4 Ways to Finish Flat Peyote Stitch

4 Ways to Finish Flat Peyote Stitch

One of the most common questions I receive (other than “What’s for dinner?”) is “How do I finish a flat peyote-stitched bracelet so I can wear it?”

As with most beadwork projects, there are a hundred ways to skin this potato, and those are only limited by your imagination. In her book Findings and Finishings the ever-resourceful Sharon Bateman shows several innovative ways to finish flat bracelets, including a couple wonderful stitched clasp versions and a third which involves a wireworked finding that’s surprisingly straightforward to make. Sharon’s clasp versions are beautiful and integrate the clasp and beadwork into one beautiful whole. Her clasps are definitely part of the overall design and add to the look of each piece.

Handmade finishings are wonderful, but there are times when a commercial finding is just the thing, too. Here are 4 of the most common ways to finish flat peyote-stitched bracelets with store-bought findings:

1.  Foldover crimp end
This little metal finding, also called a “basketweave crimp” is shaped like a square taco. It’s usually used for finishing off a ribbon or leather end, but it can also be used for finishing peyote stitch. Just dab a little clear jeweler’s adhesive inside the fold, place the beadwork inside the finding, then use flat-nose pliers to very gently close the finding over the beadwork. (Don’t squeeze too hard or you’ll break beads!) Once the glue is dry, just attach your clasp to the loop at the end.

2.  Magnetic clasps
Magnetic clasps work especially nicely for finishing peyote-stitched bracelets because the magnets allow you to just slap and wrap—no need to fuss with a clasp catch or hook. And, because they’re small, you can add more than one to the end and the closure still works. Use strong thread (like FireLine) to stitch these clasps directly to the beadwork. (I quickly stitched these to my little sample to show you where to position them, but if I were going to do this for real I would repeat my thread path as many time as the beads would handle for strength.) Note: If you wear a pacemaker, don’t use these clasps or magnetic anything!

3.  Multistrand findings
A third way to finish would be to stitch a connector or clasp to the end of the beadwork that’s about the same width as the beadwork. Here I’ve added a 3-to-1 connector, but a 3-loop clasp would work equally as well. Again, you’ll want to stitch your beadwork so it’s very strong, and perhaps even consider adding small segments of French wire to your thread at those points so you have a metal-to-metal connection rather than a metal-to-thread one.

4. Buttons

Placing a pretty button at one end of your beadwork and stitching a loop at the other end is a great way to turn a strip of peyote stitch into a unique piece of jewelry. Julie Ann Smith’s The Illusion bracelet is a good example. Julie’s bracelet is part of Peyote Stitch Projects with Beading Daily: 5 Free Peyote Stitch Patterns. I know—that title’s a mouthful, but the patterns are an eyeful! And as a Beading Daily member, you get it for free. Download it now!

Do you have some tips for finishing flat beadwork?  Share them on the website.

Jean Campbell writes about beading and life every Wednesday on Beading Daily. If you have comments or questions for Jean, please post them on the website.

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13 thoughts on “4 Ways to Finish Flat Peyote Stitch

  1. I like to bead a rectangle 8 beads wide and twice as long as it is wide. Then I double it, zip the raw ends and whip stitch the 2 open sides. This is then stitched onto the end of the bracelet like a button. Make a loop on the other end and you have a matching closure! I’ve even worked some of the bracelet pattern into this button. Works slick and I just love them!

  2. Thank you so much for your free bead patterns. Todays are great. I get so excited seeing them and look forward daily to receiving your email and seeing what is there. The tips are great for a novice. I have only been beading since last November and I love it. Being a business woman I had not really explored the creative side of me so it makes me very proud when finishing a piece.
    Keep up the goo work
    Geraldine Wood

  3. Would love to see an article on reading ” Word Charts” and following a graph in Peyote. Being left handed everything is reversed( I think)
    If there is an article, show me where it is, this having to do with ODD Count Peyote”.

    Redding, Ca

  4. Hello,
    My friend has given me a temporarily strung 32” of pearls to be strung into an endless necklace with knots between pearls. (knotted pearl strand) The pearls are 8-9 mm in size.
    Please can you show me how to make the knots and make a continious necklace without the clasp ?

    Thankyou very much. Baubles

  5. I’ve used a slide lock tube clasp with good results. 3, 4 or 5 loops would work but the length of the tube should match the width of the bracelet.
    There have been several articles in several of the beading magazines over the last few years about using large clothing-type snaps that are hidden when the bracelet is closed. I haven’t tried this yet but it seems like a good idea.
    I’ve used the fold-over crimp ends on woven bracelets. It saves the tedious job of working the warp ends back into the bracelet–just tie secure knots and trim the ends and glue.
    Thanks for your free patterns and the inspirations they give.

  6. hi all your prohects fantactic, but i wish you have some paper diagram (pattern) of som projects or how to do it step by step i am a bead lover but i use it to do dininig table decoration ( like underplate mate, napkin ring ext>) i wish you have such projects thanks well done

  7. Hello,
    First, i want to thank you for the helful advices.
    Usually i use the second and third ways, but before stitching the clasp to the end of the beadwork, I add beads between the sticking out beads in the last raw, so it becomes straight
    and symmetrical. Engoy beading!

  8. I like all of your ideas but would be careful about using magnetic clasps on a bracelet. I work in a building with metal doors and desks. My bracelet stuck to the desk and to the doors when I opened them. Itwas very annoying.

  9. Hi there, first let me say I look forward to your weekly e-mails. Always filled with useful tips. I have tried many methods of finishing off flat peyote stitch bracelets. Jump rings, sew-on snaps, slide lock bars, magnetic, and buttons.

    Here is a picture of one using jump rings. (Hope it is ok to post a picture)

    And here are two ways I have tried sew-on snaps. Fold-over and joined.

  10. I have Sheila’s problem compounded by dyslexia. So reading a pattern and interpreting the short hand is hard for me. So I practice the pattern with large beads (pony beads ect.) when I am having a hard time. I also make a chart of the terms for referance. I hope this helps. I know it’s not peyote specific but it helps me with all stiches I have problems with. Good luck and happy beading

  11. No problems whatsoever with the downloads from your site. WOW!!! Amazing patterns and the best part of all, FREE! Can’t wait to raid my stash and get beading one of these beauties. I seldom “copy” directly from a pattern, using them primarily for inspiration; however this time I will be following these patterns bead for bead using my own colorways for personalization. Thank you so very much for offering so many terrific free patterns. Catwren >^^<

  12. What I have done to finish flat peyote is to run through the open spaces crated by peyote with a Smaller bead of similar or identical color. This creates an even edge.

  13. I downloaded the Free Peyote patterns hoping to get “The Illusion” by Julie Ann Smith but it is not part of the downloaded patterns. Is there another way to get it? I love how that bracelet uses so many colors.
    thank you.