How to Design Your Own Jewelry: Free Tutorials

There seem to be no limits when it comes to beaded jewelry design. Creating unique beaded jewelry like bracelets, necklaces and earrings can be created with just a few piles of beads, some beading needles and beading thread. Beaded jewelry design ideas are all around you, if you know where to look! The beauty in beaded jewelry design is that there’s rarely a “wrong” way to create beautiful beaded jewelry, and so many ways to do it right.

Today we’re presenting our ultimate list of 12 jewelry making tutorial collections and patterns, both free and premium, in downloads, printed and DVD formats. We’ve chosen these based on popularity amongst our readers and usefulness, so you know you’ll find at least a few things you’ll come to love below.

How to Make Jewelry at Home: The Free Tutorials

1. How to Make Jewelry with Beads

handmade jewelry design tutorial

If you’ve been making jewelry from patterns for a while, you’ve probably felt the urge to stray from a pattern and do your own thing. This ebook is there for you! We collected articles from our magazines that will tell you how to design your own jewelry to make.

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2. Making Colorful Wire & Beaded Jewelry

diy wedding jewelry

If you’re already tried making jewelry with beads, you’ll be wanting to take it to the next step: making wire jewelry. This book is the perfect segue into the new technique…and maybe metalsmithing could even be in your future.

3. New Dimensions in Bead and Wire Jewelry Book

beaded jewelry book

If standard handmade wire jewelry is too predictable for you, you might like this book, which combines beading and wire jewelry techniques in ways not often seen.

4. Making Beaded Jewelry: Ebook Download

making beaded jewelry

Want something right now, without having to wait for postage? Download this instant ebook to have more than 75 jewelry making patterns to start with right away.

5. Beaded Jewelry Patterns: Wedding Bracelet

how to make bracelets

Among the most common jewelry themes we see is handmade wedding jewelry, because many brides want something custom made. That’s why you might find this wedding bracelet pattern useful, and why it’s among our most popular.

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6. Essential Tips for Designing Jewelry

beaded jewelry design ideas

Take it from the Beadwork Designer of the Year: making your own jewelry designs is not always easy. Thankfully, she dishes out her top tips in this exclusive interview.

7. DIY Beaded Jewelry Using Findings

DIY beaded jewelry

Got findings? Then put them to work in creative ways – many findings can be used as beads themselves. We give you some killer tips in this blog post.

8. 5 DIY Wedding Jewelry Ideas Any Beader Can Try

DIY Wedding Jewelry Ideas

Here we are back at wedding jewelry, and this time we offer some ideas to make your own that can also be worn after the big day. In fact, who needs a wedding? These projects can be done any time, for anyone.

9. How to Turn Your Old Jewelry Into New Pieces

diy recycled jewelry

We all have beaded jewelry that we don’t wear anymore or were never totally happy with in the first place. Don’t waste it! Here’s how to turn that neglected necklace into something totally new, and the most efficient ways to do it.

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