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Special Issue: Quick + Easy Beadwork, Winter 2015


Lily Pad Bracelet by Sandie Bachand (page 14) Materials/Resources Corrections

In the Materials list, “27 matte brown iris 6mm Japanese flat 2-hole squares (D)” are actually Czech, not Japanese.

In the Resources list, “Tila squares” should be listed as “CzechMates square tiles.”

August/September 2014


Bead Buzz (page 93)

We incorrectly attributed the necklace pictured on the left. The photo caption should read: “Judges awarded Lois Brewitt second place in the 2013 bead challenge.” Our sincere apologies to both Lois Brewitt and Regina Krawets.

June/July 2014


Sunny Day Bracelet (Simply Seeds) by Carmella Patzlaff (page 76)

There are slight changes to the text and illustrations for Carmella Patzlaff’s Sunny Day Bracelet from the June/July 2014 issue. The text changes are marked in bold below:

1) BODY.

Round 1: String 2A, pass down through the next hole along the edge of the rectangle and up through the following hole; repeat three times. Step up through the first A added in this round (Fig. 3, shown flat for clarity).

Round 2: String 2A, pass down through the next A from the previous round, down through the nearest hole of the rectangle below, up through the nearest hole along the edge of the rectangle, and the following A of the previous round; repeat three times. Step up through the first A added I this round (Fig. 4, green thread).

In addition, Figures 3–5 have been adjusted. The revised figures are shown below, and you can download a PDF that includes all figures from the article, with the corrected Figures 3-5, by clicking here.

April/May 2014


Passementerie Bangle by Alice Coelho (page 40)

The amount of size 10° cylinder beads in the instructions is incorrect. Rather than 5 g, you actually need 6 g size 10° cylinder beads for the inner band of the bracelet.

The final sentence of Step 2, Inner Band, Connect should read:
Place a needle on the tail thread and pass back through the last 3E (not 3B) of Rounds 1 and 2 to form a tubular band (Fig. 4, red thread).


Duality Necklace by Christina Neit (page 34)

Another resource for the bars and daggers for Christina Neit’s Duality Necklace is Eureka Crystal Beads,

February/March 2014


Dewdrops Pendant by Leslee Frumin (page 38) Illustration Corrections

In Step 3, Clasp button, Connection (page 41), it’s important that you pass the thread down through the “V” that’s formed between the large center pearl (D) and the seed beads (A) on each side before you string the connection beads (this is shown in Figure 9, blue thread). It’s helpful to remember that the large pearl should sit on top, with the seed-bead connecting strands underneath.


Peyote Points Bracelet by Julie Glasser (page 51) Illustration Corrections

Figures 1 and 3 in the Peyote Points bracelet have been adjusted to match the written instructions (which are correct).

December 2013 / January 2014


Sunflower Bracelet by Yasmin Sarfati (page 42) Correction to Materials List

The quantity of opaque rose/gold topaz luster 5x3mm 2-hole seed beads should be 13.5 g, not 8 g.

Special Issue: Quick + Easy Beadwork, Winter 2014


Tetris Necklace by Merilyn Millar (page 21) Illustration Correction

There is a thread path correction in Fig. 1 of Merilyn Millar’s Tetris Necklace. Please use the revised Fig. 1 shown here. The original text instructions are correct.