Do You Rizo?

Sabine Lippert, one of Beadwork Magazine's Designers of the Year for 2013 has started distributing her newly-designed Rizo beads here in the United States. So far, the response has been fantastic!

What is a Rizo? Sabine designed the Rizo bead to fill in the gap in sizes between a drop and a dagger. Rizo beads measure approximately 2.5mm x 5.5mm, and come in about fifty different colors and coatings.

Rizo beads are incredibly versatile when used in bead-weaving and beaded jewelry design. They pair nicely with the Czech glass spikes and gumdrop beads that I'm so fond of, and they make a wonderful addition to beaded fringe. Mix them up with freshwater pearls of crystal rivolis and crystal stones for some truly unique and dimensional beading projects!

Rizo beads are available from both Whimbeads and York Beads, or check with your local bead shop.

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2 thoughts on “Do You Rizo?

  1. Catherine, you can purchase the pattern on Sabine’s homepage (google fo trytobead). When you’re there, have a look at her other patterns. Her work is absolutely gorgeous!