are wonderful and I thank you for all your hard work! This earring swap sounds just as fun as the ones we do on the forums and I look forward to it! Thanks for listening to the community. I still would have paid the $5, because it’s the fun of it but it seemed to be a problem for a lot of people here. THANKS for ALL you do!

  58. I second Cat’s thanks-I completely understand the handling fee, but it’s very nice of Interweave to waive it for this swap. Thanks for the other clarifications as well.
    We truly do appreciate everything you do for us-this is why Beading Daily continues to be my favorite place to hang-out!

  59. Ok, heres my 2cents worth. After reading the “clarifications”, I absolutely will be print the form and enter this Swap. Hey, I get to make my own design,I get a chance to have the design Published, I get a chance to get $$ for my design. I get a chance to get a pr of earrings, I get the Joy of making them for someone that will love or hate them, I most likely will never know eighter way:) Okay, this is a Win,Win for me, all for the cost of Postage and a pr earrings.Wow, in this economy, thats a lot of bang for my bucks.Thanks,BD.Mary

  60. Now that the clarifications are in and there don’t seem to be any lingering unanswered questions or concerns, I say “Let the beading begin!!!” : ) I can’t wait to see what comes my way! I hope we’ll get the contact info from whoever did our piece. I personally, would like to thank them and give kudos on creativity! That’s just me, though…

  61. Thank you! I really appreciate all the comments and the update generated. Now, knowing that we can buy US postage stamps at Canadian post offices helps, but could you please tell us how much postage we need to put on our SASEs? Earrings are small and weigh so little that we’ll all be using small padded envelopes and minimun rate should work. We just need to know what that is.

  62. Debbie, I know in the US it averages about 1.25 each time I send earrings and I also put them in a small box. The first swap we did the pair I sent in just a padded envelope was a little mangled.

  63. Michelle, Thank you for the clarification on the rules, etc. I’m with Jeni and Cat, and am looking forward to this swap also. Although I don’t post quite as much, I am here every day.

  64. What an awesome idea! I’ll be sure to make mine with citrine as to not pass on any of the negativity in all these comments.

    Sending a SASE – awesome idea
    Paying $5.00 for handling – not asking too much
    Chance to see other artists work – priceless

    Count me in

  65. Thanks for the clarifications to the rules. I was able to download the entry form. I can’t wait to see what earrings I will get out of the swap and I hope that whoever gets mine will love them. I’m tyring to spread positive energy. I think that we all have to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t think that people meant to be negative, it’s just people have a lot of concerns when it comes to money in these hard economic times.

  66. Thanks for the clarifications to the rules. I was able to download the entry form. I can’t wait to see what earrings I will get out of the swap and I hope that whoever gets mine will love them. I’m tyring to spread positive energy. I think that we all have to remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I don’t think that people meant to be negative, it’s just people have a lot of concerns when it comes to money in these hard economic times.

  67. Wow! I am really excited to send in my earrings and see what I get. I use silver and real stones, but I’m not at all worried about getting back something comparable to what I send in, if it’s not S. Sliver, I can change the ear wires myself, and if the beads are plastic, so what, as posted above “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” something does not have to be of a certain value to be considered good or beautiful. plus it’s not like I’m going to go out and spend $50 bucks to buy supplies for this project, I would guess most of us on this site already have everything we need, stockpiled, to a certain extent, to make a pair of earrings. This is about creative expression and talent. This is for fun people! We should keep it that way. If you can’t afford $5 and a SASE, just don’t do it and move on, I highly doubt anyone is trying to make it rich and/or get over on us.

  68. I sent mine off today! All the way from Australia to you guys. Looking forward to my surprise return pair. No matter what, it is fun just participating. Thanks for the opportunity.

  69. Hi everybody, this idea of earring swap is wonderful! I’d love to try it as well, but I’m from Europe and I don’t know if it’s possible for me because of the rulesv – sending SASE etc…:(

  70. Hi, everyone! My name is Amber, and I live in Charles City, Iowa. I sent my pair off on August 12th!!! I am very excited to be a part of the swap, and I can’t wait to see whose beautiful pair I receive. I also hope that whoever gets mine will treasure them as well. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  71. Hi, great idea with a earring swap. I’d love to participate but I live in Sweden. How do I do with the stamped envelope????
    Can somebody please tell me before the 31st of August!

  72. I think that it is a wonderful idea, everyone gets a mysterious gift which he won’t be expecting in exchange for his/her earring, but the real problem is that i don’t know how to make one , i usually prefer to buy them directly from here they have a large collection and reasonable prices.

  73. We would like to thank you for helping us to improve our process for our first earring swap—it’s been a learning process for us too! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or concerns.