Basketweave Crimps and Other Hard-to-Find Items

What's in a name?

Awhile back, I heard from several readers who were having trouble finding the "basket-weave crimp end findings" that Carol Huber Cypher mentions in Mastering Beadwork. I did a little looking around online and only found a few places that carried them, even though I knew they were pretty common. I was puzzled–until I started searching for ribbon crimps, since I knew that those findings were often used to finish ribbon necklaces. Voilá! Tons of places that carried them.

It's sad, but true, that if you do not use the same words that Google (or MSN or most search engines) uses, then you will not find what you are looking for! Google is looking for an exact match. It is not smart enough to show you things which might be the same, but are just using a different name. If you search "basketweave crimps", then it won't show you all the places that call that exact same finding something else: 

  • bar ends
  • basketweave bars
  • clamps
  • cord ends
  • crimp end bars
  • crimp ends for ribbons
  • metal cord clamps
  • ribbon clamps
  • ribbon ends

Ribbon ends/bars/clamps/etc.
from my personal collection

Is it any wonder that we have trouble finding things?

Descriptions just add to the confusion. Carol calls these "basketweave" crimps which is very descriptive (and accurate!), but one online shop simply calls them "textured" crimps. Many places don't use descriptions at all, assuming that you can see the differences between the findings in the photos.

When someone dares to be innovative, it can become even more confusing.  "Basketweave crimps" is a great example. You'll notice that some places refer to ribbons because that is what they are sometimes used for–to finish the ends of ribbon necklaces. If you are using them to finish a peyote bracelet, you might not think to look under "ribbon." What's a beader to do?

Getting Help

If you have a local bead shop, a bead society, or another in-person resource, you're lucky–you can just ask for this "thingamajig" and be pointed to the right item. You have the luxury of pointing to a photo of what you want and using as many words and gestures as you like to describe it ("that rectangular metal thingy that you put on the ends of a bracelet and squeeze shut with pliers").  If you're not near any other beaders, then what?

That's where we come in. And by "we" I really do mean everyone reading this! There are lots of very experienced, knowledgeable people on the list–shop owners, designers, manufacturers, instructors, plus plenty of "regular" beaders–from all over the world.

What beading materials have puzzled you? Is there anything that you're having trouble finding? Leave a comment on the website and let's see if we can help each other out because let's face it, as much fun as it is to search for that elusive bead or finding, making something with it is so much better!

Coming This Week: On Wednesday, Jean Campbell talks about designing for people with metal allergies and on Friday, I'll have a free chain maille bracelet project by Jean Yates, along with an interview with this imaginative designer. 

Michelle Mach shares beading news, contests, reader galleries, and other beady stuff every Monday on Beading Daily. If you have comments or questions for Michelle, please post them on the website.


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85 thoughts on “Basketweave Crimps and Other Hard-to-Find Items

  1. There are a couple of Websites that offer everything you could ask for in jewelry making. I search their sites for the item I am looking for and use their description to do a google search.

  2. I have a question for Michelle (and maybe readers)about beaded tubes like the brick stitch necklace with Hoopla! spacers on the cover of the March / April issue of Step by Step Beads. Can someone compare and contrast the relative merits and time to make a tube necklace in brick stitch vs. peyote vs. bead crochet (my usual technique.) Which is best for which circumstance? I’ve had one bead store owner tell me if you can crochet you’d never what to substitute peyote as it’s so stiff (by contrast) but I’ve never tried brick stitch for a “rope” necklace. Thanks!

  3. I’m having the hardest time finding solid copper lobster claw clasps. Or really any clasps that are solid copper. There’s lots of plated stuff out there, but I just want bright finish lobster claw clasps. You’d think that would be easy, but apparently not so much…

  4. I have seen earrings made from buttons and beads. They appear to have some type of clear glue attaching the earring post to the back of the button. What is strong enough to hold?

  5. I’m sure I’m not the only looking for these… After a recent class I was hunting for what my instructor referred to as “locking loop clasps” but finally found them as “trailer hitches” and “ball and loop clasps”.

  6. As for searching, you can use the term “OR” between a string and that will help in getting as many results as possible. For example, if you don’t know the exact term for searching, try something like this: “basketweave or textured or necklace crimps” Contrary to what we are used to in English, OR is the inclusive term.

    You can also search the Thomas Registry for all kinds of things. The website is:

    Some of the company’s require large bulk purchases, but not all of them.

    Sandi Bates
    Beading Librarian

  7. Barbara F – I find that beaded tubes made with brick stitch are usually not very flexible, for me they are even stiffer than peyote tubes. I think I would agree with the bead store owner that a crocheted rope is the most supple tube. Also as far as time goes, I’d say the crochet is the fastest (once the beads are all put on the thread) then peyote then brick stitch. This also may be just my opinion, but I think the crochetted ropes are also the must durable.

  8. I have been looking for the converters
    that will turn your pendant into a pin or your pin into a pendant. I have some pendants I would like to use as a pin and some pins that I would like to use as a pendants. I have looked in the local craft stores to no avail. Is it possible to make one of these? I would like to make these. I truly appreciate your help!

  9. I’m a new member, but I have to say, being a member save my sanity, since beading is my sanity. I enjoy all the comments and stories, finally, I’m not alone in this world, and not only I’m not the only one, there are others that are worst than me. I have even found myself printing the page for my son to read, so he can see what’s normal for beaders like me. So thank you, I look forward to see my newsletter popping on my e-mail.

  10. I have been looking for the converters
    that will turn your pendant into a pin or your pin into a pendant. I have some pendants I would like to use as a pin and some pins that I would like to use as a pendants. I have looked in the local craft stores to no avail. Is it possible to make one of these? I would like to make these. I truly appreciate your help!

  11. I’ve been having a hard time finding “dagger” beads, with two pointed ends and the hole at one end. Any ideas where to look, or what else they are called?

  12. A few designs I’ve seen call for ‘cornerless cubes.’ If they don’t have corners, how can they be cubes? What are other common names for this type of bead?

  13. I was just wondering what to call these findings in my upcoming book – so your post is excellent timing for me.

    In my previous book, Teach Yourself Visually Jewelry Making & Beading, I call them “clamp ends” – which looks like it adds yet another possibility to the list.

    For the new book, I’m considering calling them clamp ends again (to avoid confusion for readers of the first book), but also to stress that they are sometimes called by other names.

    I’ve been looking around for suppliers of these pieces lately, too, and I have a request in for a catalog from Designer’s Findings by Diane H. Designs, whose ad I recently found in a magazine. From the ad, it sounds like they may be a good source. (I’m crossing my fingers that they are.)


  14. Thingys that may have several names…what’s the little thing called that is rather new on the market, stringing wire would go through this little horseshoe-shaped wire thing to protect the stringing material from taking all the pull of the bracelet right at the jumpring? The wire goes through a closed tunnel of silver, its open for a little bit and then comes out a closed tunnel again. The crimp goes right at the bottom of both legs of the horseshoe. Kay, Eugene, OR

  15. I was searching a website that I knew had the plain copper wire I wanted. It turned out to be listed under ‘B’ for Bare Copper wire. Grrrr!

  16. I have been trying to find an earstud with loop that has a chain that connects the loop to the earnut. It can be used to make really great charm type of earrings. I bought some once and have lost the packaging so can’t remember where I got them. Have been searching online but haven’t located any yet. Love your newsletter!!!

  17. Sterling silver cornerless cubes! I try to buy in bulk when I do find them, since they add a nice finish to bracelet and necklaces – I put them on before the crimp, in between two small accent beads.

  18. For Diana S. the little horseshoe thing is also called a wire guardian. I have seen them on the Fire Mountain site as well as in my local beading stores.

  19. For Lillie I have bought pendant/pin converters at Hancock Fabrics in Utah. I looked online and if you enter pendant or pin converter it will give you several results that should help you. For Anita I have purchased daggers at different stores also in Utah. Try Michael’s or Robert’s or Joann’s. Good Luck. Cheryl C

  20. Please help us find Ultrasuede and Lacy’s Stiff Stuff in Vermont!!! Even on the internet I am having trouble locating these items!!!!!!!! Nancy in VT

  21. To Anita H, you can find every color of dagger beads on They offer free shipping and also no minimum. I have used them often, they have great service. Good luck to you!

  22. To Nancy in VT: If Ultrasuite is the same as Micro-fiber suede, you can find it at, just search for micro-fiber suede or go to the “stringing” section. They offer free shipping and no minimum, so hope this helps.

  23. I found basketweave crimps at AC Moore craft store. They were solid sterling and cost $3.99 for 2/lg and $3.99 for 4 small. I love them, and they sure make it easy to add clasps to bracelets (and look very finished).
    Gretchen – Alabama

  24. I am desperately looking for the right thread or material with which you can safely crochet faceted precious stones. I have tried many different materials but none have been satisfactory. Ideas?

  25. I am trying to find the crystal quartz top-drilled briolettes shown in the Ice Princess necklace on page 42 of the current issue of Beadwork. The resources indicate that the Taj Company sells these but you must have a company number to purchase them. Is the another resource for these?

  26. I’ve been making chainmaille necklaces, and some weaves have three-fold symmetry, which makes attaching a clasp a problem aesthetically. Only once have I found a suitable 3-1 converter finding, Fire Mountain has a “cluster finding, 4-oval loops” which is perfect, but they only have it in sterling silver. I would LOVE to find these in gold too!

  27. my problem is that I’m so new to beading and wire-work jewelry( less than one year)and I also have limited experience with the internet. For the past four months I have access to it all but minimal patience(computer/Internet) and Understanding Of common terms, uses and knowledge of these infinite findings add on sizes and colors,I’m typically lost. I am certain that over time you’ll be able to provide me with this knowledge and for this I say thank you until today i had no idea these exsisted, obviously as i just dug the frizz ease out my sewing bin and will finish embellishing my ribbon with beads while sewing ends. I’ll look for those thingamabobs @ the store next time I’m out & About Investing more money into my newest art endevour. With Mucho Luv for you, Your loyal student Robin

  28. Robin, I completely understand your frustration..I started out the same way when I started beading. I did not have a computer then and did not understand the lingo either. I have learned over time on my own. As for the names of findings, I found books from the bookstore and the library helpful…loads of information about findings. Good luck to you, any questions, let us know and hang in there, it’s worth it!

  29. One general hint–if you find an item that is listed as “wholesale only” (and you don’t qualify), you can ask your local bead shop if they can order the item for you. Many times they are happy to help!

  30. I have a hard time looking for a chunky (nuggetlike) resin or synthetic bead that I bought on a bead show in Delaware. The lady who sold it to me also sells kazuri (african) beads. But these chunky resin beads are wonderful, light weight and have an iridiscent color,
    never saw them again and cannot find anything similar on the internet. Thanks if anybody knows what I am looking for… cheers!

  31. Thanks for this opportunity! I’m looking for knot cups (you know, goes over top of a knot, squeezes shut, has a loop to attach to the closure?) that is LARGER than 2 mm. and have had NO success finding them. I’ve used wire for this project and the knot I want to cover is much larger than 2 mm.
    Much appreciate any help!


  32. For Nancy in VT…try They have everything under the sun and their service is very good! I know they have the ultrasuede, and suspect they may have the Lacy’s. If you don’t mind dealing with a Canadian firm, is also wonderful, and I know she has both, even though they may not show on her site. Email Dee.

  33. I am totally frustrated finding nice big cord ends. I can find them up to 6mm in okay designs, but larger than that, forget it. I create kumihimo cords, but can I find nice cord ends for cords larger than 1 cm? Not really. It drives me up the wall, I may have to make them.

  34. To Mary B. -I personally like to use 100% Nylon Upholstery Thread from Coats&Clark to crochet jewelry with- it’s not the most conventional thing to use, but it doesn’t tangle, is strong and doesn’t stretch, and can be found cheaply at any fabric/crafting store in many colors(I like Joann’s the best myself). Good Luck Beading!

  35. I have been looking for small coin stones about the size of a dime instead of being drilled on the ends they are drilled front top and back top so they lay together similar to stacking when you string these into a necklace. I’m trying to find out the term for this type of stone usually found in sponge coral.

  36. have you ever thought about asking ceramic shops to make your beads for you or ask them to have a bead class. thier very pretty , besides you can make them the way you want them jo ann

  37. I have not been able to find elongated kidney shaped earwires in anything but sterling silver. I saw someone list earrings with them made out of copper, brass, and gunmetal. Could you help me find who carries this type of earwire.


  38. You are SOooo right about using the “correct” words to describe what you are searching for. I am in the process of trying to find “elastic thread” without much success. Any idea what else it may be called? I’d love to find it at a local store (like Michael’s); so far, no luck… Thx for any help!

  39. Hi, I have trouble getting beads with 4 holes . They have 2 holes each end that cross over in the middle of the bead, as I don’t know what they are called I don’t know what to ask for. Any ideas. Many thanks Lesley Bland

  40. I can never find 2-hole drilled pearls; I’ve seen patterns that use them. Also, I haven’t found anyone who sells Number 10 seed beads on the internet.
    Heidi Hart
    Nome, Alaska

  41. I have a question about a finding that I bought before I really knew what to look for–it is a cone multi- strand ending (or that’s what I wanted), but instead of a plain cone with a hole in the pointed end for an eye pin to gather up the thread ends inside the cone, this one has a bar inside it and a loop on the end. How and when do I use it?

  42. What are the bar connectors/spacers that allow you to connect multiple strands together called? (they are sort of like the bar used in the Deluxe Cuff Pearl Bracelet but arent a clasp. instead they are more like a bead or spacer)

  43. I’m looking for copper cones large enough for multi-strand necklaces. Found the small ones with no problem, but no one seems to make large ones. Can anyone help?

  44. About how to name things. Do you know what is even more fun? Getting information in two languages, in my case Dutch and English. That ads to even more confusion, and always kwowinh the name in the wrong language. greetings, Monica Fraites

  45. I have been searching for bar pins in different shapes, such as bows, scissors, spoons, etc.. They need to have places to hang charms from. I have found only a few items. Can anyone make suggestions?
    Thanks, Pam

  46. I bought some diamond-shaped double tube beads (sterling) at a wholesale show, and can’t remember who I bought them from! This is an impossible item to google! Aaagh! (frustration).
    Amy G

  47. Can you please recommend or put me in touch with a Company or Companies who deal with the printing of labels for describing my finished products to
    sell, ie Gold, Silver, Freshwater Pearls, Swarovski, Real Garnets etc.
    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards,

  48. To Heidi H: I found a website that has size 10 seed beads, it is I have never ordered from them before, so can’t tell you anything about them in that aspect. Hope you find what you are looking for there! have fun.

  49. To Linda B: I think I found those crystal biolettes at, hope they are the size you are looking for. I have always liked researching to find certain things. There was a czech glass bead I was in search of for 2 years and I just recently found it. Boy was I happy. I did not know what they were called either, but a website I usually do business with started carrying them. You never know! Good luck.

  50. I do repairs & restringing. I need a clasp that can be embellished. Does anyone know where I can find one? About 1″ in diameter and multi-strand – 5 connectors. Thanks! I really would love to fix this for my customer!

  51. I have been doing Viking knit bracelets and necklaces and need a place to buy the end caps to finish the piece. Does anyone out there have a source> Thanks so much and Happy Beading!!

  52. Hi,
    I’m a web design student and my favorite hobby is beading. I was reading the artical about Google-ing hard to find items. Google isn’t the problem when something doesn’t come up. A web site has to use the name your looking for in it’s meta tag in the code it uses for it’s web pages. For example with the basket-weave crimp. If a beading web site doesn’t have that name in there meta tags in the HTML code, no search engine will find the name.

    If they (the web site)don’t have the name your looking for listed Google nor any other search engine won’t be able find what your looking for. Make sense? 🙂

  53. I have been searching for a hematite bead about the size of a seed bead. I am looking for that particular size and color with the weight of hematite, but a consistant shape. All I have found close to it is a 2mm gun metal plated base metal bead. However I understand that the holes in these are sharp and may cut your thread. Any help on this subject?
    The Bead-wildered.

  54. Lillie-Fire Mountain Gems has the converters for pins to necklaces. They have 2 styles, 1 for horizontal pins and one for vertical pins
    Karyl-Stretch Magic-it comes in different sizes. I find it at Michaels, JoAnns, and A.C.Moore. A.C.Moore usually carries a 3 pack with .5mm, .7mm and 1mm. There is also a 2mm size.
    Wire guardians are also available through Rings and Things. They have silver plated, gold plated and copper plated. The sterling silver and 14kt. GF are called Cable thimbles in their catalog.

  55. To Dawn S.: look up Metalliferous in New York City. They have every sort of jumpring size, shape, and type you could possible need in sterling silver. They sell by ones/tens or hundreds. They have mailorder and website. Good luck.

  56. To Mary B. re crocheting with semiprecious stones: the holes are usually too small to accomodate strong enough thread, and forget getting a needle through. I actually did some bead crochet with freshwater seed pearls using regualr Nymo, but you might have to drill the holes larger. In my view, it wasn’t worth the trouble.–Kelli P.

  57. To Anne P. looking for hematite seed-bead sized: Without a doubt the largest selection of hematite I’ve found in New York City (an excellent place to look for everything bead-related, by the way) is Phoenix Jewelry & Parts, Inc. at 64 W. 37 St. between 5th and 6th Ave. Telephone: 212-564-5656. I once bought beads very similar to what you describe there. If they don’t have it, you could try gunmetal hex beads in size 11.–Kelli P.

  58. I’m looking for cone clasps that have a spring inside that you push your looped already-crimped wire into and it grabs it and holds onto it. Saw it in a book, but have no idea what it’s called. Sounds very slick if it works.

  59. BTW, a bulletin board system, like a Plone website would be so much nicer for this purpose than this long string of comments. Then each post could have a separate thread. Even a Yahoo site would work better.

  60. to Carol J: I use E6000 for almost everything as a great all purpose strong glue. It is available everywhere from WalMart to the nice bead shop I frequent and is quite inexpensive.

  61. I have found these “basketweave” crimp ends @ Joann Superstores in the bead section for $3.99/pkg. in silver, gold & I think copper too. they also had two different sizes, the longer (wider) bars & the regular 1/4 inch ribbon size. Getting them there may be more accessible & qicker than online options. Jet

  62. To Becca R and Kelli P thanks for your replies regarding bead crochet thread for tiny holed stones. I did try the upholstery thread that you mentioned Becca and it worked beautifully. You might want to give it a try Kelli. Thanks again to you both

  63. Hi Michele
    First of all I did not know they were called crimps and secondly, when I found them in a local bead shop, I found that they cut the ribbon if I closed them too tightly. Can you tell me how to close them that the ribbon does not pull out but not so tight that the teeth cut through the ribbon? Thanks. Norma

  64. I am using a basketweave crimp on a bracelet of delica beads. Can the glue really hold the beads in it? I know I have to also crimp it, but wonder how much glue is needed.