3 Essential Beading Supplies for Making Bracelets With Leather

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m in love with the leather jewelry trend that I’ve seen the last couple years. My first experience with these leathers was at Bead Fest Philadelphia back in the summer of 2012, when I spent an obscene amount of money on several colors and styles of “licorice” leather and brought it home to play. I discovered that these leathers were fantastic for making quick (and not-so-quick), stylish bracelet making projects using seed beads. And it’s not just the licorice leather that’s invading the jewelry-making supplies of thousands of beaders around the country: there are things like fish leather, metallic leather, and leather cord that are being incorporated into these fun bracelet making designs.

Working with leather for my bracelet making projects required me to take a look at what kinds of jewelry-making supplies I had on hand, especially for projects that involve stitching and embellishing the leather, and I’ve got some recommendations for essential beading supplies and tools that you will want to have handy for working with leather:

1. Glover’s needles. I can’t stress enough how important it is to use glover’s needles for doing any kind of seed bead work with leather. I learned the hard way that using a regular beading needle just won’t work for most types of leather, including the super-cool fish leather. Not only will you break your beading needles, but you may end up injuring yourself like I did, and find yourself with half a beading needle inserted under your fingernail. (Can I just say: OUCH!) Glover’s needles have a special diamond-shaped point that will easily go through most thicknesses of leather, and I’ve successfully used a size 10 glover’s needle to add size 15 seed beads to a beaded leather cuff bracelet-making project.

2. Glue. I’m one of those people who has always had trust issues with glue. I’ve seen even the most trusted brands and types of glue peel apart or lose their hold on jewelry after just a short while. So I was absolutely delighted to discover the EuroTool Super New Glue during my leather-buying binge at Bead Fest. This stuff is the real deal — I’ve had nothing but great results when I use it on my leather jewelry-making and bracelet making projects. It was even strong enough to attach a heavy, handmade ceramic cabochon to one of my favorite leather cuff bracelet designs. But take care when using this glue: I discovered that it creates such a strong bond that it will even glue fingertips together. (Really! Ouch, again!)

3. Hole punch. A hole punch can come in handy when you’re making jewelry from leather. A hole punch can help you open up a space to insert a needle, stitch on a bead or two, or add a clasp to your finished piece of beaded jewelry. My hole punch pliers are perfect for poking holes in thin leather scraps or strips when I need to add beads and findings. If you don’t happen to have a hole punch pliers, you can also use a good, sharp awl (be careful!) and a hammer to make tiny holes in your leather. When using the awl and hammer method, make sure that you have something sturdy between the leather and the surface underneath it in case you suddenly find yourself with a lot of tiny holes puckering the surface of your dining room table.

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What are your must-have recommendations for leather jewelry-making tools? Leave a comment here on the Beading Daily blog and share your picks with us!

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5 thoughts on “3 Essential Beading Supplies for Making Bracelets With Leather

  1. Super New Glue also works very well on Kumihimo ends. I am not thrilled with having to deal with knots or trying to tightly wrap and secure the braided ends on Kumihimo pieces. I decided to use the leather glue on the ends. Once the glue was dry I was able to cut the braided ends without the need to wrap the ends or knot.

  2. I totally agree that the little bottle of New Super Glue must be a new formula as it is the BEST! Finally a glue that does work. Don’t let the small bottle fool you. It really doesn’t take much at all. I have used it repeatedly on Regalize leather and flat leather. Works great on other projects where just a dab is needed. Love this stuff! I’m inclined to buy several bottles now as it seems these great products get reformulated and then don’t work as well as the original. This is GREAT stuff.

  3. I just saw this and the Super New Glue caught my eye. I have a couple of questions about the glue, not pertaining to leather:

    Has anyone used it to glue ceramic bead to metal? If so, does it hold well?

  4. No, I don’t love leather – I would never use it. Why should we kill animals for their skin when there are plenty of other products that don’t involve cruelty?

  5. I have been looking everywhere for a product like the Black Leather Cuff with
    Silver Snap Clasp that is included in this kit. Where can I find these cuffs in multiples and various sizes without having to buy the whole kit?