Name That Beadwork: Win a Kit of Beads and Findings from Artbeads!

Tila beads, Magatamas, and dagger beads. Can you tell me what all three of these have in common? They are all glass beads that were included in this month's Beadwork magazine challenge kit from Artbeads!

What would you name this ruffled herringbone stitch necklace?

The first thing I noticed when I opened this kit were the colors. Gorgeous, rich, jewel tones were evident in every bead and component, and I loved the metal chain and end caps. Since I haven't done a lot with Tila beads lately, I decided to make them the base for my necklace design.

After I used ladder stitch to make a chain of Tila beads, I started working herringbone stitch using a combination of seed beads, mostly from the kit, but threw in a handful of my favorite blue iris seed beads for contrast. The richly colored Magatamas were the perfect end to my fan of herringbone stitch, and then to add some structure and support to the beaded necklace, I stitched the whole thing to the mesh chain. A leaf-adorned s-clasp from my stash made good use of the end caps and provided the perfect finish for my necklace!

I have a confession to make: since I received the necklace back from the offices of Beadwork magazine, I've worn it every single day. It's just so comfortable and easy to wear!

Leave a comment on this blog with your ideas for a name for my herringbone stitch necklace, and you might win this kit of seed beads, glass beads, and jewelry making components from Artbeads!

Now it's your turn for a chance to win this kit of seed beads, chain, and jewelry making components from Artbeads! Come up with your best name for this necklace and leave it as a comment on this blog post. You'll have until Friday, June 8, 2012 to come up with a name and leave a comment. We'll choose the name that we like best, and the winner will receive their very own kit of seed beads, glass beads, and jewelry-making components from Artbeads. (Due to customs regulations, we can only open this giveaway up to residents of the United States.) Please make sure before you leave a comment that your Beading Daily profile is up to date, and includes a current email address so that we can contact you!

So what would you call this ruffled herringbone stitch necklace? We love to see your ideas!

Bead Happy,


Update: The winner chosen for this challenge was Diane Lyman, with the name Sun's Corona. Congratulations, Diane!

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Born in New Jersey in 1974, I escaped to the Adirondacks for the first time in 1995, making it my permanent home in 2000.  I have been interested in beads, buttons and making jewelry as long as I can remember.  It's probably my mother's fault - she was a fiber artist and crochet historian, and whenever she ordered supplies from one mail order source, she would order a huge bag of assorted buttons and beads for me and my sister!    

244 thoughts on “Name That Beadwork: Win a Kit of Beads and Findings from Artbeads!

  1. I would call this “Desert Sunset” because Cleopatra would have proudly worn it to dazzle Marc Antony or Caesar and is fit for a queen.

  2. I would call it “Desert Sunset” because Cleopatra would have proudly worn it to dazzle Marc Antony or Casear when the sun was setting over the Nile.


  3. Immediately upon seeing the necklace, I thought of “Cleopatra” and her jewelry. I believe a fitting name would be simply one word…Cleopatra. Mrs. Shirley Belli ( I hope I am spelling her name correctly?)

  4. Hi, It is a beautiful necklace, I would call it Indian Summer. But I see someone used that in a post. That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw it. So looking at it again and seeing the stitch and kind of beads, I would call it “Herry Magatama” (Herry short for herringbone)

  5. I’m not entering either, but when I first saw it I did think of Cleopatra right away. I think the person who suggested Cleo’s Fiesta should win. P.S. I don’t know her, just think name sums it up.

  6. Heather (
    This necklace reminds me of the gorgeous sunbursts.
    So I picked a name that would honor the sun
    “Fluttering Sunburst”

  7. The colors remind me of “Indian corn” but I don’t want to offend Native Americans by using the term “Indian”. So I would call it “Harvest Moon” since it is perfectly circular and has autumnal coloring.

  8. Because it is exotic and the colors are lush, I would call your necklace “Ariadne”. Ariadne, of mythos, was the daughter of queen Pasiphaë, daughter of Helios, the Sun-titan, and Minos, the king of Crete.

  9. Reminds me of the waning days of autumn in the mountains. I can almost feel the cooling breeze. “Appalachian Beauty” is the name that comes to my mind.

  10. I would name this beautiful design “Earth Woman” for its colors that symbolize nature at its brilliant best , for its rays that symbolize strength and for its symmetry that symbolizes woman. It is a piece of jewelry that is perfect for all occasions and all settings.

  11. I would name it ‘Ix Chel’ the lady Rainbow, Mayan goddess. This necklace would definately have been worn by a goddess. Ix Chel was an earth and moon goddess, she invented weaving and was known as the patroness of weaver and pregnant women. Being 2012 and all the talk about the Maya I think it should be named after a Mayan goddess.

  12. The “Ebony Empress” because my first impression was it on the neck of a beautiful African Princess. Hmmm..guess that could be another name too. LOL. It is beautiful nonetheless.

  13. I’d name this lovely necklace Egyptian Elegance, because the colorsand style give it an Egyptian “feel”, and because it is truly elegant.

  14. The first thing I thought of was Pirates of the Caribbean. So, My suggestion is

    Tortuga Torsade

    Tortuga being the pretty exotic islands in the Caribbean.Torsade being the name the of a style of of jewelry popular in ancient Egypt.

  15. First thing I thought of: “Pharoah’s Delight”. You did say it was comfortable and light to wear so, comfortable and light; Pharoah’s Delight!

  16. I think it looks like feathers…”Indian Feathers”.

    There are a lot of great ideas. I agree also with folks who think it looks Egyptian.


  17. My first thought when I saw it was also, Cleopatra. Hmm… great minds think alike. 🙂 With that said I’m going to say it should be called “Fit for a Queen.

  18. Leotie, or Leota. Native American (Cherokee, I believe) for “flower of the prairie”. My mother’s name is Leota. She was born in Oklahoma and was named Leota because the prairie flowers were blooming and her father, being part Cherokee, loved the name. The name, Leota, fits your necklace perfectly.

  19. Hi, the first thing/name that struck me was” Nefertite”! For me it looks all Egyptian and the Princess is said to be the most beautiful women ever so I would call it
    ” The Beauty of Nefertite”

  20. I’d call it “Cleopatra’s Confetti Collar” because along with the Egyptian flavor of the necklace, the fringe colors remind me of confetti.

  21. I would call this necklace Cleopatila.

    It is rather long but it represents the Cleopatra style as well as the tila beads used in its composition.


    I am so reminded of the local mountains we walk in. The clear rocky part( earthy brown) in a dark rainy day( dark blue), with wild flowers ( yellows and pinks) appears before me as i see this awesome necklace.

  23. Hi Jennifer! Love your necklace!

    I am going with the first thing that popped into my head as soon as I saw it.

    Indian Princess.

    Luv Karen M.

    (I just read through the comments below and I see a person also thought similar… however, I still think my title suits best… in my mind anyway… lol.)

  24. I like “Indian Princess”. that is the first thing I thought of, with the rich earth tones. I am just starting to bead and I’m a bit overwhelmed with where to start. I want to do it all now….

  25. I would name the necklace “Catherine’s Pride” because it looks, to me, like a piece that Catherine of Aragon would have worn. It’s elegant simplicity and beautiful colors make this necklace a piece fit for a queen.

  26. First name that came to mind was Zulu Zuki then the longer I looked the name changed to Matagascar Nights because of the lush sensual dark blue colored beads and the heat of the bronze.Cheryl

  27. The herringbone pattern reminds me of flames, so I’d call it “Byzantium Fire.” (“Byzantium” because of the metallic bronze/copper coloring, and it resonates with the word “Fire,” plus it’s a cool-sounding name.)

  28. Wonderful names, the readers and beaders of Beading Daily are so amazing. Good Luck to everyone, I would hate to be the judge on this contest, good luck to the judges also.
    I am thrownig in my thoughts for a name also, the design and colors are so diverse I thought of many cultures this could incompass, so with that said I thought of something that would try and take in many cultures, decades or feel like more than one era.
    Myriad of Matriarchy

  29. I would call this Sodona at Dusk because of the peach and clay colors combined with the muted blue color. It has an artistic updated southwest style. I would love to wear this.

  30. I would call it Jeweled Jubilee –for the combination of gorgeous jewel-toned tilas and the time frame of the Queen’s Jubilee. It would be a lovely piece to wear to the celebrations!

  31. I would call this Sedona at Dusk. It has peach and adobe colors like the mountains with a muted blue for the sky at dusk. Reminds me of a sunset there. It also has an appealing artistic updated southwestern style. I would love to win this!

  32. Since it was for the challenge and it brings to my mind a woman secure in her own splendor….Undaunted Lady. Really a beautiful necklace.

  33. I would name this beautiful necklace “Sahra Saidi” which means “Desert Dance” in the language of Egypt. “Desert Dance” or “Desert Dancer” would be nice too!

  34. I love the texture of the combination of the chain and beads, I would name it Cleopatra Asp, as it is a killer necklace, and I believe Cleopatra would have loved to wear it.

  35. I’d call it Desert Twilight. The tila beads remind me of sunset and the blue iris beads remind me of coming nightfall. The small gold beads are the stars starting to come out.

  36. Gee, I’m not the only one who thought of Egypt and Cleopatra when I saw this necklace. I also thought of the fact that you said you’ve been wearing it daily…with great pride, I assume.

    So the first name that comes to mind is Cleopatra’s Pride.

    I see many variations on that theme in the responses below; I think they’re all good.

  37. Sundance. The colors made me think of the horse I wanted so badly as a child and never got. The horse would be buckskin colored with black mane and tail. I think the breed of horse is called a buckskin which is a golden tan. Think of the color of an indian moccasin. The beads in the necklace would coordinate beautifully with this horse.

  38. I’d call this beautiful stunner “The Rise of the Amazonians”. It not only looks like ornamentation I have seen in “specials” on the people living along the Amazon,but has a rather organic feel to the piece as well. Great job designing this gorgeous piece.

  39. I’d
    like to name this stunner “The Rise of the Amazonian”. It has such an organic flare to it and it looks similar to ornamentation I have seen on people living along the Amazon.

  40. Love your necklace!! Love Artbeads!!! and….Love Tila beads!!!

    Your necklace looks like it is fit for a Queen….
    I would call it “Queen’s Delight”…..

    Herringbone is one of my favorite stitches…so versatile.
    Thank you for letting us perticipate in naming your work!

  41. “Nefertiti”

    The exotic bead color selection immediately reminded me of the Egyptian queen. The dark beads represent the Nile that slices and meanders through the desert sands (represented by the beige/gold beads on either side of the black seed beads. The tila beads remind me of the metals the Egyptians used to make their jewelry, elegant yet simple.

  42. This necklace looks like something a noble Egyptian bride would treasure. I would call it Ankhesenamum after King Tutankhamun’s wife. Beautiful colors of the desert and Nile; beautiful necklace.

  43. I would call it “Garam Masala”…in Hindi this means Hot [spice] Mix and the colors and style of the necklace remind of India: of the deep colors you find in the spices, and the style of the jewelry. It is a very beautiful piece and I can see why you would wear it everyday…I would too!

  44. I would call it “The Josephine Baker” as it brings to mind her rich sensuality and extraordinary courage … it’s worthy of an exotic queen.

  45. I would call it “The Josephine Baker” as it brings to mind her rich sensuality and extraordinary courage … it’s worthy of an exotic queen.

  46. It has such an Native American Influence I thought of
    “Tuwi Leotie” which is Native American for Earth Flower or
    Sacajawea Sunset
    Fall Harvest
    and last” Koezheekoni” which is Native American for Burning Fire

  47. I would name it “Lady of the East” as it reminds me of the beautiful, and extremely varied, jewelry pieces worn in India – now and in the past.