New Portable Bead Organizer from Ezel Findings – Meet the Beading Pal!

One of the many things that I love about my job is when I get to see new beading products before they're available to the general public. My friend Sunyoung Park of Ezel Findings made my day last week when she sent me their latest innovative beading and jewelry-making product, the Beading Pal.

The Beading Pal is a fantastic organizer and built-in beading surface, meant for beaders on the go. It's sturdy construction is great for times when you want to just toss it into a tote bag and head to your beading group or favorite cafe for an afternoon of beading time. The faux suede interior and bead tray has rolled edges to prevent beads from spilling or running away, and the elastic loops and mesh pocket are perfect for organizing any seed bead tubes, beading tools, and beading thread that you'll need while traveling.

What I love the most about this new bead organizing and travel system is that it really is a convenient all-in-one way to pack up and play with your beads. Even when you're not traveling any further than from the living room to the dining room of your own home, the faux suede beading surface is one of the nicest that I've ever used. Soft, sturdy, and the perfect color to make all your tiny seed beads, crystals, and pearls easy to see.

The outside of the Beading Pal is just as luxurious as the inside, with a silky, metallic faux leather, and metallic gold accents. It really makes you feel like you're beading in the lap of luxury, no matter where you are!

With dimensions of 10 1/4" long x 8 1/4" wide x 1 3/8" thick, it's the perfect size to tuck into a tote bag or backpack, or even just to carry as you go with your beading projects tucked safely inside.

Ezel Findings will have the Beading Pal available for sale at all their major bead shows beginning in June, 2013, or you can check their website, Ezel Findings, for updates and product information.

Contact Sunyoung Park at, or at 1-800-977-9904.

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9 thoughts on “New Portable Bead Organizer from Ezel Findings – Meet the Beading Pal!

  1. The organizer looks cool and like it would come in very handy. However i checked their website and the $100.00 price tag is a bit expensive. Especially when it’s “man-made” leather and suede. They really should just say pleather because real leather isn’t man-made. The writer of the article got this for free and I wonder if the article would’ve been so glowing positive if they knew the actual price.

  2. I have to agree that for the price, it’s not that spectacular. Great idea, great design. I still wouldn’t pay more then 25 dollars for. Pencil cases are cheaper. So are the make up travel bags.

  3. I agree with the other comments. “Starting at $100” is kind of crazy expensive! I can buy a lot of beads for that kind of money! Years ago I bought a similar tote at my LBS, except it has loops and pockets on both inside walls. I glued a piece of vellux to some heavy cardboard cut to size, and slipped it inside. Not as fancy as the Ezel version, but just as effective!

  4. I agree with the rest of you. $100 for what was originally a tablet case. Just ask me how I know. I have found some great ones at discount stores like TJMaxx for about $25 or less.
    Just find the ones that zip all the way around so that it will lay flat. Some of them have places to slip papers and you can add the elastic strips to hold any tools.

  5. I actually brought one of these recently, and although it is pricey, the Beading Pal is great. I travelled on planes, and had all my beading equipment (and iPad) in one place. I think the investment for a great beading travel kit was worth it.

  6. $100. That’s insane. I made the most awesome traveling beading case out of a cigar box, some thick foam and vellux……I’d share a picture, but I don’t know where to do that.