Wire Art Jewelry Workshop with Sharilyn Miller

No wire art jewelry experience? No Problem! Discover all you will need to know to start creating stunning wire art jewelry with Wire Art Jewelry Workshop. Bestselling author and designer Sharilyn Miller offers step-by-step instruction plus a bonus DVD to help you learn to make stunning wire art jewelry like a true artisan. Online at: http://shop.beadingdaily.com/Jewelry/Books/Wire-Art-Jewelry-Workshop.html

Wire Art Jewelry Workshop is a comprehensive guide filled with the basic building blocks for creating wire art jewelry. From cleaning, straightening, twisting, and coiling to cage beads, heart-shaped ear wires, headpins, and bead connectors, Wire Art Jewelry Workshop gives you all the expert tips on creating solid findings and custom components. Jewelry artists will learn to combine these components into 16 original wire bracelet, earring, and necklace designs. Plus, each project can be made with a variety of wires from classic silver or cost-effective copper so you can customize each piece to your style and budget. You'll be making stylish new wearable art jewelry in no time!

Sharilyn also offers detailed instruction the whole way from plain wire to finished piece so you'll be sure not to miss a single loop, twist, or bend. Make sure to check out the bonus DVD featuring Sharilyn's signature tips and tricks designed for all skill levels to improve their craftsmanship and strengthen their techniques. Wire Art Jewelry Workshop offers everything you need to get started creating beautiful one-of-a-kind jewelry and having fun making it.

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