7 Ideas for Displaying Earrings

 7 Ideas for Displaying Earrings

Several years ago, I made a pair of earrings that I wanted to submit to a magazine.  Normally, I photographed all my jewelry flat on a piece of scrapbooking paper, but these elegant, multi-part dangles looked like a jumbled mess when I tried that. 

My first solution is embarrassing to admit:  I attempted one-hand photography, holding the earrings in one hand and photographing them with the other.  My hand shook, making for a blurry photo.  Plus, I started worrying about my ragged cuticles and uneven nails. Then I got the bright idea to flip through some magazines like Stringing, Beadwork, Step by Step Beads and Step by Step Wire Jewelry and see how they displayed their earrings.  I ended up hauling out a wicker rocking chair outside for the best light and hanging the earrings on the chair’s woven back.  The earrings sold to the magazine, so the photo must have helped (or at least not hurt).

Whether you’re sharing online images for your friends or trying to entice buyers, you’ll need to figure out the best way to display your earrings. Here are some ideas from the Interweave store:

1.  Worn on a model
I have mixed feeling about this method.  Obviously, it’s a great way to show how the earrings look when worn. But I also find that models can be a distraction, causing me to start thinking about haircuts, makeup, clothes, and everything not related to earrings. 

Example: Glamour Girl Chandeliers by Katie Hacker.

2.  Hung on a mesh screen
A screen can be a cool display idea for multiple earrings, since you can hang many pairs at once. 

Example: Japanese Cross & Polyhedron Earrings by Rebeca Mojica


3.  Set in small dishes
This idea works well for simple earrings, particularly when you want to showcase several pairs at once.The shallow dishes provide distinct, but not distracting, borders around each pair of earrings.

Example: Quick and Easy Earrings by Katie Hacker

4. Lay on pretty paper
This is another possibility for simple earrings.  Scrapbooking papers can make great backgrounds.  Just be sure to use lighter colors to make your designs pop.

Example: Hardwearrings by Dorothy Narwich

5. Prop them up
Here’s something I hadn’t considered before. Rather than having the earrings lay completely flat, prop them up. (This example uses chalk pastels.)

Example: Wire Romance by Melody MacDuffee

6. Hang on a branch, rod, or edge
This is the most common method.  The edges of vases make great earring holders.  You can even use decorative paper.  With this method, go the extra mile and make your choice of material reflect the earrings themselves. New Leaves uses a tree branch, while Crystal Pearls uses an elegant gold-rimmed teacup.

Examples: New Leaves by Pam East and Crystal Pearls by Maria Rypan

7. Go invisible
Fishing line makes a great holder for earrings and in small photographs it won’t be noticed. The earrings will hang perfectly without a bit of distraction. 

How do you display your earrings?  Share your suggestions on the website and check out all the earrings in the Interweave store. (You’ll see larger photos of all these projects, plus more ideas!)

New Free Project
Treasures of Atlantis
Lynn Davy

Clusters of freshwater gray pearls and gemstones (labradorite and hematite) add movement to simple dangles. These earrings coordinate with the Treasures of Atlantis necklace, the winning entry in our 2009 Semiprecious Stone Challenge, on page 24 of the September–October issue of Step by Step Beads.


Free eBook
How to Make Earrings: Five Free Jewelry Projects

Celebrate those last warm-weather days with these beautiful seed bead and crystal Hydrangea Earring by Kelli Burns. Inside this free ebook, you'll find four other earring projects that use a range of techniques (simple stringing, wirework, simple metalwork, seed bead netting) and a variety of materials (silver, copper, seed beads, crystals, pearls and gemstones).


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15 thoughts on “7 Ideas for Displaying Earrings

  1. I use old buttons and put each wire or post thru the holes.
    This keeps pairs together and you can choose buttons with
    an eye to enhancing the earrings. Also, your earrings stay in
    pairs especially when transporting them to shows.
    You can also sew the buttons to a banner or hanging cloth and
    display many pairs in this manner.

  2. i use a crystal champagne flute for photographing my earrings, with a piece of white card behind the glass. then after taking the photos, i edit them so the background is white and crop to just around the earrings.

  3. You can also take a wooden dowel and screw in some little hooksto display your earrings, as well as taking a piece of cork board and covering it with a pretty fabric, then using pins to stick up your earrings on it. The possibilities are endless!

  4. My husband & I got a couple of old picture frames from a thrift store and put painted black screening behind them. I prop them up with a plate holder when I set my booth up at the local farmers’ market. They work quite well for earrings, I can get about 7 pairs on one frame. If I want to display something along side a pair of earrings I’ve made hooks out of craft wire and use as a peg board.
    Wendy L.

  5. Hi, I like to clip a length of chain in my Chain Sta to display my earrings for pictures; it makes it easy to see how they will hang and to get the length correct. (This also works great for taking pictures of pendants.) Waynette

  6. I’m interested in making bracelets. I’m at a loss as to what stretchy material (weight, etc.) should be used to for this project. Please advise. Any tips you have along these lines would also be helpful. Thanks.


  7. I picked up a couple of wire mesh letter holders at the dollar store. It has 3 levels to hang the earrings. I use art foam sheets cut into small cards (4mm x 5mm) to hold earrings together. They stack well for travel into the longer drawer dividers (also from the dollar store.)

  8. Since I live at the coast and my jewelry designs are done in silver and precious stones and crystals, and sea glass and reflex the beach, I take my designs out to the beach and photograph them there. I either put them on a shell I bring with me, a glass float, or driftwood, I use the waves as my background. I have many compliments from people who look at my things on etsy

  9. I like to put my earrings on a black card, not velvet, because it attracts a lot of dust, but then I set the cards in a bowl or wooden basket or glass container fill it with coffee beans and the cards stand up and also allow you to display more in an area than laying flat. people also love the smell of the bean.
    also i sometimes place the earrings on the cards on a table that i drape with cowhides and riverocks, sometimes the all black rocks really look good.the card are easily propped up between the rocks especially the big rocks, driftwood branches also look good or even broken deer antlers.

  10. I usually use leverbacks on my earrings so laying them flat or against a background really isn’t an option. I usually hang them on a stick (I like the twig idea!) or silver rod, I always make a solid background with a tablecloth, that way the earrings take the attention and not the background and they are hanging freely.