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February/March 2010


Ode on a Grecian Urn by Jennifer VanBenschoten (page 74)
In Step 2, under “fringe,” the second sentence should read: “String one 2.5mm round, 1 vase bead, one 2.5mm round, and 15B [not 15A as originally stated]; pass back through the second 2.5mm round, vase bead, and first 2.5mm round just added and pull snug to form a fringe.”

June/July 2010


Desert Tapestry Bracelet by Phyllis Dintenfass (page 48)
In the Materials list on page 49, the size 11 beads should be just cylinder beads (not hex).

August/September 2010


Cool Stuff (page 22)
We incorrectly stated Toho’s PF (permanent finish) seed beads are coated with an organic solvent. Instead, the use of organic solvents, including perfume, may damage the coating.

Crystal Twilight by Nancy Cain (page 46)
In Figure 2, the bead marked “4” and the one next to it (in the same row) should be size 15ºs
[instead of size 11ºs as originally shown].

Heavenly Hexagons by Mikki Ferrugiaro (page 54)
Round 21 should read: Work 1 stitch with 1 bead, then form a decrease by passing through the next bead from the previous round. Work 2 stitches with 1 bead in each stitch, then form a decrease by passing through the next bead from the previous round; repeat four times, then work 1 stitch with 1 bead for a total of 12 beads.

October/November 2010


The correct price for the Best Craft Organizer featured in the October/November 2010 issue’s Cool Stuff (page 22) is $729.39.

Go for Baroque by Melanie Potter (page 34)
In the Materials list, the 4 foil-backed medium vitrial 6mm crystal pointed-back cabochons should instead read: 4 foil-backed medium vitrial 8mm (size SS39) crystal pointed-back cabochons.